Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Best In Show Open Show 24TH MARCH


Smith's  Papillon
Ch Papplewick Pretty in Pink at Adinaken JW SH CM


Finlay's CKSC
Ellemich Joe Malone at Marisk JW


Gray's  S/c Chihuahua
Hughgra One Shining Moment


 Robert's Maltese
 Benatone Gold Dollar for Shawhills


Nixon's (Handling for Ogilvie) Pomeranian
Ch Pakovs I'm Viva 


Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Judge Mrs E Waddington

Cl.1 Veteran Dog.5(2)
1. Smith's Wee Angus of Adinaken ShCM (Pap)
2. Hargrave's Cavalliono Jaegar (CKCS)
3. Hargrave's Sandbrae Rockabye ( CKCS)
Cl.2 Veteran Bitch 3
1.Nixon's ( handling for Ogilvie) Ch Pakovs I'm Viva ( Pom)  Best Veteran
2. Moyes & Hunter's Jokima Jalena (Ch Cr)
3. Gray's IngerdormTar Baby S/c.Chi

Cl 3. Pug Graduate 6
1. Robertson's Lorddark Lord of Greyskullat Zheridons JW(Imp Bel)
2. Cunningham's Moyard Miss Taken Identity
3.Stirling's Moyard Bella Notte at Bontou
Cl 4 Pug Limit 5(2)
1. Nisbet's Prince Codi at Crissam   BOB
2. Cunningham's Eastonite Black Pudding to Moyard
3. Reid's Habiba Voulez Vous avec Hugieboogie
Cl 5 Pug Open 3
1.Laing's Mossdown Just William Sh CM
2. Robertson's Zheridons Prtincess Kitana JW ShCM
3. Habiba Voulez Vous Avec Hugieboogie

Cl 6. Japanese Chin Graduate 4
1. Blair's Tillashby Michi at Bellflows
2. Boulcott's Jonsville Secret Fortune
3. Allcock, Lindsay & Pipe's  Fralee Anthony Sleepyhollow
Cl 7. Japanese Chin Open 3
1. Swanston's Damheadbrig Ice Warrior at Pamojill ShCM  BOB
2. Tillashby Michi at Bellflows
3. Allcock, Lindsay & Pipe's Sleepyhollow Sapphire at Anjuli

Cl 8. Pekingese Graduate 1(1)
Cl 9 Pekingese Open 1(1)

Cl 10. Griffon Bruxellois Graduate 5(1)
1.Davidson's Aptrick Ithil
2. Mackenzie, Kirkwood & Finlay's Beauview Rumour Has It
3.Smith & Prout's Grajenco Dotcomat Tantori
Cl 11. Griffon Bruxellois Limit 3(1)
1. Finlay's Gilderoak For Your Eyes Only  BOB
2. Mackenzie's Grajenco Class Actat Calanru
Cl 12. Griffon Bruxellois Open 4 (3)
1. Murrays Grajenco Royal Male

Cl 13. Bichon Frise Graduate 4(2)
1. Mackie's Suanity Mistic Mercury at Cydmar BOB
2. Martin's Lizamela Let The Son Shine On
Cl 14. Bichon Frise Limit 2
1. Smith & Mills' Litinaz Magic Edition at Cristalmara Sh CM
2. Innes' Pearlwhite Dainty Dinah SH CM
Cl 15. Bichon Frise Open 2(1)
1. Innes' Morusha Take That to Pearlwhite

Cl 16. Yorkshire Terrier Graduate 5
1. Wigand's Frasermar Mystic Love at Andelalie  BOB
2. Chalk's Metexa Miss Marple
3. Robertson's Starfox Blue Harmony
Cl 17. Yorkshire Terrier Limit 5(2)
1. Burns' Frasermar  Mistic Moment at Elasaidamar
2. Trimble & Comrie Bryant's Frasermar Heart To Heart
Cl 18 Yorkshire Terrier Open 1(1)

Cl 19 Maltese Limit 1
1. Roberts'Rakaveen Missy at Shawhills
Cl 20 Maltese Open 3(2)
1. Roberts' Benatone Gold Dollar for Shawhills   BOB

Cl 21. King Charles Spaniel Open 5(2)
1. Swanston's DownsbankConstallar Moon of Pamojill  BOB
2. Sproul & Coburn's Baldragon Berklley for Khandro
3. Sproul & Coburn's Nisyros Indiana for Khandro

Cl 22. Bolognese Limit 3(2)
1. Holliday's Starexpress Heaven Scent
Cl 23. Bolognese Open 4(2)
1. Stewart's Clynmona Hercules Morse at Ingerdorm Sh CM BOB
2. Starexpress Heaven Scent

Cl 24. AVToy NSC  Open  No Entries

Judge Mrs M Wilson Simpson

Cl 25. Chinese Crested Graduate 2(10
1. Hitchcock's Clanest Creme Brulee
Cl 26 Chinese Crested Limit 4(2)
1. Leach & Muldoon's Bryelis Queen of Hearts Von Qushian BOB
2. Moyes & Virta's Joyways Send Me An Angel to Bryelis(Imp Fin)
Cl 27. Chinese Crested Open3(1)
1. Scott's Bryelis Santa Claus Is Here at Zaffarella
2. Sproul & Coburn's Lacdee Cherokee Legacy at Nisyros

Cl 28 Miniature Pinscher Graduate 4(1)
1. Allan's Allanbru Just 'N Illusion
2. Anderson's Elanaux Soleado
3. Allan's Allanbru Just 'N Credible
Cl 29. Miniature Pinscher Limit 4
1. Bisland's Krieger Whoop De Do BOB
2. Allan's Allanbru Devishly Dashing Sh CM
3. Allan's Allanbru Saucy Savours
Cl 30. Miniature Pinscher Open 6
1. Allan's Allanbru Pounc 'N Bounce JW Sh Sm
2. Bisland's Ch Krieger Ohh La La
3. Allan's Allanbru Miss Fun Da Mental

Cl 31 Affenpinscher Limit 3(1)
1. Stewart's Ingerdorm Cyndi
Cl 32. Affenpinscher Open 4(2)
1. Stewarts Ingerdorm Rebus JW Sh CM   BOB
2. Ingerdorm Cyndi

Judge Mrs A Bates
Cl 33. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Junior 8(3)
1. Gaskell's Jeilohn Andrew
2. Gibb- Stuart's Chantismere Push My Button
3. Swanston's Downsbank Jalomeno of Pamojill
Cl 34 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Graduate 5
1. Gibb- Stuart's Tangledwood Clan Chief
2. Jadechar Olympia of Bellflows
3. Beswick's Jeilohn Lily of Patras
Cl 35. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Post Graduate 6(2)
1. Gaskell's Jeilohn Myrna
2. Workman's Turretbank Saffron Silk
3. Fraser's Costara Rufus
Cl 36. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Limit 4(2)
1. Gow's Lochbuie Teazle at Lyncraeg
2. Fraser's Tingewood Tomintoul
Cl 37. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Open 7(2)
1. Finlay's Ellemich Joe Malone at Marisk JW  BOB
2. Gaskell's  Jeilohn Coinneach
3. Drennan's Blairburn Bits N'  Bobs of Calaten Sh CM

Judge Mr R Waddington
Cl 38 Chihuahua Longcoat Graduate 6
1. Byrne & Joiner  Helmlee Vanilla Ice with Dacatelo
2.Lynch's Garnox Kiss Me Kwick
3. Logan's Peeetolynn Time To Dance
Cl 39. Chihuahua Longcoat Limit 1
1. Hunter's Jotolemar Time Edition
Cl 40 Chihuahua Longcoat Open 5(1)
1. Byrne & Joiner's Jotolemar Show Stopper with Dacatelo   BOB
2. Jotolemar Time Edition
3. Sangster's Tidos Christmas Gift

Cl 41. Chihuahua Smoothcoat Graduate 5(1)
1. Gray's Hughgra One Shing Moment  BOB
2. Hinchelwood's Copymear Karlena
3. Brunton's Joshurst Princess Silika
Cl 42 Chihuahua Smoothcoat Limit 4 (1)
1. Hinchelwood's Copymear Kennedy
2. Gray's Hughgra It's My Turn
3. Joshurst Princess Silika
Cl 43 Chihuahua Smoothcoat Open 5(1)
1. Gray's Hughra I'm Coming Out
2. Lynch's Garnox Toorie Oorie Ay
3. Joshurst Princess Silika

Judge Mrs J Joyce
Cl 44 Papillon  Dog Graduate 3(1)
1. Reid's Pamhurst Rainman
2. Savage's Piarki Bob The Moth at Abbeyton (Imp Aus)
Cl 45 Papillon Limit Dog 3
1. Skelton's Winterwings Sea The Stars  (Best Dog}
2. Macgregor's  Craigaber Rolex
3. Savage's Caraideas  The Magician at Abbeytton
Cl 46 Papillon Open Dog 5(2)
1. Macgregor's Pyatshaw Ravel
2. Wee Angus at Adinaken
3. Reid's Pamhurst He's A Catch for Everclasi

Judge Mrs A Richardson
Cl 47 Papillon Bitch Graduate 5(2)
1. Skelton's ADnamashan Cleopatra
2. Pyatshaw Parable
3. Savage's c
Cl 48 Papillon Limit Bitch2(1)
1. Macgregor's Craigaber Timewatch JW
Cl 49 Papillon Open Bitch3(1)
1. Smith's Ch Papplwick Pretty In Pink at Adinken JW ShCM  ( Best Bitch) BOB, BIS
2. Macgregors Meerwings The Swallow Table by Pyatshaw

Judge Miss L Carrigan
Cl 50 Pomeranian Junior2
1. Adamson's Sylvids Heather Cream
2. Sneddon's Lillypoms Cream Dream
Cl 51. Pomeranian Graduate 2
1. Sneddon's Bilijees Top Notch in Lillypoms
2.Adamson's Veltuds  Summer Lovin
Cl 52 Pomeranian Post Graduate 2
1. Ogilvie's Pakovs I'm A Celebrity JW
2. Adamson's Veltud Black Tara
Cl 53 Pomeranian Limit 3(1)
1. Chalmers' Earnpride Foxtrot
2. Sneddon's Degsy's Dream Lover at Lillypoms
Cl 54 Pomeranian Open 2
1. Nixon's Kazpom Code Name JW  BOB
2 Chaplin's Dakmyst All That Jazz at Aylareg

Judge Mrs Waddington
Cl 55 AV Toy Minor Puppy10 (1) (1WD)
1. Pyatshaw Parable( Pap)
2. Arranbrook Mr Miyage of Pamojill ( Jap Chin)
3. Eastonite Black Pudding to Moyard (Pug)
Cl 56 AV Toy Puppy12 (1) (5WD)
1. Garnox Kiss Me Kwick (L/c Chi)
2. Adamson's Sylvids Thistle Do (POm)
3. Piarki Bob The Moth at Abbeyton( Pap)
Cl 57 AV Toy Novice 2(1) 
1. Piarki Bob The Moth at Abbeyton(Pap)
Cl 58 AV Toy Open 3(1)
1. Dakmyst All That Jazz at Aylareg (Pom)
2. Pamhurst Rainman (Pap)
Cl 59 AV Toy Bre by Exhibitor Open 4(2)
1. Sylvids Thistle Do (Pom)
2. Lebethazi Dream the Dream L/C Chi
Cl 60 AV Toy Not Bred By Exhibitor Open 7(3)
1. Pamhurst Rainman(Pap)
2. Veltud Black Tara (Pom)
3. Grajenco Klass Act at Clanru ( Griff)

Friday, 22 March 2013


The Annual General Meeting has been called for
Tuesday 9th April at the Station Hotel, Larbert at 8pm

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Unfortunately the AGM has been cancelled due to inclement weather.
The new date will be posted at the show on Sunday  & on here

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Remember entries close Saturday 9th March.

AGM 19th March at the Staion Hotel, Larbert at 8pm