Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Ms Workman's critique for CKCS, KCS

Judges Notes for Scottish Toy Dog Society Open Show
October 7th at Bonnybridge Community Centre
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
A very well-organised show in a good venue, many thanks for a great entry. I was privileged to have some lovely dogs come out for the show, and of course it was wonderful for me to be judging back in Scotland.  It was gratifying to see a couple of happy and healthy veterans also turning out, thanks to all for coming. 
CKCS Puppy   9 entries
1.       1.Mrs Deamers  Bankshill Sweet William, br owner  17/03/12  BL D, his name sums him up, this was a charming quality puppy, still immature but with good proportions, wonderful rich ruby red and well broken markings, nice pigment and expression. He moved well and showed good body, very sound and well balanced, even though he still has a bit to learn on the show front, I liked his type.  
2.      2. Mrs McMurray’s Ellemich Stralis at Merryoth, br Chapman  13/01/12 BL D Another quality dog but would not move on the day. Again good proportions and balance, lovely coat coming, but not happy in the ring today.
3.    3.   Mrs M C Baillies Peakdown Micawber at Cavallino Br Turnbull
CKCS Junior  4 entries
1.       1.Mr James Finlay’s Ellemich Joe Malone at Marisk br Chapman 11/09/11 BL D What a handsome boy. This is a beautiful dog, wonderfully proportioned, lovely strong head and shoulder, great bone. Lovely coat, good colour and well-broken markings.  Moves well, with wonderful top line, his tail verging on proud but could not detract from an extremely well-put together dog, amazingly mature for his age.   BOB and very happily BIS.
2.    2.   Miss Drennan’s Kinvaar Theodora of Calaten br Kerr 01/06/11 Another lovely Blenheim, not quite enough weight and nose off on the day, but nice coat and happy type.
3.      3. Mrs L M Halberts Izzharree Samba Sweetheart  br LM and LA Halbert
CKCS Post Grad  6 entries
1.      1. Miss Craigs Volney Tabasco br Boardman 10/11/09 R D Gorgeous deep ruby with wonderful coat. His head very pleasing, nice wide flat skull, great pigment and moved well, with wonderful topline. Would have liked more joy in the ring, he looked a bit sullen, but overall well balanced and good bone.
2.      2. Mrs White Rothes Hazel at Carlenny  br Mrs Grant 09/10/08 BL Happy blenhiem, could do with more coat abut good balance and markings .
3.    3.   Mrs E Glen’s Homerbrent Bright Star br Reddaway

CKCS Limit  6 entries
1.       1.Mrs M Baillie’s Peakdowns Eternal Star  br Turnbull 06/11/10  BL D A beautifully put together dog, wonderful balance and coat, good broken colour, good mouth, great pigment and good movement. A bit big overall, but handsome and sound and showed like a champ!
2.      2. Miss Drennans Blairburn Bits n Bobs of Calaten  Sh. Cm. A lovely blenheim, great coat, pigment slightly off on the day and lacked star quality, but nonetheless handsome and sound.  Moved well.
3.       3.Mr James Finlays Sorata Beckham at Marisk br J Pagan
CKCS Open   10 entries
1.      1. Mrs Halberts  Izzharree Perfect Eclipse br owner d 25/08/10 BL Nice sound Blenheim, good quality, slightly heavily marked but overall well balanced and proportioned with good head, moved well.
2.       2.Mr Kirkwood’s Sorata I Am What I Am at Grajenco br Pagan d 05/11/10 A rocket of a ruby, great colour and great conformation, very sound and well proportioned and good size. Not quite of coat and so not quite enough quality on the day.
3.      3. Miss E Drennan’s Blairburn BitsN’Bobs of Calaten SH. CM. Br Mr and Mrs Letham

King Charles Spaniel Open  4 entries
1.       1.Sidgwick’s Paulian Amazing Grace br owner  Lovely Sweet tri, very sprightly and nice balance, good conformation and great movement. A little immature, but a lovely happy example of the breed.
2.        2.Sidgwick’s Fin.SW. Est Ch. Paulian Paddington Very handsome and fine, great head and balance, but would not move on the day.