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Sylvia Adamson's Critique

I was honoured to be asked to Judge the Pomeranians at the Scottish Toydog Society Premier Open Show, because of severe weather and judges not being able to reach the show I was also asked to Judge the CKCS, Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers and Chinese Crested, very well done to a fantastic Committee for ensuring the show ran smoothly during this crisis a credit to your organisational skills and a thank you to my Stewards in both rings for organising the ring and exhibitors and keeping me right, I would also like to sincerely thank all the exhibitors who accepted my decisions.
 Puppy 1st Carrigan’s Sharmels Otradnogo Dvora at Carripom this 11 month old bitch was compact with a lovely rich orange double coat with a well set tail carried correctly on the move and when standing good dentation and good ear set stood four square with small cat like feet and moved well around the ring loved this girl but on a few occasions she would put her head down which affected her overall look BPIB and was delighted to see her placed BPIS.
2nd Black & Black Bunce's  Dilina Royal Biene Mana Mit Zaandam 8 month old bitch who was equally as beautiful as the 1st with a lovely double coat of the correct texture scissor bite dentation well set ears I did prefer the head of this little girl but on the day her movement was not as good as the first.
1st Chalmers & Smail's Toybox Charlotte Rousse 2yr old bitch compact short bodied with a double coat of correct texture lovely head and expression correct set ears scissor bite dentation level top line on the move and standing and carried her tail flat on her back she also  had a look at me attitude beautiful confident girl.
2nd McDowall's Pinch of Snuff for Carberry 1yr old wolf sable bitch nice head dark eyes with good pigmentation correct ear set and dentation beautiful double coat with a profusely covered tail that lay flat on her back nice straight legs that gave her free movement.
 1st Carrigan's Carripom Orlando 3yr old dog nice head set well back into shoulders small set ears expressive face with dark eyes good dentation correct double coat that was well groomed straight legs with cat like feet moved around the ring with free movement.
2nd McDowall's Carberry Count On Me 2yr old dog this boy had a beautiful rich orange double coat with a profusely covered tail that lay flat on a level back he had the most expressive face that you could just tell he was going to be a handful  for his handler but he did behaved long enough for me to see his movement and overall stance.
1st Nixon's CH Pakov”s  Proud To  Be Black this 4yr old little black girl shows non stop on the move and has a silhouette outline. I judged this girl 2years ago giving her Group1 and she went on to win RBIS today she was my BOB and I was delighted to see her go BIS
2nd Ogilvie’s CH Paco’s I'm A Celebrity JW 7yr old Wolf Sable boy correct head very dark eyes small ears set correctly good stop  this boy stood four square and was attentive to his owner and did all that was asked of him.
1st Flannigan & Jackson's Benatone Perfect Star this 9 month old boy had a nice slightly rounded head black rimmed eyes scissor bite small ears and a coat which was dazzling white was coming in nicely and had a good length and texture legs were short straight and well angulated with black pads, on the move this baby carried his head and body with pride BPIB and was delighted to see him take Group 3
 1st Balfour's Snowkai's Light In The Dark for Suncube 14 month old dog a short coupled body with the most beautiful white coat again which was a  dazzling white long and silky great black pigmentation with a beautiful head lovely long profusely covered ears all legs straight which allowed free flowing movement this was a mesmerising little boy on the move and standing and had that look at me attitude loved this boy and he was equally as good as my BOB
 1st Balfour's Snowkai's Light In The Dark for Suncube
2nd Flannigan & Doman’s Snowkai's Diamond White 1yr old bitch  beautiful white coat of correct texture dark pigmentation on eyes nose pads scissor bite level top line preferred the head of 1st and on the move she looked slightly longer in the body.
1st Flannigan & Doman’s Snowkai's  Killer Frost 1yr old bitch beautiful head well set ears with long furnishings dark pigmentation short coby body with correct tail set stood four square on straight legs with nice feet black pads and moved around the ring with free flowing movement BOB and was delighted to see her go RBIS.
1st Cooper's Renedream's Seraphina 1yr old bitch loved this Powder Puff the coat was of the correct combination of under coat and long top coat she had a beautiful head black medium almond shaped eyes correct set ears that were profusely covered she moved elegantly around the ring maintaining a level top line her only fault was she was four square in the body but i really liked this black and white girl.
2nd Bell's Bryelis Bell Of The Ball 10 month old bitch the white furnishings on this girl were in abundance low set large ears beautiful fringing eyes were round and not as dark  kept a level top line on the move BPIB.
 1st Frame’s Elfallons Little Dragon 19 month old bitch lovely expression moved and handled as one this girl had the correct head with lovely feathering on ears and head medium length in body well rounded and muscular rump moved elegantly around the ring keeping a level top line on the move or standing. BOB
2nd Cooper's Revedream's Credence 10 month old boy silver and white powder puff correct coat and texture good pigmentation scissor bite good length of body  good angulation of hindquarters that kept a level top line on the move was equally as good as the first but just on the day didn’t move as well.
 1st Frames Myvallo Inclinded To Dance At Elfallons 2yr old bitch medium dark eyes low set large ears with beautiful fringing regular scissor bite lovely furnishings on a medium length body  tail carried up on the move which was elegant and free flowing.
2nd Moyes & Hunter’s Bryelis Private Dancer 21 month old bitch a lovely powder puff regular scissor bite nice head good set ears correct under coat and  a soft veil of top coat moved well around the ring carrying her tail high.
 1st Robert's Juliette Of Joranza At Shawhills 11 month old bitch this was a well proportioned little girl dark eyes small correct shaped ears coat hair was long straight and silky short compact body,  hair around muzzle long kept her top line level on the move very confident little girl BPIB
2nd Robertson’s Glenrob Its Now Or Never 7 month old bitch nice head dark eyes small v shaped ears regular scissor bite her coat was straight and glossy with a fine silky texture the length was still to come in and she was a bit longer in the body.[1] 
1st Chain’s Glenrob I Have A Dream At Maresther 20 month old bitch small v shaped ears good dentation long hair around muzzle she had free movement maintaining a top level back.
2nd Mackay's Jasopain Star Attraction At Denkevs 2yr old bitch this was a compact little girl who stood four square she had a beautiful expressive face and her coat was straight and silky with depth of colour was good on the move maintaining a level top line I liked this girl but she was completely terrified on the table I do hope her owner can get her confidence back .
1st Williamson's Dunsapie Wayward Prince 4yr old dog a very handsome boy who stood four square with lots of attitude and pride scissor bite small v shaped ears his good reach of neck carried his head beautifully his coat was long straight and glossy with depth of colour he moved freely and elegantly around the ring.

2nd Robert's Olimpic Star Chibis In Shawhills 17 months old dog short coupled body with correct head coat not as long but of correct texture and moved freely keeping his top line level stood four square and had an intelligent expression.
1st Robert's CH Gudyork Faramond At Shawhills 3yr old dog another handsome boy who stood four square with lots of attitude and pride scissor bite small v shaped ears, his good reach of neck carried his head beautifully his coat was long straight and glossy with depth of colour he moved freely and elegantly around the ring BOB

1st Campbell’s Kinvaar’s Cloud Burst over Avaleric  This was one very happy 7 month old boy who had a look at me attitude he was the correct size good proportioned head with large dark  eyes and the sweetest expression he had a nice shallow stop with good length from the base to the nose, correct mouth scissor bite he also had an abundance of feathering on the ears and kept a level top line on the move and his tail never stopped wagging BPIB.
2nd Slack’s Kinvaar Jumping Jack Flash at Eversbabes this was also a lovely 7 month old boy with similar attributes as the 1st  there wasn’t much between them and I soon found out they are Brothers and the only difference on the day was this little boy dropped his tail a few times.
 Special Yearling
1st Drenan’s Calaten Star Trouper 23 month old dog a nice expressive face with  large round dark eyes and lovely feathering to his ears, shallow stop albeit a bit long from the base of the stop to the tip of the nose but moved freely around the ring with his fore legs and hind legs parallel on the move very attentive boy to handler. BOB
2nd Baillie's Coralvalley Carter at Cavallino 18 month tri coloured dog lovely symmetrical markings correct length from stop to nose good scissor bite dentation he moved effortlessly around the ring but Just kept his tail down which was a shame.
Novice 1st Blair's Bellflows Belle of the Ball 2yr. Old bitch moved around  the ring keeping a top level back nose not as black good mouth was having a bad hair day.
 1st Slacks Willowheart Louis 2yr old dog who moved freely around the ring maintaining a level top lovely long well feathered ears good shallow stop with correct length to tip of nose good length of neck slightly longer in body but moved well on the day and never stopped wagging his tail.
2nd Baillie's Peakdown's Morning Magic at Cavallino 2yr old dog lovely large round black eyes with a shallow stop nose not black good scissor bite good length of body and move well around the ring feathering and coat not as good as 1st
 1st Blair's Bellflows Gentle Little Man 4yr old dog shallow stop correct length to tip of nose straight legs plenty of drive all legs parallel on move good dentation.
2nd Byer’s Braemarr Taylor at Linetive 2 yr old dog
 1st Baillie's Peakdown’s Floyd at Cavallino 3yr old dog nice head level top line scissor bite good drive on the move but another not so happy boy who kept putting his tail down.
Sylvia Adamson Judge


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Annual General Meeting

AGM - Monday 23rd April 2018.
Station hotel, Larbert, FK5 4AW.
All paid up members welcome.

Winners of Pawscars Best Open Show 2018

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your committee
photo courtesy of Dalrymple

Mr Morrisons Critique for Open Show 18th March 2018

Scottish Toy Dog Premier Open Show 18/3/18
This club have gone from strength to strength and are the only club in Scotland that hold a Premier Open Show. This show was hit by extreme wintry weather conditions and call offs from judges due to this, but through good management and committee team work they overcame the problems and ended up with a well supported, well laid out, well managed and importantly an enjoyable show. I was to be stewarding but on arrival was asked if I could judge two breeds, these being Affenpinschers and Pugs, I accepted to judge it being an emergency situation. I must thank the club for their hospitality given to me throughout the show, the exhibitors for their sporting acceptance of my decisions and finally to the club committee for their, what I call an excellent thinking on your feet approach which saved the day for all involved. Well done.
Graduate 2 – Ist Harveys Ingerdorm Penelope Pitstop, this yearling bitch is sturdy in build, has the desired mischievous monkey like expression, she certainly is confident and uses a watchful approach  to let you know who is in charge, she has a good size of head, a lovely blunt, short muzzle, wide open nostrils and a good turn up of chin, her eyes are dark and sparkling, she has small high set ears, correct undershot dentition, she is very true in front and rear assembly construction and with very good height to body length ratios, well sprung ribs, very tidy round compact feet, high carried tail , she moves soundly with lively strutting action, has a good coat of correct texture and presentation, she gives her handler her all and this is reciprocated through excellent sympathetic handling, she was my BOB and I was pleased to see her short listed later in the final show challenge, well done.
2nd Ferriers Rangimaria Lucy Locket, a six months old baby who was not overawed and showed non-stop for her handler, has the monkey like expression, moves out well but is just not as precise in action as Penelope Pitstop, this baby is good for size, is tidy in make and shape, she obviously needs to mature but she is a pleasing exhibit that was well handled and presented, she was my BPIB.
Open 3 (2 absent) five year old bitch who I felt had an expression and attitude to die for, she is ok in shape, had lovely round, compact feet, she is the dam of Lucy Locket and is in very good condition, she moved positively but was not as strong in rear action as Penelope Pitstop again this one was well handled.
This breed today were low in entries but those present were of pleasing type and gave a very good account of themselves for the breed.
Puppy 1 -1st Finlays Megipugi Hotter than Hell, this nine months old male is a very promising exhibit, he is decidedly square and cobby, is in A1 condition, has a happy and outgoing disposition, a good size of head, wide open nostrils, very good blunt square muzzle, delightful round dark eyes, small well set and carried ears, hold s a lovely profile outline, is very pleasing in front and rear assemblies, tidy feet and black nails, his coat is short,  glossy and smooth, he is of good size, his movement is impeccable with the desired roll of hindquarters, he was well handled here and was my BPIB and later under the main judge went RBPIS , well done.
Special Yearling 2  1st Johnstones Raijae on the Brink, this young male is another very pleasing exhibit, he is very square and cobby, has a lovely head with lots of work in it, wide open nostrils, expressive dark eyes, he is delightful to go over not being exaggerated in any way, he is pleasing in make, shape and balance, his movement from all angles is true, precise and draws you to him, he is very attentive to his young handler, he is in good hard condition, today he was my BOB via what I thought was a very honest exhibit he was shortlisted in hot company in the final show challenge, well done.
2nd Mulhollands Zobear Dolly Mixture at Marillium , junior bitch , she exudes femininity and is certainly a character, she was well presented and handled, she scores in head properties, size, expression, for me she could carry a little less weight and although she moves out purposefully and steadily she was just not as precise in action as the first, she was well presented as are all this exhibitors charges.
Novice 1 1st Megipugi Hotter than Hell, again gaited soundly and effectively without fuss.
Post Graduate 3 (1 absent) 1st Raijae on the Brink again did everything asked of him.
2nd Reids Portly charm Raffles for Hugieboogie, three year old male who has very good head properties, lots of work in it, pleasing size of eyes, scores in pigmentation, body properties, bone, tidy compact feet, he moved soundly with the desired rear hindquarters roll, he was very similar in most points as the winner but he is just not as pleasing in profile outline , again he was well presented and handled.
Limit (0)
Open 3 This was a competitive class with all three giving everything to their handlers, the third was a male who is very strong and cobby, he holds a good shape , his front action was not as positive as the other two, the second was a bitch who pleased in head shape, dark eyes and resultant pleasing expression, she is of good size, I did like her but for me she could do with carrying a little less weight as it detracts in relation to her profile shape, the first was a five year old male who covers the ground well with effortless movement , he is of A1 make and shape, I loved his balance, his head has lots of work in it, he has a cheeky expression, he is in good hard condition, gives his all to his handler, he has a short, glossy coat, he is a very pleasing exhibit who I seriously considered for top honours but was just edged out for BOB as I felt he was not as compact as on the Brink.
1st Reids Gramatti Laird of the Ring via Hugieboogie
2nd Stewarts Daltiro Squeeze me slow via Ingerdorm
3rd Mulhollands Karanster Sir eatalot Marillium

Judge – Dick Morrison

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Alan Carters Critique for 8th October 2017

Scottish Toydog Society
8th October 2017
Many thanks for the lovely breeds you invited me to judge, I thought the quality was high and really pleased with my entries. I loved picking the Chinese Crested up for Donna Crow.
Chinese Crested
Class 56 Puppy
1st – McKenzie & Muldoon, Zetterzando Roxy’s Dancer, 6 month old male, lovely size and example, correct head with lovely almond eyes, correct set ears, correct bite, nice arched neck, good depth of chest, straight in front, level topline, good turn of stifle, good reach and drive on move. BPIB
Class 57 Junior
1st – Mckenzie & Muldoon, Garnox Flower Power Von Queshian, 16 month old powderproof girl, truly lovely size, alert and happy, stunning head and expression with all breed credits, lovely almond shaped eyes, nice arched neck, excellent straight front with good depth chest, excellent lay of shoulders, level in topline, well set tail and carriage, moved with excellent reach and drive. BOB
Class 58 Post Graduate
1st – Moyes & Hunter, Bryelis Private Dancer, 18 month old powderproof bitch, lovely size and balance, correct in head with enough stop and correct in skull, ears well placed and correct bite, nice neck carriage, good in front with depth of chest, elbows placed under, level topline, well set tail, sound movement.
Class 59 Limit
1st – Frame, Queshian Norty Naked Angel of Elfallows, 4 year old bitch, nicely balanced bitch, pleasing head with correct almond eye, well placed ears, good bite, enough stop, good in front and chest, prefect lay of shoulders, level topline, well set tail and carriage, good turn of stifle, good reach and drive.
Class 60 Open
1st – Moyes & Hunter, CH Bryelis Rupert The Bare, 4 year old clean male, nice and alert, sound in head with good almond shape eyes, enough stop and well placed ears, good in front and depth of chest, excellent lay of shoulders, level topline, moved well good reach and drove on rear.
Class 61 Puppy
1st – Reid, Phylcher Heartbreaker, 7 month old male red/white and sable, lovely size, alert and happy, very nice head with lovely eyes and enough stop, well set ears, good bite, straight in front, nice arched neck, well made body, level topline, well set high tail and carriage, sound in lovely coat, movement fine with good reach on front. BPIB
Class 62 Post Graduate
All Absent
Class 63 Limit
1st – Hill, Caraideas Rhapsody In blue, 16 month old red/white sable, loved her size and balance, alert, lovely head with soft expression, well set ears, excellent in front and fine bone, pleasing arched neck, excellent shoulders, level topline, movement sound with good reach action on front, shown in good coat.
Class 64 Open
1st – Hill, Caraideas Orpheus, 2 year old red/white sable male, loved his size and balance, shown in excellent condition and really proud & alert, excellent head for type with all credits, excellent in front giving straight front with enough chest room, excellent placed shoulders, level topline, well set tail and carriage, shown in pleasing coat BOB
Class 65 Puppy
1st – Black & Black-Brunce, 11 month old black male, loved his size and square in profile, lovely head with good set ears alert, correct bite, straight in front, well placed neck, good shoulders, high set tail, shown in lovely coat, moved soundly.
Class 66 junior
1st – Nixon, Pakov’s Midnight Gift, 12 month old black male, loved his size and profile, alert, very pleasing expression and head with nice set ears, good bite, well placed neck on shoulders, straight front, high set tail, shown in lovely coat, moved well with lovely reach action on front.
Class 67 Post graduate
1st – Hillan, Pommani As Lightning, 2 year old male, lovely size and square compact, nice head and well placed eyes, nice set ears, well placed neck on shoulders, straight in front, high set tail, shown in good coat, moved with style.
Class 68 Limit
1st -  Carrigan, Carripom Orlando, 2 year male, really liked his size and compact square shape, nice alert happy lad, stunning head and expression with correct bite, nice high set ears, good in front and firm body with high set tail, shown in lovely coat, really moved out well.
Class 69 Open
Superb class of Champions
1st – Black & Black-Bunce, CH Angel Sent From Above to Zaandam ShCM (IMP RUS) 4 year old male that stole my heart, everything I want and love from a pom he had, stunning head and expression with excellent bite and white teeth, excellent set ears alert, straight in front, neck set well, high set tail in lovely condition, shown in lovely coat, moved effortless with good reach. BOB
Judge Alan Carter

Scottish Toy Dog Open Show 8 October 2017

Scottish Toy Dog Open Show 8 October 2017

                                                        Best in Show
Flannigan & Dornan's  Maltese DIAMOND GEMINI OUT OF CONTROL at SNOWKAI (Imp Rus)
Group 2
Group 3
                                               Best Puppy in Show
Group 2


                                               Best Veteran


Pugs Judge Sarah MacDonald
Puppy 11(5)
1. Storey's Yorlander's Is This Zara at Rhodenash BPIB
2. Mulholland's Zobear Dolly Mixture at Marillium
3. Welham's Barryann Jonagold
4. Rutherford's Snugglepug Anzu at Potbellied
Junior 8(1)
1. Saffer's Bilohka GI Baby at Ragemma
2. Lunam's Rhodenash Kotten Khiara avet Anzhela
3. Yorlander's Is This Zara at Rhodenash
4. Cunningham's Moyard Identity Crisis
Post Graduate 9(1)
1. Bryant & Grieve's Taybenava Breaking Dawn JW SHCM
2. Simpson's Todharlan Swingin Sporran
3. Reid's Portlycharm Raffles for Hugieboogie
4. Cook's Boynhams Agatha Cackle
Limit 6(2)
1. Simpson's Todharlan Bluebell Polka
2. Walker's Sunlea Royal Albert
3. Number missing
4. Mulholland's Karanaster Sir Eat A lot Marillium
Open 10(3)
1. Stewart's Rivertoy's God's Gift JW SHCM BOB
2. Cowie's Briddish Sundance Kid with Megipugi JW SHCM
3. Cunningham's Moyard Identity Thief
4. Rutherford Potbellied Sweet Dream JW

Open 6
1. Gianti & Krishan's Bilanciato's Earl of Darkness over Aftershine (Imp Nor)
2. Easton &  Martin's Klerkshof Desert Star at Yakee (NA)
3. Patterson & Murray's Bratilda StRboy
4. Easdon & Martin's Yakee Mary Poppins

Affenpinschers Judge Stuart Payne
Post Graduate 4
1. Harvey's Penelope Pitstop BOB GP 3
2. Mitchard's  Veggfjellets Black Pearlat Wizabeanie ( Imp Nor)
3. Vearonelly's Hamlock Sweet Talkin Woman
4. Boulcott's Ingerdorm Flea's Knees
Limit 3(1)
1. Hamlock Sweet Talkin Woman
2. Boulcott's Ingerdorm Cyndi
Open 3(1)
1. Boulcott's Ingerdorm Rebus JW SHCM
2. Boulcott's Ch Ingerdorm Pickpocket

Judge Elizabeth Lynch
King  Charles Spaniel
No entries

Japanese Chin
Junior 8
1. Lindsay & Pipe's Anjuli Beryl
2. Boulcott's Yama Dreammaker at Ingerdorm
3. Burns & Black's Yama Take A Chance
4. Lindsay & Pipe's Anjuli Mc Haggis
Post Graduate 8(2)
1. Boulcott's Seafar Top Hat and Tails at Ingerdorm
2. Swanston's Rakuchim The Puzzler of Pamojill
3. Burns' Seafar Tantrums and Tiaras
4. Blair's Bonniroy Yoshio Aka at Bellflows IR Jun CLh
Open 7(1)
1. Lindsay &  Pipe's Ch Sleepyhollow Sapphire Diva at Anjuli Sh CM BOB GP2
2. Lindsay &  Pipe's Sleepyhollow Baroque at Anjuli Sh CM
3. Burns' Sleepyhollow Calamity Jane
4. Blair's Bellflows Emperor Mon Jo IR JUN CH

Havanese Open 3
1. Russell's Rothermore Midnight Kisswith Claravi
2. Dehoholm's Callunavias Material Girl at Lebosi  (imp swed)
3. Gunn's Dianaia's Beatiful Day

Coton de Tulear
Post Graduate
1. Souter's Rishlyn Pochahontas at Greusaiche
1. Murray's Happypaws Carefree SHCM BOB
2. Rishlyn Pocahontas at Greusaiche

Bolognese Open
1. Holliday's Belstown Merlau Blackbird

Australian Silky Terrier Open
1. Murray's Ch Lamplighters Bendill No Tail Left Behind at Brookmuir (AM Imp)
2. Belstown Merlau  Blackbird

Maltese Post Graduate 4(1)
1. Grant's Snowkai's Just for You with Linmont
2. Balfour's Snowkai's Light In The Dark
3. Gillies' Ta-Jons Livin,on Tulsa Time for Delcost
Limit 4(1)
1. Grant's Stelladimalta Vitalina Best In The World
2. Balfour's Shawhills A Star Is Born
3. Flannigan &Dornan's Snowkai's Diamond White
1. Flannigan &  Dornan's Diamond Gemini Out of Control at Snowkai's
2. Grant &   Walker's Travilla Chic And Petite with Linmont (imp USA)
3. Gillies' Am Ch Delcost Beyond Infinity

1. Stewart's Petoski Love Me Do (It Ghd)

Judge Andrew Stewart
CKCS Puppy 2
1. Finlay &  Kirkwood's Ellemich Master Chef at Marisk BPIB PGP4
2. Gibb Stuart's Tangledwood Nice Ice Baby
Junior 7(1)
1. White's Carleny Northern Light
2. Blair's Bellflows Anastasia
3. Kynaston,s Granasil Von Trap
4. Byers' Braemarra Taylor at Linetive
Post Graduate13(2)
1. McMurray' Cinderaic Are You For Me at Merryoth BOB
2. Fraser's Lewis's Leonardo
3. Bell's Christabella Paloma
4. Blair's Clopsville Charlotte at Bellflows
Limit  9(2)
1. Fraser's Tingewood's Tam O'Shanter
2. Baillie's Peakdown's Morning Magic ar Cavallino
3. Blair's Bellflows Gentle Little Man
4. Granasil Von Trap
Open 9(2)
1. Gibb Stuart's Ch Chantismere Push My Button
2. Inglis' Ch Craigowl Touché
3. Bell's Christabella Picasso SHCM
4. McMurray's Harana Jack Jones at Merryoth

English Toy Terrier Junior 3
1. Inch's Edalane Grace And Danger BOB
2. Dixon's Witchstone Standing Rock at Lasagesse BPIB
3. Inch's Edalene Never Let Me Go
Post Graduate 3
1. Dixon's Yurragar Relentless Pursuit at Lasagesse
2. Lowe's Witchstone Tarot's Sun
3. Inch's Hollybirch Mystic Meg at Edalene
1. Inch's Sharex If I Can Dream for Edalene
2. Inch's Ariane Oh What A Night at Edalene

Griffon Bruxellois Post Graduate 4(1)
1. Proust & Smith's Tantori Tutti Frutti
2. Finlay & Kirkwood's Rhodon Sunday Best at Marisk
3. Mackenzie & Cowie's Grajenco Oliver
Limit 3(1)
1. Scott's Samarando's Merry Dancer
2. Gullon's Barnfell Periwinkle
Open 6(2)
1. Kirkwood's Grajenco Miss Saigon BOB
2. Samarando's Merry Mayhem
3. Mackenzie's Ch Grajenco Klass Act at Calanru
4. Gullon's Barnfall Rowan Berry

Bichon Frise Junior 6(3)
1. Parkinson's Lisanim Lets Talk Dirty at Delbrupar
2. Reid's Dixido Blackeyed Star
3. Bayne & Smith's Manoir's Mr Moonlight BPIB
Post Graduate 3
1. Dornan's Alizo Desert Rose
2. Brisley's  Almassi Bonny Prince Charlie
3. Crawley & Millar's Abbas Beau
Open 5
1. Mackie's Ch Suanity Mistic Mercury at Cydmar BOB
2. Lawrie's Sormusten Christmas Magic at Morusha
3. Parkinson's Delbrupar I Put A Spell On You
4. Nines' Starforth's Just Loving You at Pearlwhite

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy 3(1)
1. Price's Gudyork Zamir of Kircryan (imp SVK) BPIB
2. Roberts' Olimpic Star Chibisin Shawhills
Postgraduate 8(1)
1. Robertson's Dunsapie Golly Miss Molly
2. Roberts' Gudyork What Else at Shawhills
3. Burns' Elasaidamar Forever
4. Chalk's Glenrob I Have A Dream at Maresther
1. Robert's Asta Lavista Baby of Joranza at Shawhills (Imp)
2. Mackay's Jasopian Star Attraction
3. Robertson's Glenrob Wee Cooper O' Fife
4. Chalk's Jestidek Blessing Fallon at Moresther
Open 7(1)
1. Roberts' Gudyork Faramond at Shawhills  BOB
2. Macrae's Elasaidamar Classic Design at Cadalis
3. Williamson's Dunsapie Wayward Prince
4. Price's Gudyork Avalon (imp SVK)(NAF)

Judge Trudie Wilson
Miniature Pinscher Post Graduate 3(1)
1. Mulholland's Sangrev Caliente Litici (imp ukr)
2. McCue's Kilmuir Queen In Calico
Limit 6(1)
1. Anderson & Mclean's  Kilmuir Crazy For You
2. Allan's Allanbru Prancing'n Prada
3. Gullon's Barnfall Favourite Flower
4. Johnston's Allanbru Techno Tango JW
Open 4(1)
1. Allan's Allanbru Strictly Tangoed
2. Mulholland's Alcum Crackle Pops
3. Allan's Allanbru Pounce 'n Bounce JW SHCM

Judge Sarah Griggs
Chihuahua Smoothcoat
1. Fothergill's Diamonchi Golden Symphony
2. Hilton's Krassel Euphoria Blossom Valenchino ( imp)
3. Johnstone's Cairnpalle Gucci Guiltty
4. Kerr's Rhinns Sax In The City
Junior 7
1. Diamonchi Golden Symphony BPIB PGp 3
2. Nixon's Silverchi Catch The Rainbow
3. Silverstein's Queenie Secret Of Angels at Silverchi (imp SVK)
4. Hunt's Valenchino Inspire Others for Moltobello
Post Graduate10(3)
1. Johnstone's Muirfauld High Fashion for Cairnpapple
2. Fothergill's Diamonchi Star Master
3. Silverstein's Silverchi In The Mood
4. Gray's Hughgra It's My Turn
1. Silverstein's Endless Love Vivian Secret Of Angels at Silverchi (imp SVK)
2. Diamonchi Star Master
3. Gray' s Hughgra Little Ms Chatterbox
4. Black & Howie'scChinzeas Rocky Road
Open 7(1)
1. Hughgra Mr Topsy Turvy at Ingerdorm BOB
2. Gray's Hughgra One Shining Moment
3. Hunt's Valenchino Mocking Jay for Moresther
4. Fothergill's Diamonchi Shooting Star

Chihuahua Longcoat
Puppy 6(1)
1. Hunter's Jotolemar Classic Time
2. Ogilvie's Chirouxe Worth The Wait for Pakov
3. Silverstein's Ruby Zrose Secret Of Angels (imp SVK)
4. Walker's Sunlea Freisian Fancy
1. Silverstein's Mysterious Land Incandto Bliss at Silverchi (imp Ltv)
Post graduate 10(1)
1. Turnbull's Ismirelle Hugo Dream Boy
2. Gray's. Bratilda Special Edition
3. Olive's Eva's Stella Di Natale of European Friendship JW
4. Gray's Lots Of Fun In Toffifee
1. Sangster's Tidos Christmas Gift
2. Hunter's Jotolemar Time Share
Open 7(5)
1. Sangster's Tidos Charlie He's My Darling at Kilasidh BOB
2. Olive's Oozora Bonanza Boy JW

Chinese Crested
Judge Alan Carter (replacement Judge as Donna Crow unwell)
1. McKenzie & Muldoon's Scherzando Roxy's Dancer BPIB
2. Cooper's Renedreams Seraphina
1. McKenzie & Muldoon's Garnox Flower Power Von Queshian BOB
2. Frame's Elfallons Little Dragon
3. Cooper's  Renedreams Credence
Post Graduate 4(3)
1. Moyes & Hunter's Bryelis Private Dancer
Limit 4(3)
1. Frame's Queshian Norty Naked Angel of Elfallons
Open 5(4)
1. Moyes & Hunter Ch Bryelis Rupert The Bare

Judge Alan Carter
Puppy 4(1)
1. Reid's Phylcher Heartbreaker BPIB
2. Wilson's Amicae Badger
3. Patrick's Volpecula Tesseract
Graduate 3(3)
Limit 4
1. Hill's Caraideas RhApsody
2. Mandelson's Maridova Victoria's Dream at Honrukai (IKC JW)
3. Smith's Adinaken Pretty Puzzled
4. Patrick's Volpecula Tammie Norrie Soniren
Open 7(3)
1. Hill's Caradeas Orpheus BOB
2. Patrick's Volpecula The Early Bird
3. Macgregor's  Craigaber Timewatch JW
4. Smith's Papplewick Penhaligon at ADINAKEN SHCM

Puppy 4
1. Black & Black - Bunce's Zaandam Sorcerer Blak Magic
2. Carrigan's Sharmels Otradnogo Dvora at Carripom (imp Rus)
3. Smail's Misteraga Del Estonia Chanel Number Five at Tobox (Imp)
4. Black & Black- Bunce's Zaandam Russian Apprentice
1. Nixon's Pakov 's Midnight Gift
2. Smail's Toybox Devils Advocate BPIB PGP2
3. McDowall's Pinch Of Snuff for Carberry
4. Carrigan's Starfire's Romeo at Carripom
Post graduate6(4)
1. Hillan's Pommania's Lightning
2.  Black &  Black-Bunce's Romeo In Love Tai Laura's for Zaandam (imp Ltu)
1. Carrigan's Carripom Orlando
2. Smail's Toybox Charlotte Rousse
3. Johnstone's Cairnpapple Surprise
4. Hillan's Pommania's Midnight And You
Open 5(2)
1. Black & Black- Bunce's Ch Angels Sent From Above to Zaandam SHCM(Imp Rus)  BOB
2. Nixon's Ch Kazpom Just Be Coz
3. Chalmers Ch Toybox The Karate Kid JW SHCM