Friday, 24 December 2010

Open Show April 2011

The next Open Show will be held at Bonnybridge Community Centre on 3rd April 2011 . Schedules will be available in the new Year

Thursday, 23 December 2010

October Open Show 2010

Scottish Toydog Society Open Show Sunday 10th Oct 2010

Unfortunately, Mrs Nancy Davidson was unable to fulfil her appointment to judge at this show due to a broken leg. I was pleased to be asked as a stand in judge and I hope that Mrs. Davidson will soon make a complete recovery.

My Best in Show and Best Puppy line up was very good I must thank my co judges for their efforts as it made BIS & BPIS a pleasure to do.





Class 1. A.V.TOY Veteran Dog. 7(2).

1st. Macgregor’s Pyatshaw White Heat. 13 year old Papillion dog still good coat moved true coming and going never stopped showing pushed really hard for Best Veteran.

2nd Morrison’s Bowerswell Sindar.

3rd Smith’s Mister Percival of Adinaken.

Class 2. A.V.TOY Veteran Dog. 6

1st. Morrison’s Ailcres Blue Heaven. 13 year old Sparkling black and tan CKCS with rich tan markings, correct mouth, nice dark eye. never stopped showing, covered the ground effortlessly, could teach some of the younger ones in the ring how to move. BEST VETERAN.

2nd. Macgregor’s Ch Pyatshaw Silver Tassie. Pap

3rd. Mackie’s Dixedo Dinky Viva at Cydmar. Bichon.

Class 3. C.K.C.S. Puppy.7.

1st Culbert’s Volney Tabasco 11 Month Ruby Dog. A bright future beckons for this young dog who moved effortlessly round the ring keeping his topline level at all times. He has a dark eye and good pigment, True movement front and rear, a pleasure to go over him. Pleased to award him BEST PUPPY in SHOW.

2nd.McInally’s Dalvreck Moondust.

3rd. Gaskell’s Jeilohn Rachel.

Class 4.C.K.C.S. Junior. 7 (2)

1st.Baillie’s Selkies Odanodan at Fyrnrose. Bl dog with correct mouth, pleasing expression level topline which he held on the move, good front and true hind action.

2nd.Johnstone’s Delhaze Zuleah.

3rd.Dodd’s Delhaze Zofeya at Itsadodal.

Class 5.C.K.C.S. Graduate. 8 (1)

1st.Taylor’s Costara Rufus Ruby dog with gentle expression god dark eye good pigment, moved well coming and going, needs to contain his exuberance a bit more and I’m sure he will do well in the future.

2nd.Baillie’s Selkies Odaodan at Fyrnrose.

3rd.White’s Rothes Hazel at Carleny.

Class 6.C.K.C.S. Post Graduate. 5.

1st.Gaskell’s Jeilohn Coinneach Tricolour dog immaculately presented good head and expression good front movement another level topline moved true coming and going.

2nd.Taylor’s Costara Ruadh at Lyncraig.

3rd. Baillie’s Cavallino Antonio.

Class 7.C.K.C.S. Limit. 4.(1)

1st. McCabe’s Kenmileforce Bonnie Lass. Black and Tan bitch. While not as flashy as the particolours, could not fault her construction and movement,nice gentle expression, showed as if she had not a care in the world, true Cavalier temperament.

2nd.Culbert’s Miadahl Ruairidh.

3rd.Harper and Barbour’s Pamojill Ryan at Kirkbrae.

Class 8. C.K.C.S. Open. 7.(1)

1st. Baillie’s Mrs. Tiggy Winkle. Blen. Bitch with good shaped head nice dark eye giving gentle expression, good length neck, well laid back shoulders, level topline good tail carriage, well angulated rear end which she used to advantage showed well was pushed hard for first by second. B.O.B.

2nd. Morrison’s Bowerswell the Minstral.

3rd. Culbert’s Spindlepoint Covent Garden.

Class 29.A.V. Not Separately Classified Open. No Entries.

Class 50. A.V. Toy Minor Puppy. 7. (1)

1st Ogilvie’s Pleased To Be Black. Black Pom puppy as the name suggests with nice head and expression, good shoulder placement, short level back. Tail carried well over back, moved true fore and aft, lots of attitude in one so. Pressed hard for Best Puppy. Reserve Best Puppy in Show.

2nd. Allan’s Allanbru Devilishly Dashing. Min Pin.

3rd.Taylor’s Adnamashan Mister Tiggley Wink Via Pamhurst.

Class 51. A.V. Toy Puppy. 9.

1st. Bustard’s Tushtagh Red Moon. Peke. Black mask fawn, well bodied with nice head and expression well developed nostrils good bone picked up heavy moved around the ring with aplomb.

2nd. McLean’s Schaech Sheila’s Wheels with Kilmuir.

3rd. Reid’s Pamhurst Rainman. Pap.

Class 52. A.V. Toy Novice. 1.

1st. Lovie’s Freegayner Molly May of Blootoon. Bolognese. Stood alone well coated little bitch, square outline, good mouth and pigment moved, well.

Class 53.A.V Toy Open. 3. (1)

1st. Reid’s Pamhurst He’s A Catch for Everclasi.

2nd.Cochrane’s Glenscot The Bright Lass at Cavillon.

Class 54 A.V. Toy Bred By Exhibitor. 6. (2)

1st. Morrison’s Bowerswell The Minstral.C.K.C.S. Tri Dog who made his presence felt in this class, nice head and expression, good shoulders, level top line, well angulated rear end, excels in movement and showmanship.

2nd. Innes Pearl White Dainty Dinah. Bichon.

3rd. Fraser and Graham‘s Bonmeshay Get Carter. Papillon.

Class 55 A.V. Toy Not Bred By Exhibitor. 5 (2)

1st. Pamojill Ryan at Kirkbrae.C.K.C.S. Tri dog, just a bit to much of him but he is a handsome dog, deservedly won this class on movement and temperament.

2nd. Paul’s Craigaber Time Flies. Papillon.

3rd.Cochrane’s Glenscot Truly Fair at Cavillon.Papillon.

Class 56. Special Members Stakes. 6 (4).

1st. Fraser and Graham’s Northlyte Timeless at Bonmeshay.

2nd. Kirkwood’s Ffain Fascinating Flora at Grejenco.

David Smith. (Judge}.

October Open Show 2010

Classes 9-14: Judge Mrs C Waters

Papillon Puppy 5(1)
1. Gray's Gennasus On A Mission
2. Taylor's Adnamashan Mister Tiggleywink via Pamhurst
3. Patrick's Volpecula Emerald

Papillon Junior 8
1. Smith's Papplewick Pretty in Pink at Adinaken
2. Deamer's Sharjoy in the Future at Bankshill
3. Taylor's Pamhurst Halli Bee

Papillon Graduate 6(1)
1. Macgregor's Craigaber Timewatch
2. Taylor's Pamhurst Em No Cairn
3. Fraser & Graham's Bonmeshay Get Your Groove On

Papillon Post Graduate 2
1. Fraser & Graham's Northlyte Mist of Time at Bonmeshay
2. Savage's Abbeyton Fire Dancer

Papillon Limit 6(1)
1. Taylor's Pamhurst Em No Ather
2. Fraser & Graham's Bonmeshay Get Carter
3. Smith's Wee Angus of Adinaken ShCM

Papillon Open 3(2)
1. Fraser & Graham's Northlyte Timelessat Bonmeshay JW Sh CM Best of Breed

Classes 15 - 28 Judge Mrs E Anderson

YorkshireTerrier Junior 3
1. Burns' Elasidamar Addicted To Love
2. Comrie- Bryant's Frasermar Twinkle Twinkle
3. Milne's Elasaidamar Blue Desire at Starfox

YorkshireTerrier Graduate 4
1. Macrae's Frasermar Night Fever Best of Breed
2. De'lara& Comrie Bryant's Frasermar Romance
3. Williamson's Hobkirk Magic Star

YorkshireTerrier Open 1
1. Hobkirk Magic Star

Pomeranian Junior 4(1)
1. Nixon's Pakov's Lady Muck
2. Chalmers' Earnpride Foxtrot
3. McDowall's Carberry Christmas Tinsel

Pomeranian Graduate 2
1. McDowall's Degsy Star Attraction
2. Nixon's Kazpom Code Name

Pomeranian Open 2
1. Ogilvie's Ch Degsy Star Man at Pakov JW Best of Breed

Classes 21-28, 30-49 Judge Mr D Anderson

Pekingese Graduate 2
1. Bustard's Tushtagh Red Moon Best of Breed
2. Brodie's Heavenly Falls

Pekingese Open 1
1. Kane's Yakee Alberto

Chinese Crested Junior 6
1. Moyes, Hunter & Devaney's Bryelis Trick or Treat
2. Hitchcock's Shulune Pillw Talk
3. Lynch's Bryelis Bewitched with Garnox

Chinese Crested Graduate 3(2)
1. Moyes, Hunter & Devaney's Bryelis Ring'o Star Best of Breed

Chinese Crested Open 4(4)

Maltese Graduate 2(1)
1. Gillies' Delcost Pixie By Marc

Maltese Open 2
1. Gillies' Am Ch Delcost Marc By Design Best of Breed
2. Grant's Linmont Always in Blue Jeans

Bolognese Open 5
1. Watson's Buoncasa Bruichladdich Best of Breed
2. Lovie's Fregayner Mollymay of Blootoon
3. Lovie's Buoncasa Upsy Daisy of Blootoon

Bichon Frise Junior 2
1. Mackie's Morusha Foxie Boots at Cydmar Best of Breed
2. Buckley's Colinlindsay Periwinkle

Bichon Frise Graduate 2
1. Innes's Pealwhite Dianty Dinah Ch CM
2. Mills' Clanscot CandyFloss

Bichon Frise Open 3
1. Mackie's Carberry A Touch Of Class at Cydmar
2. Pearly White Dainty Dinah
3. Thomas's Good Night and Good Luck at Passpallu

Pug Junior 4(1)
1. Laing's Mossdown Just William Best of Breed, BEST IN SHOW
2. Robertson's Zheridons Princess Kitana
3. Reid's Habiba Voulez Vous

Pug Graduate 6(2)
1. Stirling's Bontou Anything Goes
2. Zheridons Princess Kitana
3. Stirling's Busby Tophat

Pug Open 5
1. Gardner's Evesmoore Evana
2. Laing's Moss Down Henry Cooper Sh CM
3. Robertson's Delwin The Senator at Zheridons

Japanese Chin Graduate 2(1)
1. Patrick's Sleepyhollow Elecktra for Volpecula Best of Breed

Japanese Chin Open No Entries

Chihuahua Smooth Coat Junior No Entries

Chihuahua Smooth Coat Graduate 4(1)
1. Bell's Hollmar Star of the Dance at Belldinla Best of Breed
2. Gray's Hughgra I'm Coming Out
3. Dick & Spence's Ardick Mystic Garnet

Chihuahua Smooth Coat Open 1
1. Bell's Hollamr Fame and Fortune at Belldinla

Chihuahua Long Coat Junior 5(3)
1. Holland's Hollmar A Class Apart
2. Bell's Belldinla Ambers Delight

Chihuahua Long Coat Graduate 6(3)
1. Gardners' Bridgegard Cody
2. Lynch's Coltham Kola with Garnox
3. Dick & Spence's Ardick Mystic Opal

Chihuahua Long Coat Open 4(2)
1. Holland's Hollmar What A Charmer Best of Breed
2. Dick & Spence's Ardick Mystic Charm

Affenpinscher Graduate2(1)
1. Stewart's Ingerdorm Night Fever Best of Breed

Affenpinscher Open 3
1. Stewart's Ingerdorm Baby love
2. Stewarts Ch Rosara Rock Star at Ingerdorm
3. Stewart's Ingerdorm Tifany

Griffon Bruxellois Open 4(2)
1. Kirkwood's Ffain Facinating Flora at Grajenco Best of Breed
2. Duncan's Rhodon Sunny Jim

Miniature Pinscher Graduate 3
1. McLean's Schancho Shiela's Wheels with Kilmuir
2. Anderson's Elanaux Solendo
3. Allan's Allanbru Deviloishly Dashing

Miniature Pinscher Limit 5
1. Wilson Simpson's Allanbru A Wee Bit Of Bling for Mortrud
2. McLean's Carive Cocobananaby Kilmuir
3. Sommerville's Sunkist Vixen

Miniature Pinscher Open 4
1. McLean's Kuri Kuri with Kilmuir Best of Breed
2. Allan's Allanbru Miss Fun Da Mental
3. Anderson's La Chica Poco at Elanaux

Annual General Meeting 2010

The Annual General Meeting was held on 4th May 2010. The following were elected to the committee
Office Bearers: Chairman: Mrs A Skelton; Vice Chairman: Mrs E Smith; Secretary/Treasurer: Mrs E Lynch.
Committee: Mrs E Cochrane, Mr T Bickerton, Mr D Johnston, Mrs J Savage, Mr S French, Mrs A Fraser, Mrs E Stirling, Ms M Wilson Simpson.

Thursday, 22 April 2010





Best In Show Open show April 2010

Judge Mrs K Sandland (Arencote)

J. & B. Gardner’s Chihuahua Long Coat


A. Easdon & P. Martin's Pekingese

Yakee Come On Eileen

A. Easodon & P. Martin's Pekingese


Mr & Mrs. Johnstone Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Delhaze Zuleah

Mr R Morrison Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Open Show April 2010 Class 1 to 28

Results for Class 1 to 28

Judge Mrs K Sandland (Arencote)

Class 1 AV Toy Veteran Dog 4 (1)

1. Mrs K M Smith Mister Percival of Adinaken ShCM (Pap) age 7,

2. Mr R Morrison Bowerswell Sindar ShCM (CKCS) age 10

3. Mrs D Kerr Tinaura Sky Blazer l/c Chi) age 9

Class 2 AV Toy Veteran Bitch 5 (2)

1. Mr R Morrison Ailcres Blue Heaven (CKCS) age13

2. Mrs J Mackie Dixido Dinky Viva at Cydmar ShCM ( Pom) age 8

3. Mrs K M Smith Wee Lucy of Adinaken ShCM (Pap) age 7

Class 3 Chinese Crested Junior no entries

Class 4 Chinese Crested Graduate 1 (1)

Class 5 Chinese Crested Open 1 (1)

Following classes were kindly sponsored by
The Bichon Fise Club of Great Britain

Class 6 Bichon Frise Junior 4

1. Mrs J Mackie Morusha Foxi Boots at Cydmar

2. Mr J & Mrs M Innes Pearlwhite Dainty Dinah

3. Mrs S Pye Morusha Platinum Plus for Jodaphil

4. Mrs I Smith Shalceys Candy Girl

Class 7 Bichon Frise Graduate 1,1

1. Mrs E Lawrie Morusha Sugar Plum Fairy

2. Mrs I Smith Shalceys Candy Girl

Class 8 Bichon Frise Open 6

1. Mrs E Lawrie Morusha Million Dollar Baby ShCM Best of Breed

2. Mrs J Mackie Carberry A Touch of Class at Cydmar

3. Mrs S Pye Carberry Master Class From Jodaphil

4. Mr J & Mrs M Innes Morusha Take That To Pearlwhite

Class 9 Maltese Graduate 2

1. Mrs C R Gillies Delcost Marc Of Excellance

2. Mrs J Walker Travilla Just For Keeps

Class 10 Maltese Open 2

1. Mrs C R Gillies AM CH Delcost Marc By Design (re imp) Best of Breed

2. Mr & Mrs R Grant Linmont Always In Blue Jeans

Class 11 Japanese Chin Graduate 2 (1)

1. Mrs C L & Miss L Pipe & Lindasy Sleephollow Maria Callas Best of Breed

Class 12 Japanese Chin Open 1 (1)

Class 13 Pug Junior 2

1. Miss J Laing Mossdown Just William

2. Mrs E Stirling Bontou Anything Goes

Class 14 Pug Graduate 2 (1)

1. Mrs W & Mr J McKeown Gramatti Celtic Lady

Class 15 Pug Open 3 (1)

1. J & B Gardner Evesmoor Evania Best of Breed

2. Miss J Laing Mossdown Henry Cooper ShCM

Class 16 Griffon Bruxellois Open 3 (1)

1. Mr G Kirkwood Fennymoore Fudge Donut at Gilderoak Best of Breed

Class 17 Pekingese Graduate 3

1. A. Easdon & P Martin Yakee Come on Irene

2. Mrs R Kane Yakee Alberto

3. Mrs A Brodie Heavenly Falls

Class 18 Pekingese Open 1,1

1. A. Easdon & P Martin Yakee Come on Eileen Best of Breed

2. Mrs A Brodie Heavenly Falls

Class 19 Minature Pinscher Graduate 3 (3)

Class 20 Minature Pinscher Limit 5 (4)

1. Mrs H McLean Kuri Kuri With Kilmuir Best of Breed

Class 21 Minature Pinscher Open 4 (4)

Class 22 Affenpinscher Graduate 2

1. Mr A Stewart Ingerdorm Night Fever

2. Mrs M Boulcott Ingerdorm Fred Flintstone

Class 23 Affenpinscher Open 3

1. Mr A Stewart Rosara Rock Star at Ingerdorm Best of Breed

2. Mr A Stewart Ingerdorm Baby Love

3. Mr A Stewart Ingerdorm Tifany

Class 24 Pommeranian Junior 1

1. Miss C Nixon Pakov's Lady Muck

Class 25 Pomeranian Graduate 3 (1)

1. Mrs C Carrigan Carripom Ivy May Best of Breed

2. Miss C Nixon Pakov's Fair Chuft

Class 26 Pomeranian Open 3 (2)

1. Mrs C Carrigan Starfire's Miami Vice at Carripom

Class 27 Bolognese Open 4

1. Mr G & Mrs E Lovie Buoncasa Upsy Daisy of Blootoon Best of Breed

2. Mr G & Mrs E Lovie Stanhome Giovanni of Blootoon

3. Mr G & Mrs E Lovie Buoncasa Chaimarmi Signora of Blootoon

4. Mr G & Mrs E Lovie Piccola Rosa Bella of Blootoon

Class 28 A V Toy N.S.C. Open 1 (1)

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Due to ongoing repair works our usual venue at Bonnybridge is unavailable.

Scottish Toydog Open Show Saturday 10th April 2010 will now be held at:

Pivot Community Centre
Glenmanor Avenue
G69 0DX

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Scottish Toydog would like to thank

for there continued support at our shows.

Thursday, 25 February 2010


The Annual General Meeting will be held on TUESDAY 23rdMARCH at the STATION HOTEL, FOUNDRY LOAN, LARBERT, STIRLINGSHIRE at 8pm

Please come along. Your input & commitment to the Scottish Toy Dog Society is much valued & appreciated.

Open Show Saturday April 10th 2010

Schedules are available from
Mrs Lynch Secretary 0131 331 2330, and at shows & training classes.

Schedules are sent to Members & last October 's exhibitors

Judges are

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Mr A Beattie (Norcrest)
Papillons Dr Olding (Papplewick)
Chihuahuas Ms M Austin (Mairichis)
Yorkshire Terriers Ms A Weigand (Andelalie)
Best in Show & remaing breeds & varieties Mrs K Sandland (Arencote)


Mrs Frances McKinnon

It is with much sadness that we report the death of Frances, suddenly while on holiday. It is such a short time since she lost her husband whom she missed dreadfully.
Our thought are very much with her family at this sad time.