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Mr Morrisons Critique for Open Show 18th March 2018

Scottish Toy Dog Premier Open Show 18/3/18
This club have gone from strength to strength and are the only club in Scotland that hold a Premier Open Show. This show was hit by extreme wintry weather conditions and call offs from judges due to this, but through good management and committee team work they overcame the problems and ended up with a well supported, well laid out, well managed and importantly an enjoyable show. I was to be stewarding but on arrival was asked if I could judge two breeds, these being Affenpinschers and Pugs, I accepted to judge it being an emergency situation. I must thank the club for their hospitality given to me throughout the show, the exhibitors for their sporting acceptance of my decisions and finally to the club committee for their, what I call an excellent thinking on your feet approach which saved the day for all involved. Well done.
Graduate 2 – Ist Harveys Ingerdorm Penelope Pitstop, this yearling bitch is sturdy in build, has the desired mischievous monkey like expression, she certainly is confident and uses a watchful approach  to let you know who is in charge, she has a good size of head, a lovely blunt, short muzzle, wide open nostrils and a good turn up of chin, her eyes are dark and sparkling, she has small high set ears, correct undershot dentition, she is very true in front and rear assembly construction and with very good height to body length ratios, well sprung ribs, very tidy round compact feet, high carried tail , she moves soundly with lively strutting action, has a good coat of correct texture and presentation, she gives her handler her all and this is reciprocated through excellent sympathetic handling, she was my BOB and I was pleased to see her short listed later in the final show challenge, well done.
2nd Ferriers Rangimaria Lucy Locket, a six months old baby who was not overawed and showed non-stop for her handler, has the monkey like expression, moves out well but is just not as precise in action as Penelope Pitstop, this baby is good for size, is tidy in make and shape, she obviously needs to mature but she is a pleasing exhibit that was well handled and presented, she was my BPIB.
Open 3 (2 absent) five year old bitch who I felt had an expression and attitude to die for, she is ok in shape, had lovely round, compact feet, she is the dam of Lucy Locket and is in very good condition, she moved positively but was not as strong in rear action as Penelope Pitstop again this one was well handled.
This breed today were low in entries but those present were of pleasing type and gave a very good account of themselves for the breed.
Puppy 1 -1st Finlays Megipugi Hotter than Hell, this nine months old male is a very promising exhibit, he is decidedly square and cobby, is in A1 condition, has a happy and outgoing disposition, a good size of head, wide open nostrils, very good blunt square muzzle, delightful round dark eyes, small well set and carried ears, hold s a lovely profile outline, is very pleasing in front and rear assemblies, tidy feet and black nails, his coat is short,  glossy and smooth, he is of good size, his movement is impeccable with the desired roll of hindquarters, he was well handled here and was my BPIB and later under the main judge went RBPIS , well done.
Special Yearling 2  1st Johnstones Raijae on the Brink, this young male is another very pleasing exhibit, he is very square and cobby, has a lovely head with lots of work in it, wide open nostrils, expressive dark eyes, he is delightful to go over not being exaggerated in any way, he is pleasing in make, shape and balance, his movement from all angles is true, precise and draws you to him, he is very attentive to his young handler, he is in good hard condition, today he was my BOB via what I thought was a very honest exhibit he was shortlisted in hot company in the final show challenge, well done.
2nd Mulhollands Zobear Dolly Mixture at Marillium , junior bitch , she exudes femininity and is certainly a character, she was well presented and handled, she scores in head properties, size, expression, for me she could carry a little less weight and although she moves out purposefully and steadily she was just not as precise in action as the first, she was well presented as are all this exhibitors charges.
Novice 1 1st Megipugi Hotter than Hell, again gaited soundly and effectively without fuss.
Post Graduate 3 (1 absent) 1st Raijae on the Brink again did everything asked of him.
2nd Reids Portly charm Raffles for Hugieboogie, three year old male who has very good head properties, lots of work in it, pleasing size of eyes, scores in pigmentation, body properties, bone, tidy compact feet, he moved soundly with the desired rear hindquarters roll, he was very similar in most points as the winner but he is just not as pleasing in profile outline , again he was well presented and handled.
Limit (0)
Open 3 This was a competitive class with all three giving everything to their handlers, the third was a male who is very strong and cobby, he holds a good shape , his front action was not as positive as the other two, the second was a bitch who pleased in head shape, dark eyes and resultant pleasing expression, she is of good size, I did like her but for me she could do with carrying a little less weight as it detracts in relation to her profile shape, the first was a five year old male who covers the ground well with effortless movement , he is of A1 make and shape, I loved his balance, his head has lots of work in it, he has a cheeky expression, he is in good hard condition, gives his all to his handler, he has a short, glossy coat, he is a very pleasing exhibit who I seriously considered for top honours but was just edged out for BOB as I felt he was not as compact as on the Brink.
1st Reids Gramatti Laird of the Ring via Hugieboogie
2nd Stewarts Daltiro Squeeze me slow via Ingerdorm
3rd Mulhollands Karanster Sir eatalot Marillium

Judge – Dick Morrison

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