Thursday, 13 October 2016

Martin Frostick Report for Open Show 9th October 2016

Scottish Toy Dog SOCIETY Open Show 9th October 2016

Thanks to committee for inviting me great hospitality.
Yorkshire Terrier
1. Burn's Elaisadamar Forever Love, very promising puppy, pretty head, near ears, correct dentition, tans clearing well. Nice lay of shoulder, spring of rib. Stood four square on box. Coat of correct silky texture. Moved well with good drive keeping topline. BP.
2.P. Robertson's Dunsape Golly Miss Molly.
3. Chalk's Jestidek Blessing Fallon at Maresther.

PG. (5)
1. McKay's Jasopian Winter Magic, nice sized bitch, pretty head good dentition, constructed well, silky coat clear tans, moved well.
2. Campbells Wenmoray september song at Stemarie.
3. Robertsons Glenrob Wee Cooper of fife.

Macrae's Elasaidamar Classic Design at Cadalis, beautiful head correctly shaped, correct eye, good dentition, lovely three shaded tans, good lay of shoulders, so well constructed. Silkiest of steel blue coat. Moved well keeping topline. When settled stood foursquare on box. BOB.
2. Williamsons Dunsapie Wayward Prince.
3. Robertsons wee cooper of fife.

Martin Frostick, Judge