Saturday, 26 April 2008


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Friday, 25 April 2008

Future Shows

OPEN SHOW 12th October 2008

Scottish Toydog Society is holding the Society's second Open Show of 2008 on 12th October at Bonnybridge Community Centre, Bridge Street, Bonnybridge FK4 1AA.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Best In Show

Judge Mr M Whitehill's

April 2008 at Scottish Toy Dog Society Open Show

Mrs R MacRae's Yorkshire Terrier


(Photo Courtesy of Ruth Dalrymple)


Moynes, Hunter & Devaney's Chinese Crested

Bryelis Running Bare ShCM

(Photo courtesy of Mr J Innes)

Best Puppy In Show


Mrs A MacGregor's Papillon




Miss Jacqueline Thomson's Pekingese

Alambra Chatter On

Results for Class 1 to 24

Judge Mr M Whitehill (Martika)

Class 1 AV Toy Veteran Dog 4 (1)
1st Mrs A MacGregor Pyatshaw White Heat (Pap) age 10,

2nd J & M Innes Morusha Specially Made For Pearlwhite (Bichon) age 7
3rd Miss S Thomson Shantallah Ty Chi (Peke) age 7

Class 2 AV Toy Veteran Bitch 4
1st M & F McKinnon Rosegrange Delta Dawn (Pom) age 7
2nd Mrs E Thomson Ailcres Blue Heaven (CKCS) age 10
3rd Mrs F Beswick Patras In Good Taste (CKCS) age 8
4th A K Ogilvie Yakee It's Ritz Again At Pakov (Bichon) age 8

Class 3 Japanese Chin Graduate 2 (1)
1st J K Walker Sangria Dragon Warrior

Class 4 Japanese Chin Open 1
1st J K Walker Sangria Dragon Warrior, BEST OF BREED

Class 5 Pug Post Graduate 8 (5)
1st H & M Cunningham Moyard Fire Bird
2nd J & B Gardner Evesmore Evana
3rd Miss McRae Habiba King Of The Swingers For Hillroy

Class 6 Pug Open
1st H & M Cunningham Moyard Fire 'N Ice, BEST OF BREED
2nd J & B Gardner Richearon My Lucky Star
3rd Mrs M Sandilands Ffain Mr Pickwick ShCM
4th P Martin& A Stewart Ffain Nr Newman Noggs (TAF)

Class 7 Chinese Crested Graduate 1
1ST Moynes, Hunter & Devaney Bryelis Wind In Her Hair

Class 8 Chinese Crested Open 1
1st Moynes, Hunter & Devaney Bryelis Running Bare ShCM, BEST OF BREED

Class 9 Bichon Frise Junior 5 (2)
1st Mrs J Mackie Carberry A Touch Of Class At Cydmar
2nd Mrs S Pye Carberry Master Class From Jodaphil
3rd J & M Innes Morusha Take That To Pearlwhite

Class 10 Bichon Frise Graduate 3
1st Mrs J Mackie Carberry A Touch Of Class At Cydmar, BEST OF BREED
2nd A & P Thomson Good Night and Good Luck at Paspallu
3rd Mrs E Sutherland Tanridge Mr Nice Guy

Class 11 Bichon Frise Open 4 (1)
1st J & M Innes Pearlwhite Denis The Menace
2nd Mrs J Mackie Dixido Dinky Viva At Cydmar
3rd E Lawrie Morusha Vanilla Ice

Class 12 Griffon Bruxellois Post Graduate 1 (1)

Class 13 Griffon Bruxellois Open 1 (1)

Class 14 Maltese Graduate 2
1st Miss A Flannigan Delcost Anidonis
2nd Mrs C R Gillies Divines Bella The Ball At Delcost (IMP)

Class 15 Maltese Open 1
1st Mr & Mrs R Grant Angels Sealedn A Kiss For Linmont (IMP), BEST OF BREED

Class 16 Pekinese Graduate 3 (1)
1st Mathieson & Forsythe Palacegarden Fergus Of Findhorn, BEST OF BREED
2nd Miss J Thomson Alambra Rosebud

Class 17 Pekinese Open 4 (2)
1st Mrs C Furey Bramblefields Enry Higgins
2nd Miss S Thomson Shantallah Ty Chi

Class 18 Minature Pinscher Graduate 6 (2)
1st Ms M Wilson-Simpson Allanabru Dark N' Debonair With Kilmuir
2nd Mrs C Allan Allanabru Brawny Bouncer
3rd Ms M Laidlaw Scathach Nut Brown Maiden
4th Mr F Hilley Little Miss Hoi Poloi

Class 19 Minature Pinscher Open 8 (4)
1st Mr & Mrs Anderson Zakro Las Vegas At Elanaux, BEST OF BREED
2nd Ms M Laidlaw Scathach Willow Moon
3rd Mrs H McLean Kilmuir Chisum
4th Ms M Laidlaw Scathach Lunar Warrion

Class 20 Pomeranian Junior 3
1st A K Ogilvie Pakov's Gold Chip
2nd M & F McKinnon Bilijees Touch Of Wizard For Rosegrange
3rd Miss C Nixon Kazpom Never Forget

Class 21 Pomeranian Post Graduate 1
1st C M McDowall Carberry Court Magician

Class 22 Pomeranian Open 7 (2)
1st A K Ogilvie Pakov's Fair Fella, BEST OF BREED
2nd M & F McKinnon Dicktop Believe Me Or Not In Rosegrange
3rd M & F McKinnon Dicktop Face To Face
4th Miss C Nixon Pakov's Black Ice (handling for A K Ogilvie)

Class 23 Coton De Tulear Open 2
1st JK & WM Murdoch & Hirst Cotonalba Ballanlay, BEST OF BREED
2nd JK & WM Murdoch & Hirst Cotonbrie Zofia For Cotonalba (IMP)

Class 24 AV TOY Not Sep Classified 1 (1)

Papillon Results and Critique

Judge Mrs K O'Kane (Northlyte)


Class 25 Papillon Puppy 4
1st Mrs A MacGregor Meerwings The Swallow Tale By Pyatshaw
R/S/W/ bitch 11 months. Pretty head, large well set ears,
Good length of neck, well sprung ribs and good angulation. BPIS

2nd Mrs S Deamer Bankshill Dolly Daydreamer
3rd Mrs S Deamer Bankshill Isle Of The North
4th Ms M Gray Pamhurst He's A Catch For Evarclasi

Class 26 Papillon Junior 3 (2)
1st Mrs J Savage Serenglade Indigo Moon At Abbeyton
B/W 9 mths Phalene dog. Nice head and good ear set.
Level topline good front and rear angulation.

Class 27 Papillon Graduate 4
1st A Fraser & G Graham Abbeyton To Sweet To Kiss JW
2 half year old Tri bitch. Moved well. Good head and well
fringed ears. Well angled front.
2nd Mrs K Smith Wee Angus Of Adinaken
3rd Mrs A MacGregor Pyatshaw Ravel
4th Mrs E Cochrane Tutyak Alpha Romao

Class 28 Papillon Post Graduate 3
1st Mrs J Savage Abbeyton Some Like It Hot
2 year old R/S/W bitch. Good head and round well set ears.
Level topline, good spring of rib amd well set tail.

2nd MacGregor & Paul Meerwings Painted Lady
3rd Miss P Taylor Pamhurst Dream

Class 29 Papillon Limit 4 (1)
1st Mrs K M Smith Mister Percival Of Adinaken
5 year old R/S/W dog. Nice head, large well fringed ears.
Level topline, good front and rear angulation. Moved well.

2nd Mrs S Deamer Abbeyton Isle B Willin To Tri
3rd Mrs E Cochrane Tutyak Zither Zone

Class 30 Papillon Open 3
1st Mrs K M Smith Wee Lucy Of Adinaken ShCM, BEST OF BREED
R/S/W bitch 5 years old. Very Pretty head, large round
fringed ears. Good length of neck, level topline, well
sprung ribs and nice tail set. Good front and hind angulation.
Moved well coming and going.

2nd Taylor, Skelton Smith Pamhurst Whisper At Adnamashan
3rd Mrs H & Mr D Malcolm Shamal Topaz

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel King Charles Spaniel Results

Judge Mrs Sedgebeer (Russmic)

Class 31 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy 3 (1)
1st Mrs F Beswick Blairburn Bramble Of Patras
2nd Mr & Mrs D Gaw Rothes Eleanor

Class 32 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Junior 3 (2)
1st Ms M Gray Spindlepoint Sophia Loren For Everclasi

Class 33 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Graduate 5
1st Mrs D Coughtrie Jazpiper Simba Midnight Liason
2nd Mrs L Gow Lyncraeg Sweet Dreams
3rd L Gow & M Workman Ttitian Puppetry For Costara
4th Ms S Ross Fynrose Morwyn Mist

Class 34 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Post Graduate 7
1st Mrs L Gow Lyncraeg Hosanna
2nd Mrs E Glen Sandbrae Rhapsody In Blue
3rd Mr & Mrs D Gaw Evonola Debutante At Damarland
4th M McCabe Kenmileforce Bonnie Lass

Class 35 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Limit 3
1st Mrs E Glen Sandbrae Beyond The Blue, BEST OF BREED
2nd Mrs F Beswick Patras In Good Taste
3rd Mrs W Morrison Bowerswell Hello It's Me

Class 36 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Open 5 (2)
1st Mrs W Morrison Bowerswell The Minstral
2nd Mrs L Gow Lyncraeg Dream Angus
3rd Mrs N Watson Doonvalley Heather Girl At Pirenore

King Charles Spaniel

Class 37 King Charles Spaniel Graduate 2 (2)
Class 38 King Charles Spaniel Open 2 (2)

Chihuahua Results

Judge Mr A Oxley (Andalores)

Chihuahua Smooth Coat

Class 39 Chihuahua Smooth Coat Junior 2
1st Ms L Russell Chirouxe Great Escape
2nd Mrs M A Holland Copymear Bobby Joe At Hollmar

Class 40 Chihuahua Smooth Coat Graduate 3 (3)

Class 41 Chihuahua Smooth Coat Open 3 (2)
1st Mrs M A Holland Hollmar Dancing After Dark, BEST OF BREED

Chihuahua Long Coat

Class 42 Chihuahua Long Coat Junior 7 (4)
1st J & B Gardner Bridgegard Orchid
2nd W & E Lynch Lady Lunna
3rd W & E Lynch Sunchi Ember Glow Over Garnox

Class 43 Chihuahua Long Coat Graduate 6 (2)
1st E A Penman Holmar April Joy
2nd Ms G Connelly Salsero Lordi
3rd J & B Gardner Chico First Addition
4th W & E Lynch Dipples Diamond Dale

Class 44 Chihuahua Long Coat Open 5 (3)
1st C Connelly Salsero Joshua Of Galantina, BEST OF BREED
2nd Ms L Russell Chirouxe Cool Customer

Yorkshire Terrier Results

Judge Miss A Trimble (Beverleih)

Class 45 Yorkshire Terrier Junior 6 (3)
1st Ms A J Weigand Andelalie Akari
2nd Mr G Williamson Stemarie Summersun
3rd D & M Milne Andelalie A-Tia Via Starfox

Class 46 Yorkshire Terrier Graduate 4 (1)
1st Mrs R Cadger Patajohn Beautiful At Hobkirk
2nd Ms A J Weigand Andelalie Abbey
3rd Mrs H Easson Beechgrove Lucky Strike

Class 47 Yorkshire Terrier Open 7 (2)
1st Mrs R MacRae Frasermar Whats It All About, Best Of Breed
2nd Mrs M Burns Patajohn Mystique
3rd Ms A J Weigand Andelalie Anticipation
4th Mrs R Cadger Patajohn Beautiful At Hobkirk

Junior Handling Results

Judge Mrs R MacRae

6 - 11 years

1st Jacqueline Thomson and Best Junior Handler age 10

2nd Elizabeth Gardner age 10
3rd Ryan Jack age 10

12 - 16 years

1st Sarah Thomson

2nd Chloe Bafour

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Variety Classes 48 to 54

Judge MR M Whitehill

Class 24 AV Toy Not Sep Classified 1 (1)

Class 48 AV Toy Minor Puppy
1st Alambra Chatter On (Pekingese)
2nd Morusha Take That To Pearlwhite (Bichon Frise)
3rd Spenrei Monty Crystal At Carripom(TAF)(Pomeranian)(C. Carrigan)
4th Rothes Eleanor (CKCS)

Class 49 AV Toy Puppy 8
1st Pakov's Gold Chip (Pomeranian)
2nd Paraiba Frothy Coffee With Bryelis (Chibnese Crested)(Moyes, Hunter & Devaney)
3rd Little Miss Hoi Poloi (Minature Pinscher)
4th Andelalie A-Tia Via Starfox (Yorshire Terrier)

Class 50 AV Toy Novice 2 (2)

Class 51 AV Toy Open 2
1st Shamal Topaz (Papillon)
2nd Bowerswell Hello Its Me (CKCS)

Class52 AV Toy Bred by Exh Open 3 (1)
1st Bowerswell The Mistral (CKCS)
2nd Little Miss Hoi Poloi (Minature Pinscher)

Class 53 AV Toy Not Bred by Exh Open 5 (2)
1st Shamal Topaz (Papillon)
2nd Divines Bella The Ball At Delcost (imp) (Maltese
3rd Salsero Lordi (L/C Chihuahua

Class 54 Special Members Stakes 11(3)
1st Dicktop Believe Me Or Not In Rosegrange (Pomeranian)
2nd Bilijees Touch Of Wizard For Rosegrange (Pomeranian)
3rd Shamal Topaz (Papillon)
4th Abbeyton Some Like It Hot (Papillon)