Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Scottish Toy Dog AGM

will be held on

 Monday the 24th of April @7:30pm at the Station Hotel, Larbert - FK5 4AW.

All paid up members are welcome to attend.

Agenda below:
1. Apologies
2. Approve Minutes of Last Years A.G.M
3. Matters Arising from the Minutes
4. Chairman’s Report
5. Secretary’s Report
6. Treasurers report inc Approval of the Society Accounts
7. Election of Officers
8. Election of Committee
9. Election of Auditors
10. Honoraria
11. Review and Agree Subscriptions for the Next year
12. AOCB

Monday, 20 February 2017

Annual General Meeting 2017

Notification of STDS Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held on Monday the 24th of April 2017.
Station Hotel
Foundry Loan

Starting at 19:30.

All paid up members are welcome to attend, so do include your memberships with you entry to the March Open show
Anyone wishing to add anything to the agenda must notify the secretary (myself) by the 3rd of Aril 2017.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Open Show SUNDAY 1 9 th MARCH 2017

Schedules are available on at Open Shows, from ringcraft, and from the Secretary Mr Ben Joiner

Look forward to seeing you on the day

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Critique from our BIS judge - Helen Lister.

Critique from our BIS judge - Helen Lister.
Thank you.
Scottish Toydog Society Open Show 9.10.2016
Thank you to the Committee for their invitation, to judge such a well-run show, with many quality exhibits to assess. It is no surprise that this Society is still thriving after 60 years, with such an enthusiastic and efficient committee holding the reins; long may it continue.
BIS, Murray’s AM CH Lamplighter Benhill no Tail Left Behind at Bookemur (AM Imp), Australian Silky Terrier, ideal size, with a lovely head and correct V shaped ears. Level topline with a good spring of rib. Shown in immaculate condition, with his young handler moving him at the right pace to show off his attributes. He could not be denied the top spot.
RBIS, Stewart’s Ch Ingerdom Rebus JW, SH.CM, Affenpinscher, a lovely cobby dog with a cheeky look at me expression. Good head and eye, nice short neck and compact body with a level topline and the desired harsh coat. He moves with good strutting action.
Group 3, Gibb-Stuart’s Chantismere Push my Button JW, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Group 4, Patterson & Murray, Brogansian Battlestar Bratilda, Pekingese
BPIS, Patterson & Murray’s Larkspur Simply Outrageous, Smooth Chihuahua, this dainty young lady has charisma by the bucketful and demands a second look. Lovely size, with a most attractive head, good neck and spring of rib. With a level topline, which she maintains on the move. Her movement was totally typical, a lovely puppy.
RBPIS, Lawrie’s Sormusten Christmas Magic at Morusha (Imp Fin), Bichon Frise, lovely size and balance, with a good head and nice dark eyes. Good body proportions. He moves well holding a level topline on the move. Coat beautifully presented.
Group 3, Housden’s Sangre Caliente Kiana For Galkerah, Miniature Pinscher Group 4, Hillan’s Pommanias Lightning, Pomeranian
AV VD, 5(1) Macgregor’s, Pyatshaw Ravel, Papillon, a pleasure to see this 10 year old in such good condition, enjoying his day out. Lovely head and ear carriage, good length to neck and displaying a level topline on the move.
2. Laing’s Mossdown Just William SH.CM Pug
AV VB, 5(2) Smith’s, Ch Papplewick Pretty in Pink at Adniaken JW SH.Cm, Papillon, a most attractive lady with a delightful head and expression. Ideal size and good light free movement. Coat in excellent condition.
2. Macgregor’s Meerings the Swallow Tale by Pyatshaw, Papillon.
Havanese , 2. 1. & BOB Russell’s, Rothermore Midnight Kiss, lovely head and expression, with black nose and lips. Good body proportions with the desired slight rise over her loin and a good tailset, moved well.
2. Gunnm’s, Janabear Pearl Fishers
Griffon Bruxellois J, 5 (1) 1. & BOB Kirkwood’s Grajenco Miss Saigon, Nicely balanced bitch, with a good head and good reach of neck. Level topline, moved with good drive, shown in lovely condition.
2. Mackay’s, Osthaen Rimpelstiltskin
PG 2 1. Murray’s, Beauview Special Delivery, Pleasing head with good ear set. Cobby body, holding a good topline on the move.
2. Mackay’s, Feigusch Call me Nicolaus at Osthaen(Imp ITA)
O 6(2) 1. Grajenco Miss Saigon
Maltese J, 6 (2) 1. Flannigan, Dornan & Jackson, Benatone Signor Jackson, nice head, with black nose and dark eyes. Good length with well balanced body, moved with good drive.
2. Gillies, Delcost Beyond Infinity
PG 4, (2) 1. Flannigan’s Diamond Gemini out of Control at Snowkai, lovely expression, with head and skull in proportion and showing good pigmentation. Held his topline on the move and has a good coat of nice texture.
2. Grant’s, Stella Di Malta Vitaliane Best in the World (Imp Russ)
O 3, (1) 1. & BOB Dornan’s Snowkai Magnificent Marvel, Lovely alert dog, with a good head and expression. Black nose with dark eyes and haloes. Good spring of rib with a level topline, held on the move. Coat in lovely condition.
2. Grant & Walker’s, Travilla Chic and Petite with Linmont
Pomeranian J, 6 (2) 1. Hillan’s Pommanias Lightning, delightful head with a foxy expression.good dark nose and eyes. Moved well.
2. Adamson’s, Berry Ziva Amouage is Sylvids (Imp BLR)
PG 7 (1) 1. Carrigan’s, Carripom Orlando, leasing head with neat ears and dark eyes. Compact body proportions, shown in good coat.
2. Stewart’s, Earnpride Lets Dance
O, 4 ( 1) 1. & BOB Black & Black-Bunce’s, Angel Sent from Above to Zaandam. Lovely compact dog, with a good head, framed by small ears. Short back, with fine boned limbs. Nice free movement.
2. Adamson’s, Veltuds Summer Lovin
Papillon J, 4 1. Hill’s Caraideas Orpheus, nice head framed by good ears with good fringing. Pleasing body proportions with fine bone. Good topline held on the move.
2. Hill’s, Caraideas Orpheus
PG, 8 (3) 1. Macgregor’s Craigaber Rolex, Pleasing head and ears giving a nice expression. Good proportions throughout with a lovely silky coat.
2. Hill’s, Caraideas Hope
O, 6 (2) 1. & BOB, Smith’s Papplewick Penhaligon at Adinakens SH.CM, Lovely head and ears with excellent fringing, good neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Fine bone with good body proportions. Moved out well.
2. Macgregor’s, Craigaber Timewatch JW
ETT PG, 2 I1. Inch’s, Sharex If I Can Dream For Edalene, Elegant young man, with very pleasing body proportions. Lovely head with correctly shaped ears. Good length of neck flowing into a deep narrow chest. Fine boned throughout, with a good topline. Moves well covering the ground with good drive.
O, 1 1. Inch’s Ariane Oh What a Night at Edalene
Miniature Pinscher, J 6 (3)1. Mulholland’s Sangre Caliente Litic (Imp UKR), well balanced young black & tan lady, with an attractive head, good ear carriage. Demonstrating the correct lift on the move.
2. McKinnon’s, Galkerah Starman Among Cherkhan
PG, 4 1. & BOB Housden Sangre Caliente Kiana For Galkerah (Imp) Striking black & tan, with a lovely head and good reach of neck. Well muscled compact body, she covers the ground with true hackney action.
2. Mullholland’s Alcum Crackle Pops
O, 2 (2)
Coton de Tulear , 2 1. & BOB Watson & Scumersgill Claulec Chief of the Clas at Buoncasa, lovely head with good dark eyes, pleasing body confirmation, covered in a fine silky coat, in excellent condition. Good free movement completing the picture.
2. Murray’s Happypaws Carefree
AVTNSC 1, Murray’s AM CH Lamplighter Benhill no Tail Left Behind at Bratilda (AM Imp)
AVT Puppy Stakes, 11 (7) 1. Hinshelwood’s, Microschichuas Make ME Blush at Muirfauld, Smoothcoat Chihuaha
2. `slack’s, Willowheart Louis, CKCS
AVT Open Stakes 13 (6), 1. Flannigan’s Diamond Gemini out of Control at Snowkai, Maltese.
2. Sangster’s Tidos Charlie He’s My Darling at Kirlasidh JW, Longcoat Chihuahua
Judge: H M Lister

Friday, 4 November 2016

Judges critique from Leanne Lindsay from our October 2016 show.

Judges critique from Leanne Lindsay from our October 2016 show.
Scottish Toydog Society 9/10/16
Japanese Chin:
J (1) 1 Martin’s Sharlarna Just The Ticket. Young dog with lovely head and large dark eye showing good amount of white giving the correct expression. Liked his profile. Good reach of neck, square in outline and high set tail carried up and over back at all times. Coat and fringing coming through well. Showed OK but played up in the challenge.
G (3) 1 Martin’s Lizamela The Provocateur at Sharlarna. Masculine head with good cushioning and width. Square outline. Enough reach of neck, level topline with well set tail. Moved well keeping shape in profile. Presented in good body and muscle condition. 2 Ratter’s Nisyros Danni Chinogue. 3 Hamilton’s Grianan Spring Dream of Kingsglen.
O (4,2) 1 Ratter’s Shantallah Haruto at Seafar. Mature dog shown in good coat. Strong, masculine, well cushioned head, dark eye with plenty of white showing. Scored in body with good width and depth of chest. Short coupled with level topline giving him a nice profile. Full of mischief but moved well when settled to take BOB. 2 Martin’s Sharlarna’s Yoshi.
Chihuahua (Smooth Coat):
J (9,1) 1 Boulcott’s Hughra Mr Topsy Turvy at Ingerdorm. Very showy, compact, young male. Liked his head and dark eye. Well laid back shoulder and straight front with good width of chest. Good spring of ribs and level topline. His overall good construction shows on the move which helped him win two classes today. 2 Patterson & Murray’s Larkspur Simply Outrageous. The prettiest of heads with good eye and well set ears. Good front and shoulder placement. Well balanced with good tail set. Starting to body up nicely. Showed and moved well. BP and delighted to see her go on to take BPIS. 3 Silverstein’s Misty Meadow’s Secret Passion at Silverchi.
PG (8) 1 Boulcott’s Hughra Mr Topsy Turvy at Ingerdorm. 2 Silverstein’s Endless Love Secret of Angles at Silverchi. 3 Gray’s Hughgra Little Ms Chatterbox.
O (4)A nice class 1 Patterson & Murray’s Transcend Tital Babe. Really liked this well balanced girl. Nice overall shape and she really takes your eye. Pretty head with good expression. Straight front with correct width and depth of chest. Well sprung ribs. Well angled rear. Moved well in all directions. BOB. 2 Hughgra One Shining Moment. 3 Lynch’s Coltham Olympic Glory at Garnox.
Chihuahua (Long Coat)
J (7,2) 1 Tyson’s Lady Coppella. My star of the day. Delightful, dainty puppy of nice type. Prettiest of heads with dark eyes and well set ears. Good angles front and rear, required reach of neck and level topline held at all times. Moved well with drive. Although she still has maturing to do could not resist her charm and overall shape for BOB & BP. Will watch her future with interest. 2 Silverstein’s Keep on Rocking Secret of Angels at Silverchi. 3 Russell’s Jean Genie Chirouxe.
PG (12, 7) 1 Russell’s Chirouxe Cherry Cherry. Came without her coat today but nothing to hide. Honest little bitch. Well laid shoulder and straight front. Level topline and correct tail. Good body and condition. Well angled rear which helped her move well to take this class. 2 Silverstein’s Silverchi Be My Baby. 3 Hasting’s Bratilda Man About Town at Lebethazi.
O (9, 5) 1 Patterson & Murray’s Bratilda Barbotage. Father of my BOB. Masculine dog with nice compact shape. Another from this kennel with a good front. On going over him I thought he might be all coat I was pleasantly surprised by the good body and depth of chest on him which gave him the edge in this class. Presented in good condition. Moved very well with power from his hindquarters. 2 Sangster’s Tidos Charlie He’s My Darling at Kirlasidh JW. 3 Hasting’s Bratilda Man About Town at Lebethazi.
Judge: Leanne Lindsay

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Martin Frostick Report for Open Show 9th October 2016

Scottish Toy Dog SOCIETY Open Show 9th October 2016

Thanks to committee for inviting me great hospitality.
Yorkshire Terrier
1. Burn's Elaisadamar Forever Love, very promising puppy, pretty head, near ears, correct dentition, tans clearing well. Nice lay of shoulder, spring of rib. Stood four square on box. Coat of correct silky texture. Moved well with good drive keeping topline. BP.
2.P. Robertson's Dunsape Golly Miss Molly.
3. Chalk's Jestidek Blessing Fallon at Maresther.

PG. (5)
1. McKay's Jasopian Winter Magic, nice sized bitch, pretty head good dentition, constructed well, silky coat clear tans, moved well.
2. Campbells Wenmoray september song at Stemarie.
3. Robertsons Glenrob Wee Cooper of fife.

Macrae's Elasaidamar Classic Design at Cadalis, beautiful head correctly shaped, correct eye, good dentition, lovely three shaded tans, good lay of shoulders, so well constructed. Silkiest of steel blue coat. Moved well keeping topline. When settled stood foursquare on box. BOB.
2. Williamsons Dunsapie Wayward Prince.
3. Robertsons wee cooper of fife.

Martin Frostick, Judge

Friday, 20 May 2016

Mrs J Robertson's Critique

20 MARCH 2016

Thank you to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge Pugs at their show, I enjoyed my day, special thanks to the exhibitors for a fantastic quality entry.

Junior: (5,1)
1st Ashton – Zobear’s Hello Dolly, 8 month fawn bitch, caught my eye entering the ring and didn’t disappoint on further inspection. A square, cobby girl, everything flows together perfectly, beautiful neck, excellent shoulder placement, level topline finishing with an excellent tailset, the most feminine head with correct earset and beautiful eyes.  When she moved out showed the Pug true movement with plenty drive action.  One I wish every success in the future. BPIB and BPIS4
2nd Reid – Portlyucharm Raffles for Hugieboogie
3rd Hume & Pike – Ragemma Twister to Eivisah
4th Cunningham – Moyard Identity Thief

Post Graduate: (6,0)
1st Cunningham – Moyard Stargazer, 14 month fawn male, A square cobby boy with a lovely head and definitely male.  Nice short coat and lovely black nails, level topline, correct tailset, correct shoulder placement with legs well under and depth of chest unfortunately in the challenge lost all interest and gave his handler a hard time, another one with a bright future.
2nd Hume & Pike – Ragemma Twister to Eivisah
3rd Reid – Gramatti Laird of the Ring via Hugieboogie
4th Cockburn – Honeypot Ebony Christabel

Open: (5,0)
1st Ashton – Tangetoppens Take a Hint JW (Imp Nor), 23 month fawn male, a square cobby boy with an excellent head set on a correct neck onto excellent shoulder placement, legs well under and correct depth of chest, excellent tailset, when this boy moves he moves, plenty of rear drive and he commands your attention, was so pleased when he went onto win BIS.  BOB and BIS.
2nd Ashton – Zobear’s Baby Boop JW
3rd Hume & Pike – Sephina All Shook Up at Eivasah JW
4th Ferguson – Tangetoppens Quality Has a Name at Tartanmops JW