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Mr Moran's critique March 19th 2017

SCOTTISH TOY DOG SOCIETY – Group Open Show – March 19th 2017
AV Veteran Dog (5 entered/ 3 absent)
1. Macgregor; PYATSHAW RAVEL; Tri-colour Papillion with a very nice head profile, excellent eye and super ear set and carriage. Super outline and in lovely overall condition. Excellent feet. Positive mover and in excellent coat.
AV Veteran Bitch (5/4)
1. Allan; ALLANABRU POUINCE ‘N BOUNCE; Red Min Pin for excellent type and quality. Strong neck and top-line, lovely body shape and well-constructed. Excellent feet. Lovely head and expression. Lively and up-on-her-toes at all times. Showing non-stop and moving well. Excellent temperament. BEST VETERAN
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Puppy (6/2)
1. Byers; BRAEMARRA TAYLOR AT LINETIVE; Blenheim male with a well-proportioned head, well-shaped eye and excellent ear set. Good pigmentation and excellent mouth. Masculine outline with strong bone and excellent firm top-line. Moved well with good attitude. Excellent happy temperament. Very nicely marked (BEST PUPPY)
Junior (4/0)
1. Slack; WILLOWHEART LOUIS; Blenheim male with a lovely head and expression, excellent well-shaped dark eye and well set ears. Balanced outline with good top-line, just needs a little more body. Good tail-set, but carried a little high on the move. Lovely outgoing temperament and moved well.
Graduate (9/2)
1. Gaskell; JEILOHN HONEYBERRY; Tricolour bitch with the prettiest of heads and expression. Lovely soft, expressive eye, well set and carried ears. Ideal size with the correct feminine balance. Excellent top-line and tail-set. Happy all the time and moved out well. In lovely over all condition and excellent temperament. BOB
Limit (8/1)
1. Blair; BELLFLOWS GENTLE LITTLE MAN; Blenheim male with an excellent head and expression. Excellent eye and good ear set. Lovely size and balance with correct body proportions. Moved well holding a typical outline. Excellent outgoing, positive temperament.
Open (5/3)
1. Gibb-Stuart; CHANTISMERE PUSH MY BUTTON– Blenheim male with a very nice head and expression, well-shaped eye, good skull and mouth. Masculine, well balanced outline but
would have preferred him a fraction smaller. Strong bone and good substance. Excellent temperament and giving his all. Well-marked and moved well when settled.
Puppy (1/0)
1. Simpson; TODHARLAN SWINGIN SPORRAN– Fawn male with a gorgeous head and expression, well-shaped eye and excellent ear set, size and carriage. Excellent mask and trace and lovely clear colour. Compact body with good bone and substance for age. Excellent feet and moved well. Needs a little more table training. BEST PUPPY
Junior (3/1)
1. Mulholland; KARANASTER SIR EAT ALOT MARILLIUM – Apricot with a very nice head and expression, excellent eye and strong mask. Well set and carried ears. Excellent bone and substance, could be a fraction shorter but well-constructed and moved out well. Excellent tail-set and carriage. Wonderful, confident temperament. BOB
Post Graduate (1/0)
1. Reid; PORTLYCHARM RAFFLES FOR HUGIEBOOGIE; Fawn male with a well-shaped head. Excellent ear-set. Well-shaped eye but a little full. Excellent muzzle. Good bone and substance but would prefer a little more neck. Excellent bone and substance. Good tail-set. Once settled, moved well. Good temperament.
Open (3/2)
1. Reid; GRAMATTI LAIRD OF THE RING VIA HUGIEBOOGIE – Fawn male with an excellent head and lovely expression. Good ear set and carriage. Good body shape but would prefer a little more return of upper-arm. Excellent feet. Moved well with purpose and attitude.

Chihuahua (Long Coat)
Puppy (3/1)
1. Patterson & Murray; BRATILDA NICHOLS; Red male with and excellent head, well-shaped skull, correct eye, lovely ear set. Very pleasing outline with excellent top-line and tail-set. Moved well with great attitude. Lovely size. BEST PUPPY
Junior (5/2)
1. Sangster; KIRLASDH ANGEL ON ICE; Sable bitch with an excellent head and lovely typical expression. Good ear set and well-shaped dark eye. A little long in body but excellent top-line and tail-set. Lovely bone for size. Excellent feet. Moved well and excellent temperament.
Graduate (3/1)
1. 62- Sangster; KIRLASDH TANDEM LADY; Sable bitch with a correct shaped skull, well set ears, good eye and mouth. A little long in outline but firm top-line and tail-set. Moved well, good feet and excellent bone.
Limit (7/4)
1. Hunter; JOTOLEMAR TIME SHARE; Cream bitch with an excellent head, good skull and lovely ear set but needs to use them more. Excellent eye. In very good coat of correct texture. Small but very sound and moved well. Excellent tail-set and carriage. Very positive attitude.
Open (7/5)
1. Sangster; TIDOS CHARLIE HE’S MY DARLING AT KIRLASIDH; Red sable with a very well-shaped skull, good eye and excellent ear-set and carriage. Very balanced outline, could be slightly shorter in loin, but this did not detract from the overall picture. Super tail set and carriage. Moved well and very typical, arrogant temperament. In lovely over all condition. BOB
Junior (5/0)
1. Ogg & Gallacher; JIMARIE MINI ME; Lovely head and typical expression, excellent pigmentation and well-proportioned head. Lovely outline with excellent top-line and tail-set. In excellent coat for age. Moved well and excellent temperament. Best Puppy.
Post Graduate (2/0)
1. Flannigan, Dorman & Jackson; BENATONE SIGNOR JACKSON; Excellent well-shaped eye with excellent pigmentation. Good mouth and well-proportioned head. Good neck and top-line and excellent tail-set. Compact outline. Excellent coat texture and in lovely overall condition. Moved well when settled. Excellent out-going temperament.
Maltese (3/0)
1. Flannigan & Dorman; DIAMOND GEMINI OUT OF CONTROL AT SHOWKAI; Lovely head and expression with excellent dark eye and strong pigmentation. Very typical masculine outline, excellent tail set and carriage. Excellent front assembly and in excellent coat condition. Moved well with good reach and drive. Excellent temperament. BOB
Japanese Chin
Puppy (4/1)
1. Ratter; SEAFAR DIAMONDS AND PEALRS- Black & White with an excellent head, lovely eye, excellent nose placement and chin. Compact outline with excellent bone. Lovely profile movement and excellent tail-set. Super, outgoing positive temperament. BEST PUPPY
Graduate (6/1)
1. Lindsay & Pipe; ANJULI MCHAGGIS; Black & White with a very attractive head and expression. Well carried ears and lovely eye. Square cobby body with excellent top-line and tail set. Coming into good coat. Moved well and excellent temperament
Limit (5/1)
1. Martin; SHARLARNA JUST THE TICKET; Black & White with a typical head, lovely eye and excellent nose-placement. Lovely balanced elegant outline. Excellent bone but needs a little more substance. Excellent coat texture. Moved well when settled. Lovely temperament. BOB
1. 104 Martin; LIZAMELA THE PROVOCATEUR AT SHARLARNA– Black & White with an excellent head, well-shaped skull, lovely eye and good muzzle. Balanced outline with excellent top-line and tail-set. Would prefer a little more length of neck. Excellent bone and well-shaped feet. Moved well.
Coton De Tulear
Open (3/0)
1. Murray; HAPPYPAWS CAREFREE – Lovely head with typical expression. Well shape eye with excellent pigmentation. Lovely balance for size. Typical top-line. Excellent tail-set and carriage. Wonderful coat texture. Mover well.
Graduate (2/0)
1. Patterson & Murray; BRATILDA STARBOY– Sable with black mask. Lovely head and expression with excellent eye & nose placement. Compact body with excellent front. Good bone for age. Moved well and excellent temperament. In excellent coat condition. Best Puppy
Open (1/0)
1. Patterson & Murray; BROGANSIAN BATTLESTAT BRATILDA; Sable male with good mask, excellent head and lovely eye. Lovely size with a good compact body, excellent bone and substance and in wonderful coat of correct texture. Moved well and lovely temperament. BOB
Bichon Frise
Post Graduate (6/0)
1. Lawrie; SORMUSTEN CHRISTMAS MAGIC AT MORUSHA; Excellent head and eye with a correct length of muzzle. Excellent pigmentation, good ear set and good mouth. Very pleasing outline with good bone for size. Moved well holding a typical outline at all time. Good coat texture. Excellent temperament. BOB
2. Reid; DIXIDO BLACKEYED STAR– Very attractive head and expression. Lovely balance for size with good top-line and tail set. Excellent pigmentation. Very sweet, outgoing temperament. Moved well. Best Puppy
Open (3/1)
1. Innes; STARFORTHS JUST LOVING YOU AT PEARLWHITE– Good head and expression with strong pigmentation. Well-shaped eye. Good outline but would prefer a little more reach of neck. Excellent body shape, good top-line and tail set. Moved well. Excellent coat texture.
2. Crawley & Millar ABBAS BEAU

Toy Group
I always relish judging in Scotland as the quality at open show level is always high and today was no exception. Both the Group and Puppy Group were of such high quality, I was spoilt for choice.
Black & Black-Bunce; ANGEL SENT FROM ABOVE AT ZAANDAM – Pomeranian. What a gorgeous typical outline this dog has. Beautiful head with lovely eye and excellent neat ears, well carried. Super compact body, correct bone and substance, level top-line and excellent tail set and carriage. Moved out well and never stopped showing. In very good coat.
Group 2
Boulcott; HUGHRA MR TOPSY AT INGERDORM – Chihuahua (Smooth Coat); wonderful typical head and expression with a lovely eye, well-shaped skull and good ear set and size. Loved his overall size and balance and so well-constructed for his tiny size. Moved with rear reach and drive and wonderful attitude.
Group 3
MacKay; BEAUVIEW THUNDER THIGHS; Griffon Bruxellois (Petit Brabancon)
Group 4
Boulcott; CH. INGERDORM REBUS Affenpincher

Group 1
Ogg & Gallacher; JIMARIE MINI ME; Maltese
Patterson & Murray; BRATILDA STARBOY Pekingese
Patterson & Murray; BRATILDA NICHOLS Chihuahua (Long coat)
Frame; ELFALLONS CRAZY MOON; Chinese Crested

A.V. Toy Stakes (Puppy)
1. Inch; EDALENE NEVER LET ME GO– ETT. Very nice head and expression with excellent ear set and carriage. Well-constructed and in excellent coat condition. Moved well and excellent temperament.
A.V. Toy Stakes (Open)
1. Murray; HAPPYPAWS CAREFREE– Coton De Tulear

Mr Prove's critique March 19th 2017

Scottish Toydog Society – 19th March 2017
Chihuahua Smoothcoat
Puppy (8/3)
1.       Silverstein’s Queenie Secret of Angels at Silverchi (Imp SVK) – 6m/o compact fawn girl, good mouth, nice eye, lovely earset, size & carriage, good tailset & carriage on the move, perfect topline. BP
2.       Silverstein’s Silverchi In The Mood – 10m/o fawn bitch, bigger format to 1, correct mouth, good round eye, good earset, a little longer cast but very typical.
3.       Nixons’ Silverchi Catch The Rainbow
Graduate (7/3)
1.       Hinshelwood’s Sunny Beach Roberta Darling Carubochi (IMP) –Fawn girl with good apple-shaped skull, good eye, ears a little larger would finish the picture, correct front & rear angulation, perfect topline, good tailset.
2.       Silverstein’s Misty Meadow’s Secret Passion at Silverchi (Imp ITA) – Lovely headed 1y/o girl, correct skull shape, lovely eye shape & colour, good ears, correct length of body. Front movement was a little untidy.
3.       Black & Howie’s Chinzeas Chocolate Bomb
Limit (7/4)
1.       Silverstein’s Endless Love Vivien Secret Of Angels at Silverchi (Imp SVK) – Cream girl with good head shape, correct eye shape & colour, tight correct feet, compact with good tail carriage.
2.       Black & Howie’s Chinzeas Rocky Road – 14th m/o B&T boy, correct muzzle length, good large ears, would prefer better eye shape, good angulation & tail carriage, could be a little shorter in body.
3.       Patterson & Murray’s Larkspur Simply Outrageous
Open (5/0)
1.       Boulcott’s Hughra Mr Topsy Turvy at Ingerdorm JW ShCM – Compact cream boy, lovely apple-shaped head, good round eye, nice large ears, correct angulation front & back, good tailset & moved well, owning the ring. So typical, delighted to see him getting RBIS later. BOB
2.       Patterson & Murray’s Transcend Tital Babe – Cream with a correct mouth, good dark round eye, correct tailset & carriage, just a tad longer than 1 7 not as clean on the move today.
3.       Johnstone’s Muirfauld High Fashion for Cairnpapple

Griffon Bruxellois
Graduate (4/2)
1.       Mackay’s Osthaen Maleficent – 16m/o R/R, good underjaw & teeth, correct round eye, head could be bigger, correct coat texture & colour, a little overawed today but he is typey, good angulation.
2.       Murray’s Beauview Special Delivery – BT/S dog, good skull, correct underjaw, good body length & ribcage, good tail carriage. Right eye was a bit weepy today.
 Limit (8/2)
1.       Kirkwood’s Gilderoak For Your Eyes Only – 6 ½ y/o R/R bitch, good coat texture, correct body proportions, good underjaw, would prefer smaller ears, good tailset & moved well.
2.       Murray’s Grajenco Royal Male with Murroch – R/S boy, good head proportions, good eye, correct earset & size, good body proportion, good carriage, would like more width in loin.
3.       Mackenzie’s Beauview Rumour Has It
Open (6/1)
1.       Mackay’s Beauview Thunder Thighs – 2y/o BT/S bitch, good eye, correct underjaw, good fill under the eyes, good nose pad, correct angulation, enough spring of ribs, nice overall shape, good tailset, perfect topline, moves well. BOB
2.       Scott’s Samaranda Has A Dream – 3y/o B/R bitch, lovely attractive head, with good eye, good nose pad, correct underjaw, good earset & carriage. Good straight front, good tailset. Needs a bit more width throughout and firm up in topline.
3.       Mackenzie’s CH Grajenco Klass Act at Calanru ShCM

Chinese Crested
Puppy (2/1)
1.       Moyes & Hunter’s Bryelis Private Dancer – 11m/o powderpuff, good head proportions, correct eye, lovely earset & carriage, good lean muzzle. Correct angulation & moves well, would prefer slightly lower tail carriage to complete the picture.
Graduate (4/0)
1.       Frame’s Elfallons Crazy Moon – 8m/o bitch, good muzzle to skull proportions, correct bite, good prominent nose, correct earset & carriage. Well angulated throughout, reflected in a fluid movement. BP & BOB.
2.       Moyes & Hunter’s Bryelis Privates On Parade – 11m/o boy with a black crest, a bit up to size right now, good eye & head proportions, would like tighter lips, correct body length & textbook tail carriage, moves well.
3.       Ballantyne’s Sigyns White Storm
Limit (3/1)
1.       Ballantyne’s Sigyns White Storm – Correct head proportions on this boy, good eye & correct skull shape. Needs better angulation front & back and more length of body. Lovely temperament.
Open (4/0)
1.       Leigh Reilly’s Baojin Secret Agent ShCM – Correct eye shape, good earset, good bite, good hare feet. Correct body proportions & moved well, although would prefer lower tail carriage.
2.       Moyes & Hunter’s Bryelis In The Line Of Fire – almost 5y/o boy, good head proportions, good temperament, correct mouth, good ear carriage, correct body proportions, would prefer better layback of shoulder. In immaculate conditions.
3.       Frame’s Myvallo Inclined To dance at Elfallons

Junior (4/0)
1.       Murray’s Riogaioch Oogie Boogie – Nicely shaped square boy, good coat texture, correct shaped ears & carriage, correct eye shape. Good angulation & handled to advantage.
2.       Boulcott’s Ingerdorm Clutterbug – Lovely head, correct eye shape, good nose placement, good ears, good tailset, balanced movement. Coat texture not quite there yet. BP
Post Graduate (3/0)
1.       Murray’s Riogaioch Oogie Boogie
2.       Boulcott’s Ingerdorm Clutterbug
3.       Ferrier’s Ingerdorm Affenlicious
Open (5/0)
1.       Boulcott’s Ch Ingerdorm Rebus JW ShCM – Lovely headed dog, good underjaw, correct nose placement & eye shape. Good coat texture, good shape, good substance in body, angulation is balanced. Did not make the most of himself on the move in the breed ring, but beat on overall type. Obviously needed a big ring as moved much better later on in the BIS ring.
2.       Murray’s Riogaioch Oogie Boogie
3.       Boulcott’s Ingerdorm Cyndi
Puppy (3/0)
1.       Smail’s The Ladies Man at Toybox – 8m/o boy, more mature in body than the other 2 in the class, lovely eye, good muzzle, good ear carriage, good tailset & carriage, tidy feet with correct pasterns, moves well when settles. BP
2.       McDowall’s Pinch Of Snuff for Carberry – shaded sable bitch, lovely eye, good ears, correct short body, nice muzzle, good coat texture. Correct foxy expression.
3.       Adamson’s Alexiasdream Princess Mya with Sylvids

Graduate (11/2)
1.       Johnstone’s Toybox In The Pink with Cairnpapple – Orange foxy head, lovely dark eye, good black pigment, correct mouth, good earset & carriage. Correct tight feet. Good lay of shoulder, still needs to develop in ribcage, correct tail carriage & endearing attitude.
2.       Black & Black-Bunce’s Dolce Vita Tai Lauras to Zaandam (Imp LTV) – Another one with correct eye & muzzle, good mouth, correct ears, good shape & tail carriage. Nice feet.
3.       Smail’s Toybox Charlotte Rousse
Limit (5/2)
1.       Adamson’s Sylvids Heather Cream – 4y/o aptly named girl, good eye shape, correct pigment, nice muzzle, good mouth, correct ear size , shape & carriage, good spring of ribs, correct body length, good tail carriage and moves with purpose.
2.       Nixon’s Kazpom Spill The Beans – 3y/o orange bitch, good eye & muzzle, correct black pigment, good ear, correct spring of ribs, would like a bit more width in front. Moves well.
3.       Ogilvie’s Pakov’s Let The Fun Begin
Open (9/2)
1.       Black & Black-Bunce’s Angel Sent From Above to Zaandam ShCM (Imp RUS) – Orange with melting expression, lovely eye, good mouth, correct muzzle, good earshape, very compact, good feet, good width of chest, good taiselt & carriage, correct movement. BOB & delighted to see get BIS.
2.       Adamson’s Veltuds Summer Lovin – Deep orange, lovely eye, correct muzzle, good ears, good topline, correct tailset, close up to 1 but needs a little more angulation in front.
3.       Johnstone’s Toybox In The Pink with Cairnpapple
Lionel Prouvé