Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Mr Malcolm McKinnon

A minute's silence was held at the start the October Open Show in memory of Malcolm who died suddenly in the summer

Best In Show

October 2009 at Scottish Toy Dog Society Open Show
Judge Mrs P Sidgwick

Miss C Nixon (Handling for Miss A Ogilvie)


Mcrae’s Pug
Forshizzle Chunky Monkey of Hillroy


Mrs R Grant’s


Mrs H McLean’s Miniature Pinscher
Kuri Kuri with Kilmuir

Results for Class 1 to 27

Judge Mrs P Sidgwick (Paulian)

Class 1 AV Toy Veteran Dog 3
1. Macgregor’s Pyatshaw White Heat (Papillon age 12)
2. Mrs W Wilson’sAdinaken Wendy’s Whizz ( Papillon age 8)
3. Ms P Hargrave’s Cavallino Jaegar (CKCS age 9)

Class 2 AV Toy Veteran Bitch 8 (4)
1. Miss C Nixon’s (handling for A Ogilvie) Pakov’s I’am Viva.
BEST VETERAN, BEST IN SHOW (Pomeranian age 8)
2. Mrs Macgregor’s Ch Pyatshaw Silver Tassie (Papillon age 7)
3. Mrs J Mackie’s Dixido Dinky Viva at Cydmar SH CM (Bichon age 7)

Class 3 Chinese Crested Junior 5 (1)
1. Mrs I Cooper’s Renedream Artic Echo
2. Anderson, Watt, Sproul & Coburn’s Nisyros What’s Occurring
3. M Mc Naught’s Nisyros Magical Thinking at Dreadnot

Class 4 Chinese Crested Graduate 3
1. R & J Sproul Coburn’s Nisyros Bring on the Bling for Khandro
2. Moyes, Hunter & Devaney’s Bryelis Wind in her Hair
3. Mrs I Cooper’s Renedream Northern Lights

Class 5 Chinese Crested Open 4 (2)
1. Moyes, Hunter Devaney’s Bryelis Running Bare BEST OF BREED

2. Mr Mrs Moyes’ Paraiba Frothy Coffee

Class 6 Bichon Frise Junior 3
1. Mr & Mrs Killick’s Yakee Credit Crunch
2. Mr J & Mrs M Innes’s Pearlwhite Dainty Dinah
3. Mrs I Smith’s Shalcey’’s Candy Girl

Class 7 Bichon Frise Graduate 2
1. Mrs E Lawrie’s Morusha Million Dollar Baby BEST OF BREED

2. Mrs J Mackie Carberry A Touch of Class at Cydmar

Class 8 Bichon Frise Open 3(1)
1. Mrs S Pye’s Carberry Master Class from Jodaphil
2. Mr J Mrs M Innes’ Morusha take That to Pearlwhite

Class 9 Maltese Graduate 1
1. Mrs C Gillies’ Delcost Marc of Excellence

Class 10 Maltese Open 2
1. Mr & Mrs R Grant’s Linmont Allway in Blue Jeans BEST OF BREED

2. Mrs C Gillies Delcost Gucci by Marc

Class 11 Japanese Chin Graduate 2(2)

Class 12 Japanese Chin Open 2(1)
1. Mrs GM Swanston’s Damheadbrig Miss Saigon of Pamojill BEST OF BREED

Classes 13 to 15 ponsored by the Scottish Pug Dog Club

Class 13 Pug Junior 7(4)
1. Mrs M & Miss S Sandilands McraeForshizzle Chunky Monkey of Hillroy
2. Mrs J M Robertson’s Delwin The Senator at Zheridons
3. Mr J & Mrs B Gardner’s Bridgegard Bountiful

Class 14 Pug Graduate 3(1)
1. Mrs M Mr J Mckeown Gramatti Celtic Lady
2. Mrs J M Robertson’s Teaseltail Time with Zheridons

Class 15 Pug Open 3(2)
1. Mrs J M Robertson’s Teaseltail Oh Wotta Night at Zheridons

Class 16 Griffon Bruxellois Open 2(1)
1. Mrs W Duncan’s Rhodon Sunny Jim BEST OF BREED

Class 17 Pekingese Graduate 2
1. Mr G Baxter’s Palacegarden Rian BEST OF BREED
2. Mrs R Kane’s Yakee Alberto

Class 18 Pekingese Open 1(1)

Class 19 Miniature Pincher Graduate 7 (1)
1. Mrs H McLean’s Kuri Kuri with Kilmuir. RES. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW
2. Mr Mrs Somerville’s Sunkist Vixen
3. Mr Mrs Anderson’s Elanaux El Toro Rojo

Class 20 Miniature Pincher Open 8(2)
1. Mr Mrs P McIlroy-Stracey’s Krieger Orange Squash. BEST OF BREED
2. Mr Mrs P McIlroy-Stracey’s Ch Krieger Oh So Sassy JW
3. Mrs C Allan’s Allanbru Brawny Bouncer

Class 21 Affenpincher Graduate 2
1. Mrs M & Mr A Boulcott & Stewart’s Ingerdorm Tifany BEST OF BREED
2. Mrs M Boulcott’s Ingerdorm Baby Love
3. Mrs W Duncan’s Rhodon Sunny Jim

Class 22 Griffon Affenpincher Open 3
1. Mrs M Boulcott’s Ch Ingerdorm Pickpocket
2. Mrs M & Mr A Boulcott & Stewart’s Rosara Rock Star at Ingerdorm
3. Mrs M Boulcott’s Tayview Tiddy Winks at Ingerdorm

Class 23 Pomeranian Junior 6
1. Astrid Ogilvie’s Pakov’s Drama Queen
2. Mr Mrs B I Johnstone’s Natella’s Lady Penelope by Cairnpapple
3. Miss C Nixon’s Kazpom Gold Dust

Class 24 Pomeranian Graduate 5(2)
1. Miss C Nixon’s kazpom What’s New Pussy Cat
2. Mr Mrs M F McKinnon’s Bilijees Touch of Wizard for Rosegrange JW
3. Mrs M Sneddon’s Degsy’s Dream Lover

Class 25 Pomeranian Open 6
1. Astrid Ogilvie’s Degsy Star Man at Pakov BEST OF BREED
2. Mr Mrs M F McKinnon’s Dicktop Believe Me Or Not in Rosegrange
3. Mrs J Chaplin’s Taylarig Loving Teddy Bear

Class 26 Coton du Tulear No Entries

Class 27 AV Toy Not Separately Classified Open No entries

Results of classes 28 to 35

Judge Mr S Lyttle (Agherton)

Class 28 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy 3
1. Mrs M Baillie’s Cavallino Antonio
2. Mrs G M Swanston’s Pamojill Babs
3. Mrs L Forsyth’s Animoetfide Dark Princess

Class 29 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
1. Mrs E Glen’s Sandbrae Serenade in Blue
2. Mrs E McInally’s Dalvreck Danzatore
3. Mrs C White’s Rothes Hazel at Carleny

Class 30 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
1. Mrs E McInally’s Dalvreck Misteeq
2. Miss M Gray’s Spindlepoint Koura Bay for Everclasi
3. Isla Culbert’s Spindlepoint Covent Garden

Class 31 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Post Graduate 10(4)
1 Miss M Gray’s Spindlepoint Sophia Loren for Everclasi
2. Mr & Mrs J Letham’s Blairburn Bits & Bobs
3. Mrs A & miss LH Harper & Barbour’s Pamojill

Class 32 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Limit 6(3)
1.Mrs G Baillie’s Fyrnrose Mrs Tiggywinkle BEST OF BREED
2. Mrs M Baillie’s Rothes Darling at Cavalllino
3. Pamojill Ryan at Kirkbrae

Class 33 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Open 5(2)
1. Mrs l Gow’s Lyncraeg Dream Angus SHCM
2. Mrs E Glen’s Sandbrae Rhapsody in Blue
3. Waldor Manhatten Among Celxo

Class 34 King Charles Spaniel Graduate No Entries

Class 35 King Charles Spaniel Open No Entries

Results of Class 48 to 50

Judge Mr J Pattison ( Jasopian)

Class 48 Yorkshire Terrier Junior 3
1. A & L Trimble’s Frasermar Debutante at Beverlleigh
2. Mr O Sameja’s Frasermar Temptation with Ozmilion
3. Mrs h Easson’s Beechgrove Wild Thing

Class 49 Yorkshire Terrier Graduate 3
1. Ms M Comrie-Bryant’s Frasermar Tempting Kisses BEST OF BREED
2. Mrs J Adair’s Susie of Mycote
3. Mr & Mrs D & M Milne’s Andelalie A-Tia Via Starfox

Class 50 Yorkshire Terrier Open 3
1. Frasermar Tempting Kisses
2. Mrs M Burn’s Elasaidamar Vision of Llove
3. Mrs H Easson’s Beechgrove Lucky Strike

Results of classes 36 to 47

Judge Mrs R Macrae

Class 36 Papillon Puppy 2
1. Mr & Mrs A Skelton’s Adnamashan once Upon A Time.
2. Mrs J Savage’s Serenglade Drivin Miz Daisy to Abbeyton

Class 37 Papillon Junior 3(2)
1. A & G Fraser & Graham’s Bonmeshay Get Carter

Class 38 Papillon Graduate 4(1)
1. A G Fraser Graham’s Bonmeshay’s Eve
2. Mrs M & Mr B Cochrane’s Glenscot I’ll Do It My Way at Cavillon
3. Mr I Reid’s Pamhurst He’s a catch for Everclasi

Class 39 Papillon Post Graduate 8(1)
1. Mr Mrs A Skelton’s Adnamashan one Moment in Time
2. Mrs E Cochrane’s Tutyak Climate Control
3. A G Fraser & Graham’s Abbeyton To Sweet to Kiss at Bonmeshay

Class 40 Papillon Limit 4(2)
1. A & G Fraser & Graham’s Northlyte Timeless at Bonmeshay
2. Mrs A Macgregor’s Pyatshaw Ravel

Class 41 Papillon Open 7(3)
1. Mrs A Macgregor’s Meerwings The Swallow Tale by Pyatshaw
2. Mrs E Cochrane’s Dourhu Sheeza Fairy Doll for Tuyak
3. Mrs KM Smith’s Wee Lucy of Adinaken SH CM

Class 42 Chihuahua Smoothcoat Junior 2
1. Mrs L Bell’s Hollmar Star of the Dance at Belldinla
2. Mr W Mrs E Lynch’s Chirolin Batman Forever Garnox

Class 43 Chihuahua Smoothcoat Graduate 5(1)
1. Mrs J Chaplin’s Tinaura Ebony Sky
2. Miss H Senior’s Narinchi’s Fortune’s Favour
3. Mrs J J Dick Spence’s Ardick Mystic Garnet

Class 44 Chihuahua Smoothcoat Open 3(1)
1. Miss H Senior’s Narinchi ‘s Hi Applepie Hopes BEST OF BREED
2. Mrs L Bell’s Hollmar Fame And Fortune at Belldinla

Class 45 Chihuahua Longcoat Junior 5 (1)
1. Mrs M A Holland’s Hollmar What A Charmer
2. Mrs SY Evans Yorone Put The Flags Out
3. Mrs J Chaplin’s Taylarig Wishing On A Star

Class 46 Chihuahua Longcoat Graduate 5
1. Mrs M A Holland’s Hollmar Royal Descent
2. Mrs L Bell’s Belldinla Moonlite Storm
3. Mr M & Miss V Cheyne & Anderson’s Bridgegard Bojangles

Class 47 Chihuahua Longcoat Open 4
1. Mrs M A Holland’s Master of Ceremonies at Hollmar BEST OF BREED
2. Mrs L Bell’s Belldinla Midnight Mist
3. Mr Mrs E Lynch’s Dipples Diamond at Garnox

Results of class 51 to 57

Judge Mrs P Sidgwick (Paulian)

Class 51 AV Toy Minor Puppy 10 (2)
1. Kuri Kuri with Kilmuir (Min Pin)
2. Mrs GM Swanston’s Damheadbrig Ice Warrior of Pamojill (Jap Chin)
3. Mrs S Pye’s Yakee High Flyer at Jodaphil(Bichon)

Class 52 AV Toy Puppy 10 ( 2 abs, 2 withdrawn)
1. Yakee Credit Crunch
2. Cavallino Antonio
3. Pakov’s Drama Queen

Class 53 AV Toy Novice 5(2)
1. C MacKinnon’s Versailles Dobonair Prince (Havanese)
2.Rothes Hazel at Caarleny
3. Mr Mrs Taylor’s Costara Rufus

Class 54 AV Toy Open 3 (1)
1. Spindlepoint Sophia Loren for Everclasi
2. Pamhurst He’s a Catch for Everclasi

Class 55 AV Toy Bred By Exhibitor 1
1. Bonmeshay’s Eve

Class 56 AV Toy Not Bred By Exhibitor 6 (1)
1. Spindlepoint Sophia Loren for Everclasi
2. Adinken Wendy’s Whizz
3. Glenscot The Bright Lass at Cavillon

Class 57 Special Members Stakes 13 (4)
1. Degsy Star Man at Pakov
2. Spindlepoint Sophia loren for Everclasi
3. Dicktop Believe Me or Not for Rosegrange