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Ms Workman's critique for CKCS, KCS

Judges Notes for Scottish Toy Dog Society Open Show
October 7th at Bonnybridge Community Centre
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
A very well-organised show in a good venue, many thanks for a great entry. I was privileged to have some lovely dogs come out for the show, and of course it was wonderful for me to be judging back in Scotland.  It was gratifying to see a couple of happy and healthy veterans also turning out, thanks to all for coming. 
CKCS Puppy   9 entries
1.       1.Mrs Deamers  Bankshill Sweet William, br owner  17/03/12  BL D, his name sums him up, this was a charming quality puppy, still immature but with good proportions, wonderful rich ruby red and well broken markings, nice pigment and expression. He moved well and showed good body, very sound and well balanced, even though he still has a bit to learn on the show front, I liked his type.  
2.      2. Mrs McMurray’s Ellemich Stralis at Merryoth, br Chapman  13/01/12 BL D Another quality dog but would not move on the day. Again good proportions and balance, lovely coat coming, but not happy in the ring today.
3.    3.   Mrs M C Baillies Peakdown Micawber at Cavallino Br Turnbull
CKCS Junior  4 entries
1.       1.Mr James Finlay’s Ellemich Joe Malone at Marisk br Chapman 11/09/11 BL D What a handsome boy. This is a beautiful dog, wonderfully proportioned, lovely strong head and shoulder, great bone. Lovely coat, good colour and well-broken markings.  Moves well, with wonderful top line, his tail verging on proud but could not detract from an extremely well-put together dog, amazingly mature for his age.   BOB and very happily BIS.
2.    2.   Miss Drennan’s Kinvaar Theodora of Calaten br Kerr 01/06/11 Another lovely Blenheim, not quite enough weight and nose off on the day, but nice coat and happy type.
3.      3. Mrs L M Halberts Izzharree Samba Sweetheart  br LM and LA Halbert
CKCS Post Grad  6 entries
1.      1. Miss Craigs Volney Tabasco br Boardman 10/11/09 R D Gorgeous deep ruby with wonderful coat. His head very pleasing, nice wide flat skull, great pigment and moved well, with wonderful topline. Would have liked more joy in the ring, he looked a bit sullen, but overall well balanced and good bone.
2.      2. Mrs White Rothes Hazel at Carlenny  br Mrs Grant 09/10/08 BL Happy blenhiem, could do with more coat abut good balance and markings .
3.    3.   Mrs E Glen’s Homerbrent Bright Star br Reddaway

CKCS Limit  6 entries
1.       1.Mrs M Baillie’s Peakdowns Eternal Star  br Turnbull 06/11/10  BL D A beautifully put together dog, wonderful balance and coat, good broken colour, good mouth, great pigment and good movement. A bit big overall, but handsome and sound and showed like a champ!
2.      2. Miss Drennans Blairburn Bits n Bobs of Calaten  Sh. Cm. A lovely blenheim, great coat, pigment slightly off on the day and lacked star quality, but nonetheless handsome and sound.  Moved well.
3.       3.Mr James Finlays Sorata Beckham at Marisk br J Pagan
CKCS Open   10 entries
1.      1. Mrs Halberts  Izzharree Perfect Eclipse br owner d 25/08/10 BL Nice sound Blenheim, good quality, slightly heavily marked but overall well balanced and proportioned with good head, moved well.
2.       2.Mr Kirkwood’s Sorata I Am What I Am at Grajenco br Pagan d 05/11/10 A rocket of a ruby, great colour and great conformation, very sound and well proportioned and good size. Not quite of coat and so not quite enough quality on the day.
3.      3. Miss E Drennan’s Blairburn BitsN’Bobs of Calaten SH. CM. Br Mr and Mrs Letham

King Charles Spaniel Open  4 entries
1.       1.Sidgwick’s Paulian Amazing Grace br owner  Lovely Sweet tri, very sprightly and nice balance, good conformation and great movement. A little immature, but a lovely happy example of the breed.
2.        2.Sidgwick’s Fin.SW. Est Ch. Paulian Paddington Very handsome and fine, great head and balance, but would not move on the day.  

Sunday, 7 October 2012


The committe would like to thank the Judges & Exhibitors & Spectators for making the show an enjoyable occasion. We look forward to seeing you all at our next show in April 2013

If you feel you would like to help at our  shows or contribute by being on the committee do not hesitate to contact our Secretary, Elizabeth Lynch. The AGM will be in March 2013 & we look forward to seeing you then

Liz Smith

Class Winners Open Show 7th October 2012

 Judge Mr E Whitehill

Class 1. AV Toy Veteran Dog 4(1)
1. Craig's Miadahl Ruaridh CKCS
2. Hargrave's Cavallino Jaegar CKCS
3. Hargrave's Sandbrae Rockabye CKCSC

Class 2. AV Toy Veteran Bitch 5
1. Nixon 's (handling for Ogilvie) Ch Pakov's Iam Viva Pom Best Veteran
2. Moyes & Hunter's Jokima Jalena Ch Cr
3. Fraser & Graham's Abbeyton to Sweet to Kiss at Bonmesahy JW  Pap
4. Glen's Sandbrae Rhapsody in Blue CKCS

Class 3. Miniature Pinscher Graduate 5(1)
1. Allan's Allanbru Just'ncredible
2. Henderson's Krieger's Xtreme Dream
3. Anderson's Elanaux Solendo
Class 4. Miniature Pinscher Limit6(2)
1. Bisland's Krieger Whoop De Do  BOB
2. Allan's Allanbru Saucy Savours
3. Anderson's Elanaux El Toro Rojo
4. Mulholland's Allanbru She's The One
Class 5. Miniature Pinscher Open 5(1)
1. Bisland's Ch Krieger Oh La La
2. Allan's Allanbru Devilshly Dashing SH CM
3. Allan's Allanbru POunce N' Bounce JWSHCM
4. Laidlaw's Scathach Night Skipper

Class 6. Chihuahua Smoothcoat Graduate 3
1. Greener's Eternal Bloom  BOB
2. Hasting's Boetandales Silver Star
3. McIntyre's Joshurst Princess Adelina
Class 7.Chihuahua Smoothcoat Limit 1
1. Hasting's Perropequeno's Betty's Girl
Class 8. Chihuahua Smoothcoat Open 1(1)

Class 9 Chihuahua Longcoat Graduate (5(2)
1. Hunter's Jotlemar Trouble in Time BOB
2.Logan's Pepeetolynn Time to Dance
3. McIntyre's Hollmar Diamond Lil
Class 10. Chihuahua Longcoat Limit 1.
1. Hunter's Hollmar Indy For Time WIth Jotolemar
Class 11. Chihuahua Longcoat Open 1
1. Hunter's Jotolemar Time Edition

Class 12. Pekingese Graduate1
1. Brodie's Easterman Jazzy Moonlight  BOB
Class 13. Pekingese Open 1
1. Brodie's Heavenly Falls of Easterman

Class 14. Bichon Frise Graduate 4
1. Smith's Litinaz Magic Edition at Cristalmara
2. Henderson's Praymar Star Dream
3. Frame's Rusumar Highland Princess
4. Forster's Lady Magical Spice
Class 15. Bichon Frise Limit 2
1. Innes's Pearlywhite Dainty Dinah SHCM
2. Litinaz Magic Edition at Cristalmara
Class 16. Bichon Frise Open 4(1).
1. Martin's StarforthVoyage of Love BOB
2. Litinaz Magic Edition at Cristalmara
3. Innes's Morusha Take That To Pearlywhite

Class 17. Japanese Chin Graduate4(2)
1. Blair's Tillashby Michi (TAF) BOB
2. Boulcott's Jonsville Secret Fortune
Class 18 Japanese Chin Open 1(1)

Class 19 Affenpinscher Limit 3(1)
1. Stewart's Ingerdorm Cyndi
2. Boulcott's Ingerdorm Prunella
Class 20. Affenpinscher Open 2 ( 1)
1.Stewart's Ingerdorm Rebus  BOB

Class 21. Griffon Bruxellois Graduate 7(1)
1.Finlay's Gilderoak Diamonds Forever
2. Kirkwood's Fennymore Pussycat Doll at Grajenco
3. Cameron's Grajenco First Klass
4. Scott's Samaranda by Jaydean(TAF)
Class 22. Griffon Bruxellois Limit 5(1)
1. Finlay's Gilderoak For Your Eyes Only
2. Scott'sSamaranda Rumba
3. Davidson's Aptrik Ithl
4. Mackenzie's Grajenco Klass Act at Calanbru
Class 23. Griffon Bruxellois Open 6(3)
1. Burke's Marquant Rudolph Valentino  BOB
2. Finlay's Gilderoak James Bond
3. Smith's Norrel Jeepers Creepers

Class 24. Pomeranian Graduate 6
1. Ogilvie's Pakov's I'm A Celebrity
2. Nixon's Pakov's Sittin Pretty
3. McDowall's Carberry Midnight Quest
4. Carrigan's Carripom Arizona
Class 25  Pomeranian Limit 6(1)
1.Nixon's Kazpom Just Be Coz
2. Carrigan's Bermuda Mystery Gauruotas Luitas At Carripom(Imp)
3. Sneddon's Pakov's Black By Demand By Lillypoms
4. Chalmers' Earnpride Foxtrot
Class 26.  Pomeranian Open 5
1. Carrigan's Carripom Zachariah SHCM  BOB
2. Ogilvie's Pakov's Blonde Moment
3. Nixon's Pakov's Lady Muck
4. Sneddon's Degsy's Dream Lover at Lillypoms 

Class 27. Bolognese Open 3
1. Stewart, Boulcott & Dowty's Clynymona HerculesMorse At Ingerdorm BOB
2. Lovie's Stanholme Stephan The Bold of Blootoon
3. Lovie's Giunone Del Nebbioso of Blootoon

Classs 28. Puyg OPen 2(2)

Class 29 Yorkshire Terrrier Graduate.4(1)
1. Weigand'sFrasermar Mystic Love at Andelalie
2. Burns' Frasermar Mistic Moment at Elasidamar
3. Robertson's Little Sweet Girl
Class 30. Yorkshire Terrrier Limit 3(1)
1. Williamson's Julesmoor FireFly By Dunsapie  BOB
2. Little Sweet Girl
Class 31 Yorkshire Terrrier Open 3(1)
1. Macrae's Frasermar Night Fever

Class 32. AV Toy NSC  No Entries

Judge Mrs E A Stevenson

Class 33 Chinese Crested Graduate 3
1. Moyes & Hunter's Bryelis Queen Guinevere
2. Moyes & Hunter's Bryelis Queen Bodicea  BPIS
3. Hitchcock's Sigyns Twistan Shout with Clanest
Clasa 34. Chinese Crested Limit 4(2)
1. Leach & Muldoon's Bryelis Queen of Hearts Von Queshian BOB, RBIS
2. Picton's Bryelis Put A Spell On You At Baojin
Class 35 Chinese Crested Open 4(1)
1. Scott's Bryelis Santa Claus Is Here At Zaffarell
2. Moyes' Joyways Send Me A4 Angel Via To Bryelis
3. Leach & Muldoon's Bryelis Celsetial Angel Von Queshian

Class 36 Papillon Puppy1
1. Cochrane's Tuyak Get Up And Go
Class 37. Papillon Junior 3(1)
1. Johnston's  Petitchiens Sahara Moon Over Dourhu
2. Deamer's Adnamashan Jack The Lad At Bankshill
Class 38 Papillon Post Graduate 6(2)
1.Reid's Pamhurst Rainman
2. Cochrane's Tutyka Fantasy
3. Macgregor's Craigaber Rolex
4. Johnston's Dourhu Ding Dong
Class 39 Papillon Limit 4 (2)
1. Macgregor's Craigaber Timewatch JW
2. Johnston's Dourhu Looks Like An Angel
Class40. Papillon Open 7(1)
1. Smith's Ch Papplewick Pretty In Pink at Adinaken BOB
2. Fraser & Graham's Northlyte Timeless at Bonmeshay
3. Cochran'e Tutyak Climate Control
4. Pritchard's Northlyte Wind Walker to Santaviga

Class 41 Maltese Graduate 2
1. Grant's Moonlit Skies Da Perla Elysia (Imp) BOB
2. Gillies' Zumarnik Drama Queen at Delcost
Class 42 Maltese Open 2(1)
1. Gillies' Am Ch Richelious Scottish Whisper For Delcost

Judge  Ms E Workman

Class 43 Cavalier KC Spaniel Puppy  9 (2)
1. Deamer's Bankshill Sweet William
2. McMurray's Ellemich Stralis at Merryoth
3. Baillie's Peakdown Micawber at Cavallino
4. Blair's Jadechar Olympia of Bellflows
Class 44. Cavalier KC Spaniel Junior 4
1. Finlay's Ellemich Joe Malone at Marisk BOB BIS
2. Drennan's Kinvaar Theodoraof Calaten
3. Halbert's Izzharee Samba Sweetheart
4. Beswick's Jeilohn Lily of Patras
Class 45 Cavalier KC Spaniel Post Graduate 4
1. Craig's Volney Tabasco
2. White's Rothes Hazel at Carleny
3. Glen's Homerbrent Bright Star
4. Fraser's Costara Rufus
Class 46 Cavalier KC Spaniel  limit 6
1. Baillie's Peakdowns Eternal Star
2. Drennan's Blairburn Bits N' Bobs of calaten SHCM
3. Finlay's Sorata Beckham at Marisk
4. Fraser's Tingewood Tomintoul
Class 47. Cavalier KC Spaniel  Open 9(3)
1. Halbert's Izharee's Perfect Eclipse
2. Kirkwood's  Sorata I Am What I am at Grajenco
3. Blairburn Bits N' Bobs of Calaten SHCM
4. Fraser's Costara Ruadh at Lyncraeg

Class 48. King Charles Spaniel Open 4(2)
1. Sidgwick's Paulian Amazing Grace BOB
2. Sidgwicks Fin, Sw,Est CH Paulian Paddington JW

Judge Mr E Whitehill
Class 49 AV Toy Minor Puppy 8(1)
1. Mackie's Suanity Mistic Mercury at Cydmar ( Bich) RBPIS
2, Jadechar Olympia of Bellflows (CKCS)
3. Carripom Arizona (Pom)
Class 50 AV Toy Puppy 12(5)
1. Bryelis Queen Bodicea (Ch Cr) BPIS
2. Bryelis Quenn Guinevere(Ch Cr)
3. Ogilvie's Pakov's Luck Be A Lady ( Pom0
4. Pepeetolynn TIme to Dance (Ch L/C)
Class 51 AV Toy Novice3 (2)
1. Grajenco Royal Male (Griff)
Class 52 AV Toy Open 5(3)
1. Blairburn Bits N' Bobs of Calaten SHCM
2. Grajenco Klass Act at Calanbru
Class 53. AVToy Bred By Exhibitor 4(3)
1. Starfox Blue Harmony (Yorkie)
Class 54 AV TOy Not Bred by Exhibitor 5
1. Bryelis Celestial Angel Von Queshian ( Ch Cr)
2. Northlyte Timeless at Bonmeshay JW SHCM ( Pap)
3. Kinvaar Theodora at Calaten(CKCS)
4 . Grajenco Royal Male (Griff)

Best in Show Results Open Show Sunday 7th October 2012










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Scottish Cavalier king Charles Spaniel Club

Scottish Cavalier Club: 
Breed Specific Seminar 9th September at Strathbrock Centre, Broxburn. Applications & fees to be with Mrs G Baillie before 30th August, email: gbaillie11@hotmail.com

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club

The Scottish Cavalier Clubis  holding a Breed Specific Seminar on 9th September. for further details contact Gladys Baillie - email gbaillie11@hotmail.com

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Email v Royal mail

Would any exhibitor preferring to have their next schedule emailed to them instead of by post, please let me know & we can arrange for it to be emailed.

The schedule will also be posted on here when available

Monday, 26 March 2012


BIS & Best Veteran PAKOV'S I'M VIVA (A Ogilvie) (handled by Caroline Nixon)

RBIS Diamonchi Starman JW ShCM ( D Fothergill)

BPIS Yakee in the Arms Of Angels (A & P Easdon & Martin)

RBPIS Kians Handsome Little Man (D Fothergill)

Judge Mr R Dunlop
Class 1. AV Toy Veteran Dog 5(0)
1. Cochrane's Glenscot Happy Tartan Lad at Cavillop(Pap)
2. Boulcott's Ch Ingerdorm PickpocketJW ( Affie)
3.Hargrave's Sandbrae Rockabye ( CKCS)
Class 2. AV Toy Veteran Bitch 5(1)
1. Miss C & Mrs A Nixon's Ch Pakov I'm Viva( Pom)( handling for A Ogilvie) BIS BV
2. Fothergill's Ch. OrmestexKirstens at Daimonchi JW SHCM ( Sc Chi)
3.Mackie's Dixido Dinky Viva at Cydmar SHCM ( Bich)

Class 3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy 5
1. Finlay's Ellemich Joe Malone at Marisk
2. McInally's Arenal Athena At Braemarra
3.Campbell's Cavilera'a Kiss From A Rose
Class 4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Junior8 (3)
1. Kirkwood's Sorata I am What I am at Grajenco
2.Campbell's Cavilera Delta Dawn
3.Glen's Homerbrent Bright Star
Class 5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Post Graduate 9( 2)
1. Baillie's Selkies Heavenly Prince at Fyrnrose BOB
2. White's Rothes Hazel at Carleny
3. Sorata I am What I am at Grajenco
Class 6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Limit 5(2)
1. Fraser's Costara Rufus
2. Finlay's Sorata Beckham at Marisk
3. Harper & Barbour's Pamojill Ryan at Kirkbrae
Class & Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Open 8(3)
1. Fraser's Costara Ruadh at Lyncraeg
2. Baillie's Selkies Odonodan at Fyrnrose
3. Swanston's Lahume Jamisson at Pamojill(TAF)

Class 8 King Charles Spaniel Open 4(2)
1. Sproul & Cockburn's Nisyros Indiana for Khandro BOB
2. Sproul & Cockburn's Baldragon Berkeley for Khandro

Class 9 Papillon Puppy 2
1. Lee's Caljoy Bobbie's Gift(TAF)
2. Walker's Helensville Indecision at Brollyanna
Class 10 Papillon Junior 3
1. Cochrane's Tutyak Fantasy
2. Cohrane's Cavillon Wish Upon A Rainbow
3. Cochrane's Cavillon Over The Rainbow
Class 12 Papillon PostGraduate 4(2)
1. Macgregor's Craigaber Timewatch JW
2. Reid's Pamhurst Rainman
Class 13 Papillon Limit 5
1. Fraser & Graham's Bonmeshay Olivia
2. Fraser & Graham's Bonmeshay Get Carter
3. Smith's Wee Angus of Adinaken SHCM
Class 14 Papillon OPen 4
1. Smith's Ch Papplewick Pretty In Pinkat Adinaken BOB
2. Fraser & Graham's Northlyte Timeless at Bonmeshay JW SHCM
3. Macgregors Meerwings The Swallow Tale By Pyatshaw

Class 15 Pekingese Graduate 4(1)
1. Easdon & Martin's YAkee In The Arms Of Angels BOB
2. Easdon & Martin's Yakee Octopussy
3 Easdon & MArtin's Yakee Pussy Galore
Class 16 Pekingese Open 4(1)
1. Easdon & Martin's Yakee Playing With Fire
2. Easdon & Martin's Yakee Licenced To Thrill
3. Easdon & Martin's Yakee In The Line Of Fire

Class 17 Bichon Frise Junior 2(1)
1. Smith's Litinaz Magic Edition
Class 18 Bichon Frise Graduate2(1)
1. Litinaz Magic Edition
Class 19 Bichon Frise Open 6(3)
1. Killick's Yakee Credit Crunch SHCM BOB
2. Litinaz Magic Edition
3. Buckley's Colinlindsay Rosie Periwinkle

Class 20 Japanese Chin Graduate 6(2)
1. Boulcott's Jonsville Secret Fortune
2Swanston's Grianan Delightful Gem Of Pamojill
3. Ratter's Nisyros Dani Chinoque
Class 21 Japanes Chin Open 2(1)
1. Swanston's Damheadbrig Ice Warrior of Pamojill BOB

Class 22 Miniature Pinscher Graduate 4
1.Anderson's Elanaux Soleado
2 Laidlaw's Scathach Night Skipper
3. Mulholland's Allanbru She's The One
Class 23 Miniature Pinscher Limit 4(1)
1. Anderson's Elanaux El Toro Roja
2. McLean & Quin's SAchancho Shielas Wheels with Kilmuir
3. Laidlaws Scthach Dark Wizard
Class 24 Miniature Pinscher Open 3(1)
1. McLean's Kurti Kuri with Kilmuir BOB
2. Laidlaw's Scathach Capercaillie

Class 25A Chihuahua Smoothcoat Junior 5(1)
1. Fothergills Kians Handsome Little Man RBPIS
2. Fothergill's Beths Sunshine Lady
3. Hasting's Boetandales Silver Star
Class 25 Chihuahua Smoothcoat Graduate 4(1)
1. Fothergill's Diamonchi Flashman
2. Fothergill's Diamonchi Starlight
3. Hastings Perropequeno's Betty Girl
Class 26 Chihuahua Smoothcoat OPen 2
1. Fothergill's Diamonchi Starman JW SHCM BOB RBIS
2. Perropequeno's Betty Girl

Class 27 Chihuahua Longcoat Junior 8(4)
1. Penman's Tampico Macho at Clarmoray
2. Martin's Baby Buttons
3. Holland's Hollmar Princess Pippa
Class 28 Chihuahua Longcoat Graduate 7(3)

1. Tampico Macho at Clarmoray
2. McIntyre's Hollmar Diamond Lil
3. Logan's Princess Peach
Class 29 Chihuahua Open 7(4)
1. Martin's Chirolin Kit Kat BOB
2.Penman's Tampico Hot Flame at Clarmoray
3.Holland's Hollmar Real Diamond

Affenpischer Open 2(1)
1. Boulcott's Ingerdorm Rebus

Class 32 Griffon Bruxellois Graduate 6(1)
1. Kirkwood's Grajenco First Klass
2. Murray Grajenco Royal Male
3. Mackenzie's Grajenco Klass Act at Calanru
Class 33. Griffon Bruxellois Open 4(1)
1. Finlay's Ch Gilderoak MAstercard BOB
2. Burke's Marquant Rudolh Valentino
3. Finlay's Gilderoak James Bond JW

Class 34 Bolognese Open 6()
1. Boulcott, Dowty & Stewart's Clynmona Hercules Morse at Ingerdorm SHCM BOB
2. Watson's Ir Ch Buonacas Bruichladdich
3. Lovie's Stanholme Stephan The Bold of Blootoon

Class 38 AVNSC No Entries

Judge Mr J Ritchie
Class 36 Pomeranian 6
1. McDowall's Carberry Midnight Quest
2. Sneddon's Pakov's Black By Demand By Lillypoms
3. Nixon's Kazpom Just Be Coz
Class 37 Pomeranian Graduate 6
1. Chalmers Earnpride Foxtrot
2. Sneddon's Degsy's Dream Lover at Lillypoms
3. Ogilvie's Pakov's Front Page News
Class 38 Pomeranian OPen 6(1)
1. Carrigan's Carripom Zachariah BOB
2. Ogilvie's Pakov's Blonde Moment
3. Nixon's Kazpom Code Name

Judge Mr F Comrie Bryant
Class 39 Yorkshire Terrier Junior 5
1. Williamson's Julesmoor Fire Fly
2. Weigand's Frasermar Mystic Love at Andelalie
3. Milne's Starfox Danjamel Blue Lady
Class 40. Yorkshire terrier Graduate 3
1. Campbell & Taylor's CHevawn HOt Shot
2. Starfox Danjamel Blue Lady
3. Easson's Beechgrove Georgy Girl
Class 41 Yorkshire Terrier Open 6(3)
1. Weigand's Andelalie Anticipation BOB
2. Burns Elasidamar Addicted To Luv
3. Easson's Beechgrove Wild Thing

Judge Miss E Patrick
Class 42Chinese Crested Junior 3
1. Craig & Hamilton's Pollypeck Razzle Dazzle BOB
2. Scott's Bryelis Santa Claus Is Here t Zaffarell
3. Picton's Miss Kiss Kiss
Class 43 Chinese Crested Graduate 3(2)
1. Craig & Hamilton's Sigyas Midnite Mascarade
Class 44 Chinese Crested Open 4(3)
1. Picton's Bryelis Put A Spell On You at Baojin

Class 45 Maltese Graduate 4
1.Walker's Jimarie Take To The Limit
2. Flannigan's Snowkai Follow Your Heart
3. Balfour's Suncube Hopelessly Devoted
Class 46 Maltese Open 6(1)
1. Grant's Linmont Always In Blue Jeans BOB
2. Gillies AmCh Starhill RIchlieu KissMe Quick at Delcost
3. Walker's Divine's Ready Or Not At Travilla (IMP)

Judge Miss S Madonald
Class 47 Pug Junior 2
1. Cunningham's FFain WillO THe Wisp
2. Chrichton & Hose's Gramatti Shanghai Lily
Class 48 Pug Graduate 2
1. Ashton's Marbelton What A Guy at Zobear JW SHCm
2.Reid's Habiba VOulez Vous Avec Hugieboogie
Class 49 Pug Open 6(2)
1. Stirling's Bontou Anything Goes BOB
2. laing's Mossdown Just William SHCm
3.Cunningham's Moyard Fire 'N Ice

Judge Mr R Dunlop
Class 50 AV Toy Minor Puppy 11(5)
1. Yakee In The Arms Of Angels (Peke)
2. Ogilvie's Pakov's I'm A Celebrity( Pom
3. Baldragon Berkely for Khandro ( KCS)
Class51 AV Toy Puppy 10( 5)
1. Pakov's Black By Demand by Lillypoms(Pom)
2 Yakee Licenced TO Thrill(Peke)
3. Carberry Midnight Quest(Pom)
Class 52 AV Toy Novice 3(2)
1. Cavillon Over the Rainbow(Pap)
Class 53 vAV Toy Open 2(1)
1. Colinlindsay Rosie Periwinkle(Bich)
Class 54 AV Toy Bred By Exhibitor 4910
1. Elanaux Soleado (MinPin)
2. Cavillon Wish Upon A Rainbow(PAp)
3. Elanaux ToroROjo ( Min Pin)
Class 55 AV Toy Not Bred By Exhibitor OPen5(3)
1. Pamhurst Rainman( Pap)
2. Aptrick Ithil(Griff)
Class 56 AV Toy Special Members Stakes2(1)
1. Ogilvies Blonde Moment

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

George Baxter

It is with regret we announce the death of George Baxter of Ikoura Pekingese & Chihuahua's. The funeral will take place on Friday 16th March at Dunfermline Crematorium at 10am


Congratulations to all winning Scottish Dogs and their owners at Crufts 2012

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Important information for all dog show exhibitors about displaying exhibit/bench numbers

The Kennel Club has announced an important new requirement which will affect exhibitors competing at Crufts next month, and all other dog shows with immediate effect.

The General Committee of the Kennel Club has approved a recommendation which requires exhibitors to display the exhibit/bench number on their crate, cage or container at all times. This is particularly important when cages etc are not on benches, and at unbenched shows.

Each exhibitor is responsible for providing their own crate or cage identification and should note that the original exhibit/bench number card, as provided by the show society, must not be used for this purpose.

This requirement follows a recent meeting of the Show Executive Sub-Committee’s Benching Working Party, where it was agreed that it is important to be able to contact exhibitors and identify dogs where a dog may be in distress or where the crate might be blocking a gangway.

At benched shows soft crates may only be put on benches if they are the appropriate size for both the dog and the bench, and the crate can be securely attached to the bench.

Both of these points have been introduced with the safety of all in mind, but most importantly that of the dog, and to minimise potential incidents and injuries.

Exhibitors should note that the above requirements have been introduced with immediate effect and will therefore apply to exhibitors attending Crufts.

The Kennel Club would also take this opportunity to remind exhibitors that Show Regulation F(1).17 requires that dogs should be present on their benches at all times except when being judged, prepared for exhibition or exercised.

16th February 2012

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting will be held
TUESDAY 20th March 2012
Station Hotel, Foundry Loan,
Larbert, FK5 4AW
at 8pm.