Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Mr M Lynch's Critique

Critique from Scottish Toy-Dog Society open show 12/10/14
Judge Mr W M Lynch (Garnox)
Papillon Junior Dog
1st Reekie's Powerforce Hogmanay – Black & white, nice outline.  Happy dog, moved well round the ring, nice expression with large ear, showed well.
Papillon Post Graduate Dog
1st Smith's Papplewick Penhaligon At Adinaken – White & red, what a joy to see such a well balanced little dog with everything in the right place.  Used his large ears to advantage, striking outline, lovely, flowing coat, correct scissor bite and showed his socks off. Best Dog
2nd Cochrane's Tutyak Get Up And Go
3rd MacGregor's Craigaber Rolex
Papillon Open Dog
1st MacGregor's Pyatshaw Ravel – White & black, this boy pushed my best dog as he showed well.  Bigger size, balanced with level top-line and good bite.  
2nd Whitehill's Kildrummy's Dream Come True (Imp Can)
3rd Cochrane's Tutyak Edward Rozamie
Chinese Crested Dog Junior
1st Fraser & Graham's Omegaville Carbon Copy At Bonmeshay – Just a puppy, looks like she will have a bright future.  Furnishings coming in nicely, nicely shaped head with large flaring ears correctly set.  Tail held well on the move, went well round the ring.
2nd Picton's Baojin Tartan Warlord
3rd Thomson's Omegaville Jingfei
Chinese Crested Dog Post Graduate
1st Frame's Queshian Norty Naked Angel At Elfallons – One I like with excellent furnishings, level topline, melting dark, almond shape, eyes, gorgeous head with large and erect ears to match.  Plenty of drive as she moved round the ring, gracefully with ease. BOB
2nd Picton's Baojin Tartan Warrior
Chinese Crested Dog Open
1st Frame's Nisyros Arapaho At Elfallons – Nice size with good head, nicely chiselled cheeks, tapering into muzzle with correct bite. Dark eyes and well set large ears.
2nd Picton's Konishiki Godiva Scherzando
Affenpinscher Post Graduate
1st Vearonelly's Hamlock Sweet Talkin Woman – Nice size with typical expression, dark sparking eyes.  Moved okay
Affenpinscher Open
1st Stewart's Ch Ingerdorm Rebus JW ShCM  - This little showman has it all.  Nice overall type and size, good muscle, well sprung ribs.  Short neck and correct, high tail set.  Moved with plenty of drive, strutting round the ring. BOB
2nd Harvey's Ingerdorm Cyndi
3rd Vearonelly’s Hamlock Sweet Talkin Woman
Pug Junior
1st Ashton's Zobear's Baby Boop – Eleven month old bitch.  Square and cobby, broad chested pup with correct, large head, dark, round eyes, strong neck. Handled well, steady movement fore and aft.  BOB
2nd Hume & Pike's Gemgwynad Dragonheart At Eivisah
3rd Cunningham's Moyard Just Perfect
Pug Post Graduate
1st Nisbet's Falecea Daisey's Dream In Diamondzanne – Beautiful head with lovely eyes.  Well muscled moved with ease.  In super condition.
2nd Ashton's Zobear's Billion Dollar Babyl
3rd Reid's Gramatti Laird Of The Ring Via Hugieboogie
Pug Open
1st Nisbet's Prince Codi At Crissam – Another one in super condition, muscle hard to the touch.  Correct head, moved well.
2nd Reid's Gramatti Laird Of The Ring Via Hugieboogie
3rd Laing's Mossdown Just William
Chihuahua Smooth Coat Junior
1st Silverstein's Loves Lavendar Kiss Of Silverchi – Nice type, good mouth, level topline, correct tail setting with tail held up on the move.
2nd Hasting's Brogansian The Scotsman
3rd O'Neil's Chirolin Dexter Bay
Chihuahua Smooth Coat Post Graduate
1st McIntyre's Joshurst Princess Adelina – Black tri of smaller type and finely made.  Pretty head with good bite and used large well set ears to her advantage.  Large eyes and typical chi expression.
2nd Silverstein's Boetandales Moomoo Of Silverchi
3rd Hinchelwood's Copymear Karlena
Chihuahua Smooth Coat Open
1st Gray's Hughgra One Shining Moment – Red bitch, lovely outline and excelled in movement from all angles with a brisk, forceful action.  Really showy girl with large, dark, melting eyes.  Large ears setting off a correct apple head.  BOB and pleased to see this girl go BIS
2nd O'Neil's Chirolin Hudson Bay
3rd Hinchelwood's Copymear Kennedy
Chihuahua Long Coat Junior
1st Chaplin's Natimuk Lady Rowena – Lovely sable girl with just the right amount of coat.  Pretty head with typical Chihuahua saucy expression, level top-line held on the move.
2nd Penman's Tampico Hot Love At Clarmoray
3rd Sangster's Tidos Charlie's My Darling At Kirlasidh
Chihuahua Long Coat Post Graduate
1st Waddington's Lynpix Roxy Spindlepoint – Small, well made girl.  Nice reach of neck, level topline, very pretty and correct head.  Correct tail set and tail carried well on the move. 
2nd Hunter's Jotolemar Showing In Time
3rd ToddMcCoid's Posh Pups Beauty Of Rubyanlo
Chihuahua Long Coat Open
1st Penman's Tampico Classy Rascal At Clarmoray JW – Beautiful head with everything in the right place.  Correct bite, level topline and correct tail set.  Really showed on the move with good, strong, rear drive.  Coat in lovely, soft condition.  BOB
2nd Hunter's Jotolemar Showtime Stunner
3rd McIntyre's Hollmar Diamond Lil At Lanillio