Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Scottish Toy Dog of The Year Competition

Welcome to our new competition - Top Scottish Toy Dog of the Year!
Here is a list of the scoring system -any questions please ask.


Qualifying period from 1st Dec 2018 to 1st Dec 2019

Scottish Toy Dog Society are hosting a new competition for top Scottish Toy Dog of the

The competition will comprise of 3 categories:

Top Toy Puppy
Top Toy Veteran
Top Toy Dog

To compete dogs must accrue point from attending shows in Scotland – and record their
results on the entry sheet. The top qualifiers for each category will be invited to compete in
the final event which will take place in February 2019.

Should your dog not qualify to compete, 2 complimentary tickets for the event will be issued.

A record of points won should be forwarded with your registration form by 10th Dec 2019.


Scottish Kennel Club & Border Union

1st – 5 points Best dog or bitch – 10 points Group Placings BIS – 60 points

2nd – 4 points Best of Breed – 5 points 1st – 40 points RBIS – 50 points

3rd – 3 points 2nd – 30 points

4th – 2 points 3rd – 20 points

VHC – 1 point 4th – 10 points

e.g. 1st in open dog, best dog and best of breed = 5+10+5=20

Scottish General Open Shows

Breed classes & Not Separately Classified Group Placings BIS – 10 points

1st – 4 points Best of Breed – 5 points 1st – 8 points RBIS – 8 points

2nd – 3 points 2nd – 6 points

3rd – 2 points 3rd – 4 points

4th – 1 point 4th – 2 points

Veteran and puppy dogs can also accrue points form breed classes, and AV puppy/veteran

Scottish Toy Dog Society - Premier open shows

1st – 10 points Best of Breed – 10 points BIS – 25 points

2nd – 8 points RBIS – 15 points

3rd – 6 points BIS3 – 10 points

4th – 4 points BIS4 – 8 points

Monday, 8 October 2018

Mrs Smith's Open Show Critique for 7th October 2018

Scottish Toy Dog Society
Premier Show  7th October 2018

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to be the replacement judge for Mr David Smith (Davanel) who was unable to fulfil his appointment due to a new health issue.
I commend the exhibitors on the overall presentation of their dogs and the sporting way they accepted my decisions. I would also thank Brian Cochrane & Colin Marshall for their invaluable stewarding.
The Best in Show line up included some quality dogs put forward by my co judges

Murray’s Coton Du Tulear Happypaws Carefree ShCM 4yrs bitch presented to perfection. She has correct head shape with lovely dark eyes, high set well feathered
ears and  scissor bite. Good neck and shoulder placement, straight forelegs, good depth of chest, slight rise over the loin kept on the move which she did with aplomb. Loved her.

Easdon & Martin’s Pekingese Yakee the Aristocrat who lived up to his name. Red Brindle B/M puppy with large head, flat between the ears which had great feathers for a youngster. Dark eyes, open nostrils, level lips, no teeth showing. Short neck going into well sprung ribs, Correct front, short back with distinct waist. Hindquarters finer than front. Picked up heavy. Moved and boy did he move with typical roll from the front. Puts a lot of adults to shame.

Group 3
Smith’s Papillon Papplewick Penhaligon at Adinaken Sh CM R/W beautiful headed boy, with nice blaze, well fringed ears set at correct angle giving desired butterfly wings . Gorgeous dark eye, good mouth. Good neck & shoulder placement, well sprung ribs with good depth. Level topline, well angulated rear quarters which he moved to his advantage.

Group 4
Anderson & McLean’s  Miniature PinscherKilmuir Crazy For You, well balanced bitch with nice headpiece, dark eyes, good ear placement, good dentition. Good forechest, well sprung deep ribs with tuck up giving square shape. Straight forelegs, well muscled hindquarters with good turn of stifle. Moved with correct hackney action.

Best Puppy In Show
Easdon & Martin’s Pekingese Yakee the Aristocrat

Reserve Best Puppy in Show
Martin’s Lizamela Marchello B/W Japanese Chin, happy little chap, compact with wealth of coat. Correct shape skull, large nostrils, dark eyes set far apart, ears set high. Short wide muzzle with correct dentition. Square cobby body set on fine boned legs, hindquarters having good turn of stifle Moved with the style befitting an elegant dog

Group 3.
Balfour’s Suncube Keep The Faith a smart Maltese, with dark eyes, good ears set on a pretty head. Well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, short cobby body. Good fore & hind quarters, moved well coming and going for her young handler

Gaskell’s Jeilohn Judy tricolour with good tan CKCS although heavily marked this did not detract. Nice eye and ear set, scissor bite. Well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, good hindquarters. Topline held on the move with tail staying level with her back.

AV Veteran Dog 8(2)
1. Ogilvie’s Ch Pakov’s I’m A Celebrity 7yr Pomeranian gorgeous cream sable boy with lovely eyes typical foxy expression. Short neck set on to well laid shoulders, well ribbed, short back, short coupled body. Fine  boned straight forelegs, correct angulation in hindquarters giving rise to free movement, loving his time in the ring
2. Sangster’s Tidos Christmas Gift almost 8yrs red sable Chihuahua with nice head, dark eye, good ear placement. Well laid shoulders, level topline slightly longer than tall. Moved well coming and going
3. Mackenzie’s Ch Grajenco Class Act at Calanru -Griffon
4. Boulcott’s Ch Ingerdorm Rebus-Affenpinscher

AV Veteran Bitch 6(3)
1. Smith’s Ch Papplewick Pretty In Pink at Adinaken  9yrs R/W Papillon beautiful girl carrying her age well. Lovely head and expression good ear placement. Correct shoulder placement and rib cage. Lovely shaped well balanced girl who moved well coming and going. At one with her owner.  Best Veteran in Show
2. Scott’s Samaranda’s Merry Mayhem 8yrs Griffon with nice head, dark eye, and expression. Head furnishings a plenty but a little sparse on the body. Moved well
3. Allan’s Allanbru Pouince ‘N Bounce-Miniature Pinscher

AV Import Register No Entries

Open 3.
1. Gunn’s Dianaia’s Beautiful Day gold sable sturdy  slightly longer than tall bitch . Dark almond shaped eye, correctly set ears framing her expressive face. Good lay of shoulders, well sprung ribs, slight rise at the loin. Moved with a spring in her step   BOB
2. Gunn’s Janabear Dance O’The Knights cream dog slighter larger than 1 but with similar attributes Nice puppy. BPIB
3. Russell’s Rothermore Midnight Kiss with Claravi

English Toy Terrier
Junior No Entries
Post Graduate 3(2)
1. Inch’s Edalene Never Let Me Go 2yr bitch, with correct wedge shaped head, dark almond eye, slight stop, tight lips. Good front assembly, nice shape with slight curve from shoulder well tucked up loin. Moved well

Open 4(1)
1. Inch’s Edalane Grace and Danger SH CM litter brother to post graduate winner. Nice shaped head, good ear shape & placement, dark eye. Similar body attributes to his sister, with good turn of stifle, well let down hocks He was the best mover overall BOB
2. Dixon’s Witchstone Standing Rock at Lasagesse slightly larger than winner but a nice dog none the less. Preferred movement of winner
3. Inch’s Ariane Oh What A Night at Edalane

Griffon Bruxellois
Puppy 1
1. Scott’s Samaranda Merry Marchesa baby black Petit Brabancon who was leading her handler a merry dance. With her wee monkey face, dark eye, good mouth & chin, all in proportion, one to love. Needs time to settle.

Post Graduate2(1)
1. Burke’s Balthazar Calendar Boy red rough 15mth dog with nice eye, open nostrils, good stop , wide muzzle, turned up chin well furnished with coarse hair. Well laid shoulders good rib short loin, level topline. Moved well but a little tall for me. 

Limit 1
1. Mackenzie’s Grajenco Oliver Red Rough Cobby well balanced dog with rounded, correct width between the ears, open nostrils, large eye well furnished upturned chin. Well laid shoulder, wide deep chest. Level topline held on the move with good tail carriage  BOB

Open 4(2)
1. Mackenzie’s Gilderoak James Bond Jw SH CM nice head and body shape moved well but tail not the best carriage today
2. Mackenzies Beaview Rumour Has It Heavy coated B/T cheeky face with nice eye hidden by his profuse coat
3. Samaranda’a Merry Mayhem

Miniature Pinscher
Graduate 2
1. Allanbru Rose Tico Both 1 & 2 very lively siblings, this one being red with good narrow head shape, dark eye, good ear placement, strong muzzle. Square shape from the side, wedge from above. Hard to assess movement as they leapt around the ring
2. Allanbru Kylo Ren , Black with rich tan in right places  slightly larger body shape than 1

Limit 2
1. Allan’s Allanbru Prancing’N Prada another dancer with nice shape and head piece. Tail carriage better than 2. Correct Hackney  movement when she settled
2. Mullholland’s Sangre Caliente Litichi (Imp UKR) slightly larger B/T with rich tan , preferred head and movement of 1

Open 5(3)
1. Anderson & McLean’s Kilmuir Crazy For You BOB GP4( report above)
2. Mullholland’s Alcum Crackle Pops B/T wedged shape body headed by narrow elongated skull, with strong muzzle. Hackney movment

Graduate 3
1. Harvey’s Ingerdorm Penelope Pitstop  real monkey expression with dark round eyes, correctly set on, short blunt muzzle with correct dentition. Well boned straight front legs. Short neck, well sprung ribs, correct shape with short back, level topline held on the move with typical strutting action. Tail carried proudly. Did everything her owner asked of her  
2 Ferrier’s Rangimaria Lucy Locket, cheeky monkey expression on this finer made bitch. Well put together moved well
3. Boulcott’s Ingerdorm Fleus Knees

Open 5(2)
1. Harvey’s Ingerdorm Penelope Pitstop BOB
2. Ch Ingerdorm Rebus
3. Ferriers’s Ingerdorm Affenlicious for  Rangimaria

 King Charles Spaniels  No Entries

Elizabeth Smith Judge