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Mr M Lynch's Critique

Critique from Scottish Toy-Dog Society open show 12/10/14
Judge Mr W M Lynch (Garnox)
Papillon Junior Dog
1st Reekie's Powerforce Hogmanay – Black & white, nice outline.  Happy dog, moved well round the ring, nice expression with large ear, showed well.
Papillon Post Graduate Dog
1st Smith's Papplewick Penhaligon At Adinaken – White & red, what a joy to see such a well balanced little dog with everything in the right place.  Used his large ears to advantage, striking outline, lovely, flowing coat, correct scissor bite and showed his socks off. Best Dog
2nd Cochrane's Tutyak Get Up And Go
3rd MacGregor's Craigaber Rolex
Papillon Open Dog
1st MacGregor's Pyatshaw Ravel – White & black, this boy pushed my best dog as he showed well.  Bigger size, balanced with level top-line and good bite.  
2nd Whitehill's Kildrummy's Dream Come True (Imp Can)
3rd Cochrane's Tutyak Edward Rozamie
Chinese Crested Dog Junior
1st Fraser & Graham's Omegaville Carbon Copy At Bonmeshay – Just a puppy, looks like she will have a bright future.  Furnishings coming in nicely, nicely shaped head with large flaring ears correctly set.  Tail held well on the move, went well round the ring.
2nd Picton's Baojin Tartan Warlord
3rd Thomson's Omegaville Jingfei
Chinese Crested Dog Post Graduate
1st Frame's Queshian Norty Naked Angel At Elfallons – One I like with excellent furnishings, level topline, melting dark, almond shape, eyes, gorgeous head with large and erect ears to match.  Plenty of drive as she moved round the ring, gracefully with ease. BOB
2nd Picton's Baojin Tartan Warrior
Chinese Crested Dog Open
1st Frame's Nisyros Arapaho At Elfallons – Nice size with good head, nicely chiselled cheeks, tapering into muzzle with correct bite. Dark eyes and well set large ears.
2nd Picton's Konishiki Godiva Scherzando
Affenpinscher Post Graduate
1st Vearonelly's Hamlock Sweet Talkin Woman – Nice size with typical expression, dark sparking eyes.  Moved okay
Affenpinscher Open
1st Stewart's Ch Ingerdorm Rebus JW ShCM  - This little showman has it all.  Nice overall type and size, good muscle, well sprung ribs.  Short neck and correct, high tail set.  Moved with plenty of drive, strutting round the ring. BOB
2nd Harvey's Ingerdorm Cyndi
3rd Vearonelly’s Hamlock Sweet Talkin Woman
Pug Junior
1st Ashton's Zobear's Baby Boop – Eleven month old bitch.  Square and cobby, broad chested pup with correct, large head, dark, round eyes, strong neck. Handled well, steady movement fore and aft.  BOB
2nd Hume & Pike's Gemgwynad Dragonheart At Eivisah
3rd Cunningham's Moyard Just Perfect
Pug Post Graduate
1st Nisbet's Falecea Daisey's Dream In Diamondzanne – Beautiful head with lovely eyes.  Well muscled moved with ease.  In super condition.
2nd Ashton's Zobear's Billion Dollar Babyl
3rd Reid's Gramatti Laird Of The Ring Via Hugieboogie
Pug Open
1st Nisbet's Prince Codi At Crissam – Another one in super condition, muscle hard to the touch.  Correct head, moved well.
2nd Reid's Gramatti Laird Of The Ring Via Hugieboogie
3rd Laing's Mossdown Just William
Chihuahua Smooth Coat Junior
1st Silverstein's Loves Lavendar Kiss Of Silverchi – Nice type, good mouth, level topline, correct tail setting with tail held up on the move.
2nd Hasting's Brogansian The Scotsman
3rd O'Neil's Chirolin Dexter Bay
Chihuahua Smooth Coat Post Graduate
1st McIntyre's Joshurst Princess Adelina – Black tri of smaller type and finely made.  Pretty head with good bite and used large well set ears to her advantage.  Large eyes and typical chi expression.
2nd Silverstein's Boetandales Moomoo Of Silverchi
3rd Hinchelwood's Copymear Karlena
Chihuahua Smooth Coat Open
1st Gray's Hughgra One Shining Moment – Red bitch, lovely outline and excelled in movement from all angles with a brisk, forceful action.  Really showy girl with large, dark, melting eyes.  Large ears setting off a correct apple head.  BOB and pleased to see this girl go BIS
2nd O'Neil's Chirolin Hudson Bay
3rd Hinchelwood's Copymear Kennedy
Chihuahua Long Coat Junior
1st Chaplin's Natimuk Lady Rowena – Lovely sable girl with just the right amount of coat.  Pretty head with typical Chihuahua saucy expression, level top-line held on the move.
2nd Penman's Tampico Hot Love At Clarmoray
3rd Sangster's Tidos Charlie's My Darling At Kirlasidh
Chihuahua Long Coat Post Graduate
1st Waddington's Lynpix Roxy Spindlepoint – Small, well made girl.  Nice reach of neck, level topline, very pretty and correct head.  Correct tail set and tail carried well on the move. 
2nd Hunter's Jotolemar Showing In Time
3rd ToddMcCoid's Posh Pups Beauty Of Rubyanlo
Chihuahua Long Coat Open
1st Penman's Tampico Classy Rascal At Clarmoray JW – Beautiful head with everything in the right place.  Correct bite, level topline and correct tail set.  Really showed on the move with good, strong, rear drive.  Coat in lovely, soft condition.  BOB
2nd Hunter's Jotolemar Showtime Stunner
3rd McIntyre's Hollmar Diamond Lil At Lanillio

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Results for remaining Breed Classes 12th October 2014

Judge Mr M Lynch

Cl 35 Papillon Junior Dog 1
1.  Reekie's Powerforce Hogmanay

Cl. 36 Papillon  PostGraduate Dog 4
1. Smith's Papplewick Penhaligon at Adinaken
2. Cochrane's Tutyak Get Up And Go
3. Macgregor's Craigaber Rolex

Cl 37 Papillon Open Dog 4(1)
1. Magregors Pyatshaw Ravel
2. Whitehill's Kildrummy Dream COme True
3. Cochrane's Tutyak Edward Rozame

Cl 38. Chinese Crested Junior 6(3)
1. Fraser & Graham's Omegaville Carbon Copy at Bonmeshay
2. Picto's Baojin Tartan Warlord
3. Thomson's omegaville Jingfei (NAF)

Cl.39 Chinese Crested Postgraduate3(1)
1. Frame's Queshian Norty Naked Angel at Elfallons BOB
2. Picto's Baojin Tartan Warrior

Cl.40 Chinese Crested  Open 4(2)
1. Frames Nisyros Arapaho at Elfallons
2. Picto's Konishiki Godiva Scherzando

Cl. 41 Affenpincher Post Graduate 3(2)
1. Vearonelly's Hamlock Sweet Talkin Woman

Cl. 42. Affenpincher Open 3
1. Stewart's Ch Ingerdorm Rebus JW SHCM BOB
2. Harvey's Ingerdorm Cyndi
3. Hamlock Sweet Talkin Woman

Cl. 43 Pug Junior 5(1)
1. Ashton's Zoebear Baby Boop BOB
2. Hume & Pike's Gemgwynad  Drgonheart at Eivisah
3. Cunningham's Moyard Just Perfect

Cl.44 Pug Post Graduate 4
1. Nisbet's Falecea Daiseys Dream in Diamondzanne
2. Ashton's Zoebear's Billion Dollar Baby
3. Reid's Gramatti Laird Of The Rings via Hugieboogie

Cl. 45 Pug Open 4
1. Nisbet's Prince Codi at Crissam
2. Gramatti Laird Of The Rings via Hugieboogie
3. Laing's Mossdown Just William SHCM

Cl 46 Chihuahua Smoothcoat Junior 4(1)
1. Silverstien's  Loves Lavenda Kiss of Silverchi
2. Hastings Brogansian The Scotsman
3. O'Neill's Chirolin Dexter Bay(NAF)

Cl 47 Chihuahua Smoothcoat Post graduate 10(2)
1. McIntyre's Joshurst Princess Adelina
2. Siverstein's Boetandales Moomoo of Silverchi
3. Hinchelwood's Copymear Karlena

Cl 48 Chihuahua Smoothcoat 6(1)
1.Gray's Hughgra One Shining Moment BOB BIS
2. O'Neill's Chirolin Hudson Bay
3. Hinchelwood's Copymear Kennedy

Cl 46 Chihuahua Longcoat Junior 12(4)
1. Chaplin's Natimuk Lady Rowena
2. Penman's Tampico Hot Love at Clarmoray
3. Sangster's Tidos  Charlie's My Darling at Kilasidh

Cl.47 Chihuahua Longcoat Post graduate 10(3)
1. Waddington's Lynpix Roxy Spindlepoint
2. Hunter's Jotolemar Showing In Time
3. Todd-McCoid's PoshPups Beauty of Rubyanlo

Cl 48 Chihuahua Longcoat Open12(4)
1.Penman's Tampico Classy Rascal BOB
2. Hunter's Jotolemar Showtime Stunner
3. McIntyre's Hollmarr Diamond Lil at Lanillio

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Results for Miniature Pinschers 12th October 2014

Judge Mrs McIlroy Stracey

Cl 32 Miniature Pinscher Graduate 3(2)
1. Wilson's Nianka Lyin Eyes

Cl 33 Miniature Pinscher Limit 5(3)
1. Wilson's Nianka Hungry Eyes
2. Allan's Allanbru Just 'N Credible JW SHCM
3. Allan's Allanbru Saucy Savours

Cl 34 Miniature Pinscher Open 4(2)
1. Allan's Allanbru Just 'N Illusion BOB
2. Allan's Allanbru Devilishly Dshing SHCM

Results for CKCS Ocober 12th 2014

Judge Ms I Craig

Cl.27 Cavalier KC Spaniel Puppy 7(4)
1. Fraser's Tingewood Tam O Shanter
2. Waddington's Ricksbury Rosebark of Spindlepoint
3. Ballantine's Middleshott King of Hearts

Cl 28 Cavalier KC Spaniel Junior 3
1. Ricksbury Rosebark of Spindlepoint
2. Timber's Leskparu Thisbe Cherry
3. Glen's Trusties HArmony Haida To Sandbrae( Imp NLD)

Cl.29 Cavalier KC Spaniel Graduate 8
1. Deamer's Bankshill Just William
2. Finlay & Kirkwood's Ellemich Adorable
3. Leskparu Thisbe Cherry

Cl 30  Cavalier KC Spaniel Post Graduate 7(2)
1. Gibb-Stuart's Chantismere Push My Button
2. Baillie's Peakdowns Ryan at Cavallino
3. Fraser's Tingewood Tomintoul

Cl 31 Cavalier KC Spaniel Open 8(1)
1. McMurray's Cinderlace Primrose at Merryoth BOB
2. Baillie's Selkies heavenly Prince at Fyrnrose
3. Baillie's Peakdowns Micawber at Cavallino

Mrs Banks Critique for Open Show12th October 2014

Scottish Toy Dog Society 12/10/14

Firstly I should like to thank the officers and committee f or inviting me to judge at this well run and very friendly society. I was told the society had a very new secretary and I must say he did an excellent job. Thank you to my steward Rosemarie it was a long day and she kept my ring running in top order.

BIS was the SC Chi sent through by my fellow judge Gray’s Hughgra One Shining Moment small dainty compact bitch showing spirit. She has a beautiful rounded with correct apple domed skull short pointed muzzle, large round dark eyes with large ears carried perfectly. Good scissor bite. Nice arched neck leading to strong level topline. When she moved she really came into her own so sound and holding her topline from shoulder to tailset everytime I looked at her she was demanding more, so she got it.
RBIS Smith Papillon Ch Papplewick Pretty in Pick at Adinaken
BPIS Ashton’s Pug Tangetoppen’s Take a Hint (imp)
RBPIS Boulcott’s Bolegnese Clynymona My Guy at Ingerdorm (imp)
BVIS Ballie’s CKCS Fynrose Mrs Tiggy Winkle

Veteran Dog
(7 2A) 1. MacGregor’s Pyatshaw Ravel B/W Pap 8yrs young shown in lovely coat of good texture, Used his large mobile ears at all times, good hare feet with nice fringing, moved straight and true around the ring keeping a level topline.
2. Blairburn Bits N Bobs of Calaten ShCm CKCS
3. Ogilvie Pakov’s Gold Chip Pom

Veteran Bitch
1. Baillie’s Fynrose Mrs Tiggy Winkle JW Bl Cavalier with beautiful melting expression large round dark eyes a feature of the breed which seems to be lacking in a lot of cavaliers today. Well broken rich chestnut markings on a lovely clear white background. Moved round the ring like a youngster keeping a good level topline and tailset at all times. Didn’t recognise her immediately but realised it was a bitch I had given a RCC to many years ago. Great to see her again and my opinion of her remains the same think she must have been unlucky not to gain her crown.
2 Lawrie Morusha Million Dollar Baby Bichon
3. McMurray Merryoth Maeve CKCS

Yorkshire Terriers

(5 2A)
1.       Wiegand-Brown Jasopian Eyes on Me at Adnealie 13mths old,Coat coming in very nicely of good colour and clarity. No Tan in any incorrect places. Lovely head with ears correctly set, good pigment, eyes were sparkling with mischief, good mouth, moved with syle, freely and with good straight driving action. The extra stlye gained this youngster BOB
2.       Williamson’s Dunsapie Ooh LaLa
3.       Williamson’s Dunsapie Wayward Prince
Post Graduate
(3 1A)
Wiegand-Brown’s Andelalie Ambition. 15mths old. Good coat coming in with visible shades of Tan. Good head shape with well positioned ears moved around the ring with good driving action
1.       2.Burn’s Elasaidamar Irrestistable
Nicol’s Metexa Mr Nice Guy 2yr old in full coat of excellent colour and texture, lovely head with correct eyes and ears. On the day needed to carry more weight as this was affecting his movement.
Griffon Bruxellois
(2 2A)
(3 1A)
1.       Davidson’s Aptrick Ithil D Black rough coated cobby well balanced dog. Large head nice wide muzzle with neat lips. Good dark eyes moved ok
2.       Smith & Prout’s Grajenco Dot Com at Tantori
(3 1A)
1.       Kirkwood’s Gilderoak for your Eyes Only Rough coated Red Cobby and well balance very square. Large head with good round, dark eyes. Deep wide chest with level back, well sprung ribs. Was well muscled and movement showed this was free and true. Preferred the tail set of this to Limit winner. BOB
2.       2. Smith & Prout’s Gilderoak by Royal Command at Grajenco
(4 0)
1.       Johnstone’s Cairnpapple’s Surprise 11mths shaded sable little unruly on the move but only behaving like a puppy having fun saw enough to see he was a good mover with true straight brisk action. Nice small cat like feet, fine boned with a good head and eye, complete scissor bite. Short body with correctly set and carried tail.
2.       2. Nixon’s Kazpom Hello Sunshine
3.       3. Small’s Toybox chasing the Dragon
(3 0)
1.       McDowall’s Carberry Tip Top Sable Bitch, the best mover in the class dainty and fine boned, neat cat like feet. Good foxy head with dark oval eyes, good mouth small ears, short back and compact body
2.       2. Lees Moipom Silversmith
3.       3. Johnstone’s Pakow Just a Fluke for Cairnpapple
(5 0)
1. McDowall’s Carberry Midnight Quest loved this black male, Dainty, fine boned and moving freely and briskly round the ring, lovely foxy head with correct shaped eyes and ears. Short compact body well ribbed with deep chest.  Coat of correct texture with excellent tailset and carriage.
2. Nixon’s Ch Kazpom Just Be Coz
3. Carrigan’s Ch Carripom Zachariah

(1 0)
1.       Easdon  & Martin’s Yakee Essential Ingredient 2yr  old male in full coat definitely no sign of any respiratory problems here could do to carry a little less weight but in spite of this went all the way round the ring with no problems even in the hot hall this dog was hardly out of breath a real credit to his breeders. Large Head, with correct large open nostrils clear round dark eyes, no teeth showing. Short body with broad chest and well sprung ribs waistline a little lacking – too much porridge? Moved with the typical dignified roll.
(1 0)
1.       Easdon & Martin’s Yakee Celebrity Status again stood alone which was a shame as could win in company. Much has been said about breathing problems in Pekes, well if these two were anything to go by here is a kennel with no such problems. Beautiful male in full coat with the required texture and feathering in all the right places. Large wide head, good round dark eyes and large open nostrils, firm strong underjaw with level lips.  Body was short with distinct waistline and well sprung ribs. Moved around the ring with dignity and the characteristic roll. Although a large ring this boy has no problems covering the ground came back to me not even breathing heavily. BOB
Bichon Frise
(1)    Smtih & Mills Litinaz Precious Crystal 6mth dog looking very promising. Well balanced immaculately presented , short and compact good dark eyes with excellent pigmentation correct bite and moved well for one so young. BOB
Post Graduate
(2 0)
1.       Innes Starforth’s Just Loving you at Pearlwhite. Bitch of nice quality, presented well in good condition, short and square with good dark eyes and pigmentation did not move out as well as the puppy.
2.       2. Snaddon’s Toni Marie’s Delight
(2 1)
1.       Smith & Mill’s Litinax Magic Edition stood alone, shown in good condition short and square with good head and eyes. Correct bite. Moved well.
(4 1)
1.       Roberts Shawhills Silver Dollar handsome 14mth male with a very pleasing head he has a good mouth and dense dark pigment. He is well balanced, short and  cobby with a level topline which he held on the move. Coat coming in of lovely texture a very promising young man.
2.       Grant & Walker’s Travilla chic and Petite with Linmont
3.       3. Gillies Delcost Miss Diva Design
(2 0)
1.       Am Ch Ta-Jon’s cuckoo for Coconute at Delcost 2yr old bitch in full flowing coat of correct texture and not impeded movement at all, presented to perfection, Pretty feminine head with dense dark pigment. Good body proportions moved with style holding a level topline and flashing a pair of black pads BOB
2.       2.Roberts Shawhills Silver Dollar
Junior Bitch
(4 0)
1.       Dreamer’s Grinsdale Sweet Caroline at Bankshill R/W bitch lovely size very feminine and dainty. Well balanced head with super ears and fringing, silky coat, good body with correct high tailset, moved confidently with style.
2.       2. Whitehill’s Amicae Royal Seal
3.       3. Patrick’s Volpecula Tess True Heart
Postgraduate Bitch
(4 1) A Poor Class with 3 very different types
1.       Smith’s Adinaken Pretty Puzzled, best mover in class
2.       Patrick’s  Volpecula Anemone
3.       3. Crindle’s Kazzlyn Rainbow Rose
Open Bitch
1. Smith’s Ch Papplewick Pretty in Pink at Adinaken Loved this R/W bitch super type not at all surprised to see she is a Ch. Super head with feminine expression large mobile ears with full fringing, silky coat good body with perfect tailset hare feet with plenty of feathering. Her movement around the ring was light, positive and free flowing. My co Judge and I were in complete agreement that she should take BOB over her younger but very similar full brother. BOB & RBIS
2. Macgregor Craigaber Timewatch
3. Patrick Volpecula Parure

(2 1)
1.       Boulcott Clynmonia My Guy at Ingerdorm (imp) 9mth dog shown in beautiful condition, pure white long flocked coat with no sign of any curls. Blackest of pigment, eyes nose and lips. Wide flat skull with large black nose, scissor bite. Well sprung ribs with brisket to elbow good level back with required arch over loins. Black nails and Pads moved with smartly with style. Really liked this boy I predict a bright future BOB & RBPIS
Japanese Chins
(6 2)
Some very nice types in this class but movement left a lot to be desired thinking it may have been the floor I gave everyone chance to move again rears really need attention. Although a toy breed they really do benefit from exercise.
1.       Martin’s Sharlarna’s Yosshi  Very elegant B/W dog with good head, eyes showing required amount of white to give the breeds characteristic look of astonishment, lips rounded and tight fitting, nostril large and open level jaw line. Square and compact with fine bone and straight legs, hare feet with feathering. Coat in lovely condition straight and silky
2.        Allcock, Lindsay & Pipes Sleepyhollow Baroque
3.       Allcock, Lindsay & Pipes Fralee Anthony Sleepyhollow
(4 2)
1.       Pipe & Lindsay’s Ch Sleepyhollow Maria Callas at Anjuli Fully mature B/W bitch in full silky straight coat with plenty of furnishings. Pretty head with eyes showing correct amount of white giving the required look of astonishment. She has maybe been resting at home a little too long and enjoying the good food she has been getting but despite this was the best mover of the day. No hesitation in awarding her BOB
King Charles Spaniels
(3 2)
1.       Sidgwick Paulian Patented Tr Col dog stood alone but in no way disgraced could have won in more company, lovely head with large round dark eyes, low set ears and a well domed head. Short back with a wide deep chest moved positive and soundly round the ring was disappointed for him not to present for BIS loved him.
This was not a good class 2 ETT’s both very different types
1.       Waterhouse’s Brynlythe Bugatti for Keyranna
2.        Hennessey’s Randallcarr Royal Tattoo
AV Toy M P
(15 6)
1.       Ashton’s Tangetoppen’s Take a Hint (imp) absolutely loved this boy. He was square, cobby well-muscled his head is large and round with large dark lustrous eyes full of mischief, wide open nostrils. Short body with required broad chest well sprung ribs with level topline. His tail is high set with a double curl moved strong and true with forlegs well forward and excellent propulsion from hindlegs just enough of a roll to his hindquarters. He demanded attention and was rewarded with BPIS I am sure he must have a bright future
2.       Penman’s Tampico Hot Love at Clarmoray LC Chi
3.       Fraser & Graham’s Omegaville Carbon Copy at Bonmeshay  CC
AV Toy Puppy
(11 7)
1.       Pakov’s Proud to Be Black and so she should be very pretty black Pom showing all the characteristics of the breed compact and short coupled lovely head with foxy expression moved with style
2.       Hunter’s Jotolemar Show Off in Time LC Chi
3.       Johnstone’s Cairnpapple Surprise
AV Toy Novice
(6 4)
1.       Williamson’s Dunsapie Ooh La La was a respectable 2nd in breed class a very nice exhibit
2.       Crindle’s Kazzlyn Rainbow Rose
AV Toy Open
1. Chaplain’s Oakmyst All that Hazz at Taylarig Pom
AV Toy Bred by Exhibitor
1. Crindle’s Kazzlyn Rainbow Warrior Pap

Rhonda Banks

Open Show class results12th October 2014

Judge Mrs R Banks (Choya)

Cl.1. AV Toy Veteran Dog 7(2)
1. Macgregors Pyatshaw Ravel -Pap
2.Drennan's Blairburn Bits N' Bobs - CKCS
3. Ogilvie's Pakov Gold Chip -Pom

Cl.2. AV Toy Veteran Bitch 4
1. Baillie's Fyrnroser Mrs Tiggywinkle -CKCS BV
2. Lawrie's Morusha Million Dollar Baby SHCM- Bichon
3. Macgregor's Meerwings The Swallow at Pyatshaw-Pap

Cl.3. Yorkshire Terrier Junior 5(2)
1. Weigand -Brown's Jasopian Eyes on Me at Andelalie BOB
2. Williamson's Dunsapie Ooh La La
3. Williamson's Dunsapie Wayward Prince

Cl 4. Yorkshire Terrier Post Graduate 3(1)
1. Weigand -Brown's Andelalie Ambition
2. Burns's Elasaidamar Irresistable

Cl.5 Yorkshire Terrier Open 1
1. Nicol's Metexa Mr Nice Guy

Cl.6. Griffon Bruxellois Graduate 2(2)

Cl.7 Griffon Bruxellois Limit 3(1)
1. Davidson's Aptrk Ithil
2. Prout's Grajenco Dot Com at Tantori

Cl.8 Griffon Bruxellois Open3(1)
1.  Kirkwood's Gilderoak for Your Eyes Only BOB
2. Prout's Gilderoak by Royal Command

Cl 9 Pomeranian Junior 4
1. Johnstone's Cairnpapple Surprise
2. Nixon's Kazpom Hello Sunshine
3. Smail's Toybox Chasing the Dragon

Cl.10 Pomeranian Post Graduate3
1. McDowell Carberry Tip Top
2.Lees' MoipomSilversmith
3. Johnstone's Pakov Just a Fluke for Cairnpapple

Cl, 11 Pomeranian Open
1. McDowell's Carberry Midnight Quest BOB
2. Nixon's Ch Kazpom Just Be Coz
3. Carrigan's Ch Carripom Zachariah SHCM

Cl.12 Pekinges Graduate 1
1. Easdon & Martin's Yakee Essential Ingredient

 Cl.13 Pekinges Open 1
1. Easdon & Martin's Yakee Celebrity Status BOB

 Cl.14 Bichon Frise Junior1
1. Smith & Mills' Litinaz Precious Crystal BOB

Cl.15 Bichon Frise Post Graduate 2
 1. Innes's  Starforth Just Loving You at Pearlwhite
2. Snaddon's Toni Marie' Delight

Cl.16 Bichon Frise Open 2(1)
1. Smith & Mills Litinaz Magic Edition SHCM

Cl.17 Maltese Graduate4(1)
1. Roberts Shawhills Silver Dollar
2. Grant & Walker Travilla Chic & Petite with Linmont
3. Gillies Delcost Miss Diva Design

Cl.18. Maltese Open 2
1. Gillies AM CH Ta Jon's Cuckoo for Coconuteat Delcost BOB
2. Shawhills Silver Dollar

Cl.19 Papillon Junior Bitch 4
1. Deamer's Grinsdale Sweet Caroline at Bankshill
2. Whitehill's Amicae Royal Seal
3. Patrick's Volpecula Tess True Heart

CL.20 Papillon Post Graduate Bitch 4(1)
1. Smith's Adinaken Pretty Puzzled
2. Patrick's Volpecula Anemone
3. McCrindle's Kazzlyn Rainbow Rose

Cl.21 Papillon Open Bitch 6
1. Smiths Ch Papplewick Pretty In Pink at Adinaken JW SHCM BOB
2. Macgregor's Craigaber TImewatch JW
3.  Patrick's Volpecula Parure

Cl.23 Bolognese Open 2(1)
1. Stewart, Dowty & Boulcott's Clynmona My Guy at Ingerdorm(IMP) BOB

Cl.24 Japanese Chin Graduate 6
1. Martin's Sharlana's Yoshi
2. Alcock,Lindsay & Pipe's Sleepyhollow Baroque
3. Alcock, Lindsay & Pipe'sFralee AnthonySleepyhollow

Cl 24. Japanes Chin Open 4(1)
1. Pipe & Lindsay's Ch Sleepyhollow Maria Callas at Anjuli SHCM BOB
2. Hamilton's Tianshih Fun in The Sun

Cl 25 King Charles Spaniel Open 3(2)
1. Sidgwick's Paulian Patented

Cl. 26 AV Toy NSC Open 2
1. Waterhouse's Brynlythe Bugatti for Keyranna (ETT) B AVNSC

Cl. 52 AV Toy minor Puppy15(6)
1. Aston's Tangetoppen's Take a Hint(IMP) TAF Pug BPIS
2. Penman's Tampico Hot Love at Clarmoray L/C Chi
3.  Fraser & Graham's Omegaville Carbon Copy at Bonmeshay (TAF) 

Cl. 53 AVToy Puppy 11(7)
1. Ogilvie's Proud  To Be Black   Pom
2.  Hunters Jotolemar Show Off InTime L/C Chi
3.  Johnstone's Cairnpapple Surprise Pom

Cl. 54 AV Toy Novice 6(4)
1. Williamson’s Dunsapie Ooh La La  -Yorkie
2.  Crindle’s Kazzlyn Rainbow Rose -Pap

Cl.55 AV Toy Open 5(4)
1. Chaplain’s Oakmyst All that Hazz at Taylarig- Pom

Cl.56 AV Toy Bred By Exhibitor Open 1

1. Crindle’s Kazzlyn Rainbow Warrior Pap

Cl.57 AV Toy Not Bred By Exhibitor Open 5 (4)
1. Natimuk Lady Rowena