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Mr A Allcocks judging report

Scottish Toy Dog Society Open Show - March 23rd 2014

It was a great pleasure to judge the Scottish Toy Dog Society Open show. The BIS & BPIS line up was packed full of quality dogs which was an absolute credit to owners and breed class judges who had sent them through. At the end of a long day, each dog, without exception, gave a great performance and all were still very happy to be participating in the BIS show ring. Thanks to the organisers for the invitation and to the hard working band of stewards who greatly assisted in the smooth running of all the rings.
BIS was Easden & Martin's Pekingese,  Yakee Celebrity Status. Absolutely oozing in star quality. Beautiful shaped head and expression and clear bright eyes, open nostrils. Deep chest, lovely bone and substance. Optimum amount of coat of super texture. Strode out so well even at the end of a very long day and appeared to want to go on forever. Just could not be denied the top honours amongst great exhibits present. RBIS Lynch's S/C Chihuahua Garnox Ally Bally Bee JW Enchanting little busy body whose head qualities are super. Excellent balance on the stand. Uses her fabulous expression to full advantage. Moved like a dream today and gave the BIS winner a very close call. Already a holder of a CC so I hope that she continues her success to her title. BPIS Moyes & Hunter's to the Chinese Crested, Bryelis The Naked Truth.  Beautifully constructed h/l feminine bitch, superbly balanced and looked stunning on the stand. Great skin quality and presented in fabulous condition.  Moved with flawless precision covering the ground with ease. Should have a very bright future. RBPIS, Roberts's Shawhills Silver Dollar, Maltese of sufficient size, beautifully balanced in profile having sufficient leg length to aid. Coat already a good length. Excels in head qualities with correct shaped eye, well set and sufficient width of muzzle. Used that lovely reach of neck to advantage. On the final move just became a little tired but this was quite understandable at the end of a very long day.  BVIS Allan's & year old Miniature Pinscher, Allanabru Punce 'n Bounce JW ShCM. Mature show girl who knew her job. Super shape and size with classic well balanced head. Beautifully constructed throughout and presented in super condition. Moved around the ring with such aplomb - she obviously owned it!
AV Veteran D 3,1
1. Hargrave's Cavallino Jaeger, CKCS. Amazingly this very active B/T is 14 1/2. Still maintains a lovely profile when moving. Great size and well put together, particularly in rear angulation. Clearly enjoyed the occasion.
2. Innes's Pearl White Dennis The Menace SHCM, Bichon
3. Hargrave's Sandbrae Rockabye CKCS

AV Veteran B 2,1
1. Allan's Allanabru Punce 'n Bounce JW ShCM, BVIS

 Limit 4,3
 1. Boulcott's Ingerdorm Affendorable. Appropriately named here as I thought her head qualities were an outstanding feature and screamed breed type. Small but with sufficient substance. Proved a square outline. Moved superbly today and won BOB on her fantastic showmanship.BOB

Open 2 
1. Boulcott's Ingerdorm Affendorable BOB
2. Stewart's Ingerdorm Rebus JW ShCM

Bichon Frise
Graduate 4,1
1. Henderson's Praymar Star Dream. Won the class on head qualities, great depth of brisket and chest, level back and strong loin. Super texture of coat and presented beautifully. Just a tad more length of leg would enhance the overall balance. Lovely reach of neck. Moved very soundly.
2. Davidson's Sweetie Pie
3. Innes Starforth's Just Loving at Pearlywhite

Open 2
1. Smith & Mills's Litinaz Magic Edition ShCM. 2 year old dog, balanced in outline and with adequate substance. Good textured coat. Strong rear angulation provided super drive. Head with lovely finish and dark eyes and rims with required pigmentation. Impressive straight front legs, lay of shoulder and reach of neck aided a lovely forehand extension. Close call here the final 'go around' gave him the nod. BOB.
2. Mackie's Suanity Mystic Mercury at Cydmar

 Limit 6,1
1. Robert's Shawhills Silver Dollar. This 8 month old dog has classical head features which impressed. Super eyes, length and width of muzzle. Sufficient reach of neck, lovely top line a tail setting. Not the smallest in stature but so beautifully put together throughout, proving a stunning outline on the stand. Great volume of coat for age and has sufficient length of leg to maintain the overall balance when coat is mature. Moved with purpose and delighted to award BOB BPIB & Reserve BPIS.
2. Flannigan Julesmoor High Design
3. Dornan's  Linmont Midnight Shadow

Open 3
1. Dornan's Shokai's Eye Of The Storm. Liked the size of this Junior dog who was nicely balanced and very well put together. Excellent rib, top line and tail setting. Won this class on head qualities which were excellent being balanced having super length and width of muzzle, beautiful eyes and excellent dentition.  Correct coat texture. Nose pigmentation could have been a little better -probably due to climate. Moved with style.
2. Gillies Am Ch Ta-Jon's Cuckoo for Coconute at Delcost
3. Flannigan's Showkais Hopes and Dreams

AV Toy
 Minor Puppy 9,5
1. Lees's Moipom Sandman, Pomeranian. Really impressive 6 1/2 month old baby, in great coat for age and of an ideal texture. Appealing balanced head with desired expression. Proved a stunning profile and looked impressive on the move. Shortlisted for BPIS and will trouble the best in the future.
2. Swanston's Sangria Showtime of Pamojill, Japanese Chin
3. Swanston's Corrinwood Crusoe of Pamojill, KCS

Puppy 13,8
1. Silverstein's Loves Lavendar Kiss of Silverchi, S/C Chi. Lovely width of head and ear setting. Attractive finish to foreface and good dentition. Lovely top line, body and tail held correctly. Looked very impressive on the move.
2. Kilpatrick Walker's Zumarnik Am I Only Dreaming
3. Smith's Papplewick Penhaligon at Adinaken, Papillon

Open 4,3
1. Drennan's Balirburn Bits 'n Bobs of Calaten ShCM, CKCS. Mature and in full coat. Not the smallest but balanced throughout and appealing expression. Sufficient neck, clean front assembly and held tail correctly. Looked very impressive on the move.

Bred By Exhibitor 4,3
1. Sloan's Turretbank Touch of Gold, CKCS Smart Ruby in great coat. Ideal size. Impressive to handle having a lovely body throughout. Shoulders well laid, level back. Strong rear angulation gave sturdy rear drive. Moved accurately in all directions. Beautifully presented.

Not Bred By Exhibitor 5,4
1. Drennan's Kinvaar Theodora of Calaten CKCS, lovely size and very appealing feminine head and expression. Front nicely assembled. Could be a little more secure in top line on the move. Happy disposition and obviously enjoys making herself heard!

Tony Allcock MBE - Judge

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Committee meeting

Next Committeee meeting on Tuesday 6th May at 8pm Bonnybridge community centre

AGM March 2014

The Annual General Meeting was held at Bonnybridge Community Centre on 25 th March at 8.00pm

President Mrs Irene McManus
Elected :
Chairman  Mrs Elizabeth Smith
Vice Chairman  Mrs Angela Skelton
Secretary Mr Ben Joiner

Mr David Smith
Mr Terry Bickerton
Ms Morag Wilson Simpson
Mrs Elizabeth Cochrane
Mrs Margaret Burns
Mrs Rosemary Macrae
Miss Leanne Lindsay
Mrs Pamela Martin
Ms Claire Russell
Mrs Elizabeth Lynch
Mr Graham Kirkwood
Mrs Carol Mackenzie
Mrs Cathy Allan

Welcome to new and old committe members.
We are hoping to run seminars that will suit the C list and potential  C list judge. If there is  a particular breed that you would like to be featured please get in touch with the secretary on

Monday, 24 March 2014

Results Open Show 23 March 2014

Easdon & Martin's Yakee  Celebrity Status (Pekingese)

Photo By Leanne Lindsay

Mr & Mrs M Lynch's Garnox's Ally Bally Bee ( S/C Chihuahua)

Moyes & Hunter's Bryellis The Naked Truth ( Chinese Crested)
Photo by Leanne Lindsay
Roberts Shawhills Silver Dollar ( Maltese)

Allan's Allanbru Punce 'n Bounce JW SHCM ( Min Pin)
Photo by Leanne Lindsay

Judge Mr A Allcock ( Sleepyhollow)

Cl.1 Veteran Dog 4 (1)
1. Hargrave's Cavallino Jaegar (CKCS)
2. Innes's Pearlwhite dennis the Menace( Bichon)
3. Hargrave's Sandbrae Rockabye(CKCS)

Cl.2 Veteran Bitch 2(1)
1. Allan's Allanbru Punce 'n Bounce JW SHCM Best Veteran

Cl 3. Affenpinscher Limit 4(3)
1. Boulcott's Ingerdorm Affenadorable

Cl 4. Affenpinscher Open 2(1)
1. Ingerdorm Affenadorable BOB
2. Stewart's Ingerdorm Rebus JW SHCM

Cl 5. Bichon Frise Graduate 4(1)
1. Henderson's Praymar Star Dream
2. Davison's Shalcey Sweetie Pie
3. Innes's Starforth's Just Loving at Pearlwhite

Cl. 6 Bichon Frise Limit ( No Entries)

Cl.7 Bichon Frise Open 2
 1. Smith & Mills Litinaz Magic Edition SHCM BOB
2. Mackie's Suanity Mistic Mercury at Cydmar

Cl. 8 Maltese Limit 6(1)
1. Roberts Shawhills Silver Dollar BOB, RBPIS
2. Flannigan's JulesmoorHigh Design
3. Dornan's Linmont Midnight Shadow
Cl. 9 Maltese Open 3
1. Dornan's Snowkai's Eye of the Storm
2. Gillies's Am CH Ta-Jon's Cuckoo for Coconuteat Delcost

Cl. 10. Bolognese Open 1(1)

Cl. 11 Havanese Open ( No Entries)

Cl.12 AV Toy Not Sep Classified Open (No Entries)

Judge Mrs D Fothergill( Diamonchi)

Cl.13 Chihuahua Longcoat Graduate 9(4)
1. Hunter's Jotolemar Showing in Time
2. Evans's Chirouxe Rebel Rebelat Silvy
3. Lynch's Coltham Gary the Popstar at Garnox

Cl.14 Chihuahua Longcoat Limit 8(3)
1. Hunter's Jotolemar Showtime Stunner
2. Bell's Copymear Casey jones
3. Lynch's Narinchi Busy Bein' Fabulous at Garnox

Cl.15 Chihuahua Longcoat Open 
1. Sangster's Tidos Christmas Gift BOB
2. Penman's Tampico Classy Rascal at Clarmory
3. McIntyre's Hollmarr Diamond Lil at Lanillio

Cl.16 Chihuahua Smoothcoat Graduate 6
1. Russell's Chirouxemr Moonlight
2. Mills' Cliffords High Kicking Girl
3. Hinchelwood's Muirfauld Foxglove

Cl.17 Chihuahua Smoothcoat Limit
1. Gray's Hughgra Its My Turn

Cl.18 Chihuahua Smoothcoat Open 4
1. Lynch's Garnox's Ally Bally Bee BOB, RBIS
2. Gray's Hughgra one Shining Moment
3. Cliffords High Kicking Girl

Cl.19. Pomeranian Graduate  5
1. Hilliker's Sunvelt Tavistock
2. Smail's Toybox The karate Kid
3. Mc Dowall's Degsy Meant To Be at Carberry

Cl. 20 Pomeranian Limit 5(1)
1. Adamson's Sylvids Heather Cream
2. Adamson's Thistle Do JW SHCM
3. Hilliker's Sunvelt Miss-Chief

Cl. 21 Pomeranian Open 4
1. Ogilvie's Pakov's I'm A Celebrity BOB
2. Nixon's Kazpom Just Be Coz
3. Adamson's Veltuds Summer Lovin

Cl.22 Papillon Graduate Bitch 5(2)
1. Macgregor's Pyatshaw Parable
2. Joyce's Calajoy Simply Ava
3. Smith's Adinaken Pretty Puzzled

Cl.23 Papillon Limit Bitch 2
1. Richardson's Calajoy Mysticmia
2. Macgregor's Craigaber Timewatch JW

Cl.24 Papillon Open Bitch 3
1. Smith's Ch Papplewick Pretty In Pink at Adinaken JW SHCM Best Bitch BOB
2. Macgregor's Meerwings The Swallow Tale By Pyatshaw
3. Joyce's Calajoy Could She Be Magic

Cl.25 Miniature Pinscher Graduate 3
1.Housden's Galkerah Where's Yazz
2. Laidlaw's Kilmuir Kasparov
3. Henderson's Xtreme Dream

Cl.26 Miniature Pinscher Lmit 4(1)
1. Allan's Allanbru Just 'N Credible JW
2. Housden's Kilmuir Kirillovich Among  Galkerah
3.Anderson's Elanaux Soleado

Cl.27 Miniature PinscherOpen 5(1)
1. Allan's Allanbru Just 'N Illusion JW SHCM BOB
2. Bisland's Ch Kreiger Whoop De Do JW SHCM
3. Mulholland's Allanbru She's The One

Cl.28 Japanese Chin Graduate 4(1)
1. Marin's Sharlana's Yoshi
2. Swanston's Sangria Showtime of Pamojill
3. Swanston's Anba Rees Valentino of Pamojill

Cl.29 Japanese Chin Open 5(3)
1. Swanstons Damheadbrig Ice Warrior of Pamojill SHCM BOB
2. Swanstons Damheadbrig Togo Samurai of Pamojill

Judge Mrs S Lloynd ( Crimbledale)

Cl.31 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy 3(1)
1. Baillies Peakdowns Skyfall at Cavallino
2. Glen's Tusties Harmony Haida to Sandbrae

Cl.32 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Junior 4

1. Finlay & Kirkwood's Ellemich Adorable
2. Glen's Black Xenia V Gavino at Sandbrae
3. Baillies' Peakdowns Ryan at Cavallino

Cl 33. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Graduate 6(1)
1. Sloan's Turretbank Gold Glitter BOB
2. Gibb-Stuart's Chantismere Push My Button
3. Gaskell's Jeilohn Andrew

Cl.34 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Post Graduate 4(1)
1. White's Cavallion Buttons
2. Drennan's Theodora of Calaten
3. Gibb-Stuart's Aldorledge Priceless for Tangledwood

Cl.35 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Limit 3(1)
1. Baillie's Peakdowns Micawber at Cavallino
2. Sandbrae Rockabye

Cl 36 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Open 10(4)
1. Kirkwood's Sorat i Am What I Am
2. Sloan's Turretbank TOuch of Gold
3. Gaskell's Jeilohn Myrna

Judge Miss E Lloynd (Crimbledale)

King Charles Spaniels 5(2)
1. Swanston's Downsbank Constallar Moon of Pamojill
2. Sproul & Coburn's Baldragon Berkeley For Khandro
3.Swanston's Corrinwood Crusoe of Pamojill

Judge Mr Smith ( Rodridge)

Cl.38 Griffon Bruxellois Graduate 4(1)
1. Cameron's Grajenco First Class
2. Smith & Prout's Grajenco Dot Com at Tantori
3. Murray's Grajenco Royal Male

Cl.39 Griffon Bruxellois Limit 2(1)
1. Davidson's Aptrick Ithil

Cl.40 Griffon Bruxellois Open 4
1. Mackenzie's Grajenco Klass Act to Calanru BOB
2. Kirkwood's Gilderoak For Your Eyes Only
3. Smith & Prout's Gilderoak By Royal Command at Grajenco

Cl.41 Pug Graduate 4(1)
1. Reid's Gramatti Laird Of The Ring Via Hugieboogie
2. Cunningham's Moyard Just Perfect
3. Scott-Downie's Belleek Star Toy Boy

Cl.42 Pug Limit 1
1. Gramatti Laird Of The Ring Via Hugieboogie

Cl.43. Pug Open 2
1. Cunningham's Moyard Miss Taken Identity BOB
2. Laing's Mossdown Just William

Cl.44 Pekingese Graduate 2
1. Easdon & Marin's Yakee Must Be Him
2. Kane's Yakee the Imperial Emperor

Cl.45 Pekingese Open 2
1. Easdon & Martin's Yakee Celebrity Status BOB BIS
2. Kane's Yakee The Ice Baby

Cl.46 Papillon Graduate Dog  6(3)
1. Lees Calajoy Robbie's Gift
2. Smith's Adinaken Penhaligon at Adinaken
3. Cochranes Tutyak Get Up And Go

Cl.47 Papillon Limit Dog 2(1)

1.Magregor's  Craigaber Rolex

Cl 48 Papillon Open Dog 3(10
1. Cochrane's Tutyak Edward Rozamie Best Dog
2. Macgregor's Pyatshaw Ravel

Cl.49 Chinese Crested Graduate 8(3).
1. Moyes & Hunter's Bryleis The Naked Truth BPIS
2. Frame's Qushian Norty Naked Angel
3. Lachlan's Bryelis Rupert The Bare

Cl.50 Chinese Crested Limit 7(1)
1. Hitchcock's Shulube Pillow Talk With Clanest BOB
2. Moyes & Hunter's Bryelis The Line Of Fire
3. Lynch's Queshian Bare Necessaties at Garnox

Cl.51 Chinese Crested Open 4(3)
1. Sproul & Coburn's Nisyros Bring On THe BLing For Khandro

Judge Mr Trimble ( Beverleigh)

Cl.52 Yorkshire Terrier Graduate 7
1. Wigand-Brown's Jasopian Eyes On Me at Andelalie
2. Burn's Elsaidamar Irrestistable
3. Easson's Beechgrove Sweet Caroline

Cl.53 Yorkshire Terrier Limit 4
1.Weigand-Brown's Andelalie Ambition
2. Easson's Beechgrove Danny Boy
3. Robertson's Starfox Blue Harmony

Cl. 54 Yorkshire Terrier Open 4(1)
1. Rainey's Frasermar Romance BOB
2. Crawford & Taylor  Chevawn Hot Shot
3. Weigand-Brown's Frasermar Mystic Love at Andelalie

Judge Mr A Allcock ( Sleepyhollow)

Cl 55 AV Toy Minor Puppy 9(1)
1. Lees Moipom Sandman (Pom)
2. Sangria Show time of Pamojill ( Jap Chin)
3. Corrinwood Crusoe of Pamojill ( KCS)

CL.56 AV Toy Puppy 17(6Ab 4 WD)
1. Loves Lavender Kiss of Silverchi ( Chi)
2. Zumarnik Am I Only Dreaming (Maltese)
3. Papplewick Penhaligon at Adinaken (Pap)

Cl.57 AV Toy Novice 6(5Ab 1 WD)

Cl.58 AV Toy Open 4( 2 Ab 1 WD)
1. Blairburb Bits 'N Bobs at Calaten SHCM ( CKCS)

Cl.59 AV Toy Bred by Exbibitor Open 4( 2Ab1WD)
1. Turretbank Touch of Gold ( CKCS)

Cl.60  AV Toy Not Bred by Exhibitor Open 5( 4)
1. Kinvaar Theodora of Calaten (CKCS)

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Open Show 23 March

PREPAID CATALOGUES ARE £2.00 not £3.00 as on some schedules